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Session C39: Understanding and Characterizing Past, Present and Future Climate Extremes Through Observations and Model Simulations
(conveners: C. Tebaldi, S. Schubert, O. Zolina, P. Groisman)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thursday 27 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Amir AghaKouchak   A methodology to describe spatial dependencies of extremes   TH89B
Amir AghaKouchak   The Drought Interest Group: Toward a multi-index drought monitoring system   TH96B
Shakil Ahmad, Toshio Koike, Toru Tamura, Kazuaki Nishii, Mohamed Rasmy Abdul Wahid   Role of Anomalous States of Upper Tropospheric Circulation on Extremely Dry and Wet Summer Monsoon Events   TH164B
Lisa Alexander, Markus Donat   The CLIMDEX project: Creation of long-term global gridded products for the analysis of temperature and precipitation extremes   TH167A
Christopher Anderson, Craig A Clark   Dependece of Midwest US Spring Precipitation Extremes on Gulf of Mexico SST   TH110A
Christopher Anderson   Development of Spatial Cumulative Distribution Functions to Compare Extremes in Climate Model Output   TH111B
Julie Arblaster, Lisa V Alexander   The influence of SSTs on global and regional temperature extremes from observations & models   TH167B
Paola Arias, Rong Fu, Kingtse C Mo   The Drought Interest Group: What cause the weakening and earlier ending of the North American Monsoon in recent decades?   TH98B
Mathew Barlow, Michael Tippett, Alex Brown   The Drought Interest Group: Seasonal forecasts of vegetation over Central-Southwest Asia   TH100A
Mathew Barlow   Heatwave Dynamics in the Northeast US   TH150B
Yunden Bayarjargal   Assessing Satellite-Derived Drought Indices   TH102B
Emily Becker, Huug M van den Dool, Malaquias Pena   Short-term climate extremes: prediction skill and predictability   TH165A
Rasmus Benestad, Doug Nychka, Linda O Mearns   A new look at 24-hr precipitation quantiles   TH90A
Leonid Bobylev, Elizaveta V Zabolotskikh, Leonid M Mitnik, Julia E Smirnova   Detection, monitoring and study of polar lows in the Arctic from satellites: advanced approach   TH110B
Lance F. Bosart, Heather M. Archambault, and Jason M. Cordeira   Linked Extreme Weather Events during Winter 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 in the Context of Northern Hemisphere Circulation Anomalies   TH172A
Deniz Bozkurt, Baris Onol, Omer Lutfi Sen   Modeling an extreme precipitation event over the Black Sea coasts: impact of SSTs and cumulus parameterization schemes   TH154A
Michael Brewer, Richard Heim, Will Pozzi, Juergen Vogt, Justin Sheffield   The Global Drought Monitor Portal ? The Foundation for a Global Drought Early Warning System   TH99B
Nathaniel Brunsell, Cassandra J Wilson   Understanding the spatial variation in timescales of extreme precipitation across the United States   TH170B
Ana Casanueva, Concepcion Rodriguez-Puebla, M°Dolores Frias, Nube Gonzalez-Reviriego   Causes for the extreme precipitation trend   TH105A
Cassou Christophe, Soline Bielli, Herve Douville, Eric Maisonnave   Limitations of the AMIP protocol to investigate extratropical climate events at seasonal timescale: the 2003 european heat wave as a case study   TH152B
Julien Cattiaux, Robert Vautard, Benjamin Quesada, Gaelle Ouzeau, Herve Douville, Pascal Yiou   Contribution of circulation changes to recent and future temperature extremes in Europe   TH108A
Cheng-Ta Chen, Yu-Shiang Tung   Regionalization of future projections on the high-impact weather and climate extremes with observational constrain   TH163B
Li-Chuan Chen, Kingtse Mo   The WCRP Drought Interest Group: Seasonal Drought Prediction over the United States   TH168B
Joan Ramon J Coll Benages, Enric E Aguilar, Manola M Brunet   The Drought Interest Group: Increasing severity and duration of drought in the Iberian Peninsula (1850-2010)   TH94B
Valentina Davydova-Belitskaya   Rainfall analysis was registered as extreme events in Mexico in 2007 and 2010   TH163A
Anthony DeAngelis , Anthony J Broccoli, Steven G Decker   Evaluation of 20th century climate model simulations of heavy precipitation over North America   TH147B
Paul Dirmeyer, Benjamin A Cash, James L Kinter, Thomas Jung, Lawrence Marx, Peter Towers, Deepthi Achuthavarier, Jennifer M Adams, Eric L Altshuler, Bohua Huang, Emilia K Jin, Julia Manganello   Precipitation extremes in a changing climate ? results from high-resolution climate simulations   TH159B
James Done, Cindy Bruyere   Dynamical and Statistical modeling of future hurricanes   TH145B
Robert Dunn, Kate M Willett, Peter W Thorne, David E Parker   Creating a next-generation sub-daily data-product for studying extreme events   TH109A
David Easterling, Gilbert P Compo, Kenneth E Kunkel, Scott D Applequist, Prashant D Sardeshmukh, Jeffrey S Whitaker   20th Century Trends in Northern Hemisphere Extratropical Cyclone Occurrence   TH89A
David Easterling, Kenneth E Kunkel   Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Estimates of Probable Maximum Precipitation   TH159A
James Elsner, Thomas H Jagger, Robert E Hodges   Methods for comparing tropical cyclone activity from models and historical data   TH153B
Erich Fischer, David Barriopedro, Juerg Luterbacher, Ricardo M Trigo, Ricardo Garcia-Herrera   The Hot Summer of 2010: Redrawing the Temperature Record Map of Europe   TH91B
Carlos Gaitan Ospina , William W Hsieh, Alex J Cannon   Validation of Statistical Downscaling Methods in terms of weather and climate: Surface temperature in Southern Ontario and Quebec   TH171B
Xiang Gao, Adam Schlosser, Erwan monier, Meghan Weber, Dara Entekhabi   Quantifying Future Changes in Extreme Precipitation Events Based on Resolved Synoptic Atmospheric Patterns   TH162B
Laurie Geller, Thomas Wilbanks   America's Climate Choices: Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change   TH112A
Laurie Geller, Pamela Matson, Thomas Dietz   America's Climate Choices: Advancing the Science of Climate Change   TH112B
Laurie Geller, Diana Liverman, Peter Raven   America's Climate Choices: Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change   TH113A
Laurie Geller, Robert Fri, Marilyn Brown   America's Climate Choices: Limiting the Magnitude of Climate Change   TH113B
Laurie Geller, Albert Carnesale, William Chameides   America's Climate Choices: Synthesis Report   TH114A
Eric Gilleland   Climate Extremes: A Review of Handling Space   TH107A
Pavel Groisman, Olga G Zolina, Sergey K Gulev, Richard W Knight, Thomas R Karl   Changes in Precipitation Intensity and Duration Distributions over Northern Extratropics related to Extreme Rainfall and Droughts: New tendencies Emerging during the Last Decades   TH106A
Sergey Gulev, Vika Grigorieva   Changing marine storminess from VOS (1880-2009): observed climate variability in extreme wave characteristics   TH106B
Ed Hawkins, Tom Osborne, Chun-Kit Ho, Andy Challinor   Calibrated near-term projections of decision relevant temperatures   TH104B
Michael Hayes   The Drought Interest Group: Lessons Learned from 16 Years of Delivering Drought Information Services to the World   TH95A
Gabriele Hegerl, Simone Morak, Helen Hanlon   Attributing and predicting changes in the probability of temperature extremes   TH103B
Andrew Hoell, Mathew Barlow   The Drought Interest Group...The 1998-2002 United States Drought and its Links to Global Sea Surface Temperatures   TH99A
Anahit Hovsepyan, Hamlet Melkonyan   Observed trends of climate extremes and climate change scenarios for Armenia region   TH156A
Zeng-Zhen Hu, Arun Kumar, Bohua Huang, Yan Xue, Wanqiu Wang, Bhaskar Jha   Persistent Atmospheric and Oceanic Anomalies in the North Atlantic from Summer 2009 to Summer 2010   TH158A
Mimi Hughes, Dan Cayan, Alex Hall   Low-frequency variability of and impact of climate change on Southern California's Santa Ana winds   TH153A
Patricia Ann Jaranilla-Sanchez, Lei Wang, Tetsu Ohta, Yukiko Imada, Masahide Kimoto, Toshio Koike   The Drought Interest Group Extreme Events Prediction From Seasonal Climate Forecasting and Distributed Hydrological Modelling Simulations   TH91A
Akio Kitoh   Projection of Changes in Future Weather Extremes Using Super-High-Resolution Global and Regional Atmospheric Models in the KAKUSHIN Program   TH162A
Narendran Kodandapani   Spatial patterns of rainfall anomalies and fire response in the Western Ghats hotspot of biodiversity   TH166A
Oliver Krueger, Hans von Storch   On air pressure and past storm activity - an assessment of the informational value of proxies for past storm activity   TH156B
Nato Kutaladze   Development of future extremes scenarios for Georgia   TH111A
William Lau   The 2010 Russian heat wave and the Pakistan Flood: Teleconnection of Extremes   TH166B
Richard Lawford, Phillip Harder   Indicators of Hydrological Droughts   TH152A
Tsz-cheung Lee   Past and future changes in extreme weather events in Hong Kong   TH157B
Juan Li   The relationship between extremely high temperature and extreme precipitation in summer in China during recent 50 years   TH100B
Sangchan Limjirakan, Atsamon Limsakul   Changes in extreme rainfall events in urbanized areas of Thailand   Th105B
Sangchan Limjirakan, Atsamon Limsakul   Trends in rainfall and its extremes over Thailand during boreal winter monsoon   TH169B
Maarit Lockhoff, Olga Zolina, Joerg Schulz, Clemens Simmer   Evaluation of satellite-retrieved extreme precipitation using gauge observations   TH148A
Paul Loikith, Anthony J Broccoli   Atmospheric Circulation Patterns Associated With Temperature Extremes Over North America in Observations and Climate Models   TH103A
Bradfield Lyon   The Drought Interest Group: The Recent Tendency for Increased Drought in Eastern Africa   TH96A
Douglas Maraun, Tim J Osborn, Henning W Rust   The influence of synoptic airflow on UK daily precipitation extremes. Observed relationships and regional climate model validation.   Th168A
Annarita Mariotti, Alessandro Dell'Aquila   The Drought Interest Group: Decadal climate variability and drought in the Mediterranean region   TH94A
Vimal Mishra, Dennis P Lettenmaier   Increasing precipitation extremes in U.S. urban areas   TH151B
Omar V Müller, Ernesto H Berbery, Domingo Alcaraz-Segura   The Drought Interest Group: Using ecosystem functional types as lower boundary conditions in simulations of droughts in Southern South America   TH98A
Boris Orlowsky, Sonia I Seneviratne   Global changes in extreme events from multi-model GCM ensembles: Regional and seasonal dimension   TH149B
Anant Parekh   Anomalous cooling over the Arabian Sea during February 2008   TH101B
Synte Peacock   Projected changes in extreme events over North America in the 21st century   TH161A
Kathleen Pegion, Judith Perlwitz, Martin Hoerling, Xiaowei Quan   Understanding the Statistics of Extremes   TH171A
Olga Penalba   The Drought Interest Group: Monthly water condition of soil and rainfall in central-northeastern Argentina. Decadal variability   TH95B
Judith Perlwitz, Randall Dole, Philip Pegion, Martin Hoerling   Physical processes associated with heat waves over Russia in a changing climate   TH158B
Thomas Phillips, Celine Bonfils, Ben Santer, Michael Wehner   The Drought Interest Group: Climate Variability and Drought Projection in a Changing Climate   TH93A
Scott Power, Jeff Callaghan   Variability and decline in the number of severe tropical cyclones making land-fall over eastern Australia since the late 19th Century   TH144A
Benjamin Quesada, Robert Vautard, Pascal Yiou, Céline Déandréis, Julien Cattiaux   European assessment of regional (MM5/WRF) and global climate models (CMIP3/IPSL-CM5) : Are extreme cold waves characteristics well represented ?   TH146B
Sai Ramalingeswara Rao, O.S.R.U. Bhanu Kumar, S.S.V.S. Ramakrishna   Prediction of heavy rainfall episode over South India using high resolution atmospheric model   TH160A
Juan Rivera, Olga C Penalba   The Drought Interest Group: Comparison of the performance of five indices for drought characterization in La Plata Basin. Perspectives towards a multi-scale monitoring system   TH93B
Prashant Sardeshmukh, Gilbert P Compo, Cecile Penland   Need for caution in interpreting extreme weather statistics   TH155B
Siegfried Schubert, Wenju Cai, Sonia Seneviratne, Xavier Rodo   Understanding and Predicting Drought on Subseasonal to Decadal and Longer Time Scales: Progress and Plans   TH170A
Shinta Seto, Nobuyuki Utsumi, Taikan Oki   A study of the dependence of heavy precipitation on air temperature with the space-borne precipitation radar   TH90B
Salack Seyni, Amadou T Gaye, Muller Bertrand, Frederic Hourdin   Dry spells analysis: Multi-scale detection, attribution of impacts and sources of uncertainty using an integrative approach   TH145A
Justin Sheffield, Jonghun Kam, Eric F Wood   The Drought Interest Group: Uncertainties in 20th and 21st century global drought   TH97A
Andrey Shmakin, Margarita M Chernavskaya, Valeria V Popova   Great Russian Drought of 2010: historical analogs, circulation mechanisms, consequences   TH150A
Shraddhanand Shukla, Dennis P Lettenmaier   The Drought Interest Group: "Drought characterization using the University of Washington Surface Water Monitor "   TH92A
Shraddhanand Shukla, Kingste Mo, Dennis P Lettenmaier   The Drought Interest Group: "Uncertainties in the North American Land Data Assimilation Systems"   TH92B
Asher Siebert, Neil Ward   Future Occurrence of Threshold-Crossing Seasonal Rainfall Totals: Methodology and Application to Sites in Africa   TH149A
Jana Sillmann   Representation of precipitation extremes and their relationship to modes of climate variability in an ensemble of regional climate models (NARCCAP)   TH164A
Sandeep Sukumaran, Frode Stordal, Anna Velken, Terje Berntsen   Dynamical Downscaling of CAM4 Over Southern Africa using WRF: Analysis of Trends in Precipitation Extremes   TH146A
Kit Szeto   Towards a better understanding and improved predictions of hydroclimate extremes in the Canadian Prairies   TH169A
Natalia Tilinina, Sergey K Gulev   Cyclone activity in modern era reanalyses: Comparative assessment   TH109B
Robert Vautard, Julien Cattiaux, Pascal Yiou, Gaelle Ouzeau, Hervé Douville   Contribution of circulation changes to recent and future temperature extremes in Europe.   TH108B
Stephen Vavrus   Simulation of Extreme Arctic Cyclones in IPCC AR5 Experiments   TH165B
Hailan Wang, Siegfried Schubert   The Drought Interest Group: Understanding the Seasonal Cycle of the Precipitation Response over the U.S. to Pacific SST Forcing   TH97B
Simon Wang, Rob Davies, Wan-Ru Huang, Rob Gillies   Pakistan's extreme floods and the role of climate change   TH157A
Michael Wehner   Very extreme seasonal precipitation in the CMIP and NARCCAP ensembles: Model performance and projections.   TH144B
Grant Weller, Daniel Cooley   Modeling the Pineapple Express Phenomenon via Multivariate Extreme Value Theory for both Current and Future Climate   TH154B
Ying Xu   Projected changes of precipitation extremes in river basins over China   TH161B
Shuting Yang, Jens H Christensen, Martin Stendel, Aksel Wall¯e Hansen   Arctic sea ice reduction and the extreme cold winters in Europe revisited   TH102A
Hojjatollah Yazdanpanah   Extreme heat events of warm season in Iran   TH148B
Zong-Ci Zhao   Attribution on strong wind weakened in China for the last 50 years   TH104A
Olga Zolina, Clemens Simmer, Sergey K Gulev   European extreme precipitation: uncertainties of estimation and climate variability   TH147A
Igor Zveryaev, Yulia A Zyulyaeva, Sergey K Gulev, Peter K Koltermann   Climatological Context and Intraseasonal Evolution of the Russian Summer Heat Wave 2010   TH107B
Francis Zwiers   Progress in Detecting Anthropogenic Influence on Temperature and Precipitation Extremes   TH160B