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Session C35: Stratospheric Ozone and Other Trace Gases
(conveners: D. Fahey, P. Newman)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thursday 27 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Peter Braesicke, Luke Abraham, Alex Archibald, Paul Telford, John Pyle   Stratospheric ozone recovery: Are we there yet?   Th09B
Andrew Charlton-Perez, Ed Hawkins, Veronika Eyring, Irene ` Cionni   The potential to narrow uncertainty in projections of stratospheric ozone over the 21st century   Th12B
Irene Cionni, Veronika Eyring, Jean-Francois Lamarque, William J Randel, David S Stevenson, Greg E Bodeker, Theodore G Shepherd, Drew T Shindell, Darryn W Waugh   Ozone database in support of CMIP5 simulations: results and corresponding radiative forcing   Th06B
Anne Douglass, Susan E Strahan, Luke Oman, Richard S Stolarski   Use of CCMVal Process-Oriented Diagnostics to Explain Variance among Predictions of Ozone Evolution in the 21st Century   Th13B
Veronika Eyring, Irene Cionni and CCMVal Team   Sensitivity of 21st century stratospheric ozone to greenhouse gas scenarios   Th08A
Hella Garny, Daniel Smale, Greg E Bodeker, Martin Dameris   Hemispheric differences in the return of midlatitude stratospheric ozone to historical levels   Th04A
Birgit Hassler, Susan Solomon, John S Daniel, Samuel J Oltmans, Bryan Johnson   Twenty-five years of ozonesonde measurements at South Pole: An assessment of changing loss rates   Th13A
Petra Huck, Stefanie Kremser, Greg E Bodeker, Adrian J McDonald, Hamish Struthers, Michelle L Santee   Semi-empirical Models for Chlorine Activation and Ozone Depletion in the Antarctic Stratosphere: Proof of concept   Th07B
Margaret Hurwitz, Paul Newman, In-Sun Song, Stacey Frith   The Impact of Warm Pool El NiÒo Events on Antarctic Ozone   Th11B
Gregor Kiesewetter, Bjoern-Martin Sinnhuber, John P Burrows   Chemistry-dynamics interaction in polar stratospheric ozone: weak and strong vortex events  


Stefanie Kremser, Greg E Bodeker, Petra E Huck, Ulrike Langematz   Application of semi-empirical models to project the future of the Antarctic ozone hole in a changing climate   Th02A
Martine Michou, David Saint-Martin, Hubert Teyssedre   A new version of the CNRM Chemistry-Climate Model, CNRM-CCM : description and improvements from the CCMVal-2 simulations   Th01B

Paul Newman, Margaret Hurwitz, Eric R Nash

  Is the Antarctic ozone hole on the way to recovery?   Th04B
Clara Orbe, Mark Holzer, Lorenzo M Polvani   A new look at stratosphere-troposphere exchange: residence-time partitioned flux and mass distributions   Th01A
David Plummer, Cathy Reader, John Scinocca   Simulation of changes in stratospheric/tropospheric ozone with the Canadian Middle Atmosphere Model   Th08B
Laura Revell, Greg E Bodeker, Petra E Huck, Dan Smale, Bryce E Williamson   The chemical sensitivity of stratospheric ozone to nitrous oxide and methane   Th10A
Jose Rodriguez, Murali Natarajan, Megan R Damon, J. Eric Nielsen, Philip Hayes, Gary S Wojcik, Thomas L Clune   The Impact of Subsonic Aircraft Emission on Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere Composition and Radiative Forcing: An Update   Th11A
Susan Strahan, Anne R Douglass, Charles H Jackman, Paul A Newman   GMI estimates of lifetimes and ozone depletion potentials for dominant ozone-depleting substances   Th03B

William T Sturges, Christopher Hogan, Hannah Newton, Emma Leedham, Johannes Laube, David Oram, Lars Ostergaard, Evelyn Koerner, Katrin Armeanu-D?Souza, Patricia Martinerie, Thomas Blunier, Jakob Schwander, Fiona Keng, Siew Moi Phang

  Potential for future threats to ozone recovery from "short" and "very short-lived" halocarbons   Th07A
Ankit Tandon, Arun K Attri   Long Term Trends in Total Ozone Column over Indian Region   Th05A
Susann Tegtmeier, Kirstin Kr¸ger, Birgit Quack, Xin Yang, Ignacio Pisso   The contribution of brominated and iodinated VSLS to stratospheric ozone depletion   Th10B
Madhu Vazhathottathil   Monsoon induced intra-seasonal variability in total column ozone   Th06A
Guus Velders, David W Fahey, John S Daniel, Mack McFarland, Stephen O Andersen   The large contribution of projected hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) emissions to future climate forcing   Th12A
Maria Vernet, Susana Diaz, Wendy Kozlowski   Chlorophyll time series in response to ozone, visible and ultraviolet irradiance in Antarctic coastal waters   Th03A
Paul Young, Susan Solomon, Birgit Hassler, Greg Bodeker, Robert W Portmann, Jean-FranÁois Lamarque   Modeling the impact of late 20th century stratospheric ozone changes: Sensitivity to different ozone forcing data sets   Th05B