Guidelines for oral presentations

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Guidelines for Speakers

On-line uploading: Speakers can upload their presentation through the on-line upload system especially set up for this purpouse. The PowerPoint filename should have the following naming convention: SessionNumber_FirstAuthorLastName.ppt (for example, Busalacchi_A1.ppt).

On site uploading: Speakers should put their presentations, properly formatted, onto a USB drive and bring them to the Speaker Ready room at least two hours prior to their session’s starting time. The Speaker Ready room is located in Plaza Court 7 under the escalators and will be staffed in the morning from 7.30 to 8.30, as well as during breaks and lunch periods.

Important: Thirty minutes prior the start of your session, please go to the meeting room in which your presentation is scheduled to take place and identify yourself to the chair of the session. Ensure that your
PowerPoint file has been uploaded to the laptop in the meeting room and that the slides display properly.

Presentations available on-line

Your PowerPoint file will be made available on the conference Website unless you request otherwise.

The allocation of meeting rooms

Plenary Sessions

The Plenary sessions will take place in the Plaza Ballroom D+E+F. Because large numbers of participants are expected at the plenary sessions (especially on Monday), all seats are likely to be needed. Please be considerate by placing book bags and personal items under the seats. There will be an overflow room (Plaza Ballroom C), in which attendees may view the presentations on a big screen.

Parallel Sessions

The meeting rooms for the parallel sessions is as follows:

Plaza F B1 B4 B8 B11
Plaza D+E B2 B5 B7 B10
Plaza C B3 B6 B9 B12