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Thurday 27 October

Session B10: Land Cover and Land Use Changes and their Impacts on Hydroclimate, Ecosystems and Society
(conveners: T. Oki, E. Blyth, H. Berbery)

- Contributions to this session are oral presentations
- Date: 27 October 2011
- Time: 13h30-18h00
- Location: Plaza DE

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13:30-13:35       Remarks
13:35-14:00   Shinjiro Kanae (invited)   Modeling the impact of irrigation area changes and anthropogenic water regulation on terrestrial hydrological cycle
14:00-14:15   Ronald Stouffer   Role of land use in past and future carbon response
14:15-14:30   Zhenghui Xie   Effects of crop growth and development on regional climate: A case study over East Asian monsoon area
14:30-14:45   Delphine Deryng   Quantifying the impact of more frequent and stronger extreme climatic events on global crop yield
14:45-15:00   Michael Hill   A global change scenario analysis for North Dakota: potential future trade-offs between agriculture, energy and grassland/wetland conservation
15:00-15:15   Ahmad Tavakoly   Advantages of vector-based river networks for river flow modeling
15:15-15:30       Time for additional questions/discussion
Coffee break
16:00-16:25   Gordon Bonan (invited)   Land cover and land use change as climate forcing: from historical conjecture to modern theories
16:25-16:40   Tom Osborne   Fully integrated assessments of the interactions between crops and climate
16:40-16:55   Sujan Koirala   Climate-soil-vegetation control on groundwater-supplied evapotranspiration in the global modeling context


16:55-17:10   Chistopher Jack   A Lagrangian moisture source and attribution model for Southern Africa
17:10-17:25   Jeremy Littell   Ensemble projections of wildfire activity in the Western US
17:25-17:40   Edouard L. Davin   Can no-till farming help mitigate heat waves?
17:40-18:00       Time for additional questions/discussion