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Wednesday 26 October

Session B8: How Climate Change Impacts Climate Variability ?
(conveners: K. Rosenlof, L. Terray, C. Deser, D. Karoly, A. Clement, H. Goosse)

- Contributions to this session are oral presentations
- Date: 26 October 2011
- Time: 13h30-18h00
- Location: Plaza F

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13:30-13:35       Introductory remarks
13:35-13:55   Lorenzo Polvani (invited)   Stratospheric ozone depletion and southern hemisphere climate change
13:55-14:10   Julie Arblaster   Understanding future changes in the Southern Annular Mode using perturbation experiments
14:10-14:25   Judith Perlwitz   NAO related extreme climate events in a warming climate
14:25-14:40   Buwen Dong   Changes of interannual NAO variability in response to greenhouse gases forcing
14:40-15:55   Shang-Ping Xie   Regional patterns of climate change: Dynamics and observations
15:55-15:10   Chia Chou   Changes in the seasonal cycle of precipitation under global warming
15:10-15:25   Christoph Schär   European summer climate variability in a changing climate
15:25-15:30       Time for additional questions/discussion
Coffee Break
16:00-16:20   David Battisti (invited)   The impact of increasing greenhouse gases on El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
16:20-16:35   Matt Newman   Natural variation in ENSO flavors
16:35-16:50   Samantha Stevenson   Will there be a significant change to El Niño in the 21st century?
16:50-17:10   Pascale Braconnot (invited)   Relative impact of insolation changes, fresh water fluxes and ice sheet on tropical climate seasonality and interannual variability
17:10-17:30   Marilyn Raphael (invited)   Large scale atmospheric circulation modes and Antarctic sea ice changes in a changing climate
17:30-17:45   Yuko Okumura   Interdecadal climate variability over Antarctica and linkages to the tropics: Analysis of instrumental data and ice core and coral records for the past 100-200 years
17:45-18:00   Xu Zhang  

Ocean circulation of the Last Glacial Maximum: multiple quasi-steady states and their sensitivities