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Session C36: Large-scale Climate Variability and Change
(conveners: D. Bromwich, C. Deser, P. Kushner)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thursday 27 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Andrea Allan, Steven W Hostetler, Jay Alder   Analyzing the Pacific-North American teleconnection pattern and its relationship to climate using RegCM3, a high-resolution regional climate model   Th58B
James Anstey, Lesley J Gray, Tim Woollings, Scott M Osprey, Steven C Hardiman, Neal Butchart   Stratospheric variability and blocking in high-top and low-top coupled GCM simulations   Th49B
Adriana Bailey, David Noone, Max Berkelhammer, Thom Rahn   The stable water isotopic signature of ENSO: a new look at humidity controls   Th62A
Mark Baldwin   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: How does stratospheric variability affect the troposphere?   Th35B
Hugo E. Berbery, Kingtse Mo   Progress in American Monsoon Research: Droughts over South America based on the U. S. CLIVAR Drought Experiments   Th30A
Stephen Bieda III   Progress in American Monsoon Research: Climatological Forecasting of the North American Monsoon System   Th29B
Jean-Philippe Boulanger   Progress in American monsoon research: A Europe-South America Network For Climate Change Assessment and Impact Studies in La Plata Basin (CLARIS LPB)   Th28A
Amy Butler, Darryn Waugh, Lorenzo M Polvani, Chaim Garfinkel, Andrew Charlton-Perez   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Relationship of ENSO to stratospheric sudden warmings   Th37A
Chiara Cagnazzo, Elisa Manzini, Pier Giuseppe Fogli, Federico Fierli   Global Water Vapor variations in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere in a coupled stratosphere-troposphere-ocean model   Th51A
Pablo Canziani, Mariana Barrucand   Antarctic Peninsula and Austral Southern South American spring surface temperature characteristics and coupling   Th48B
Iracema Cavalcanti   "Progress in American Monsoon research: Extreme monthly precipitation over La Plata Basin in South America-observations, simulations and climate change projections"   Th30B
Iracema Cavalcanti, Siegfried Schubert   "Progress in American Monsoon Research: Extremes in the Americas-Highlights of the VAMOS/CLIVAR EXTREMES Working Group activities"   Th31A
Andrew Chiodi, Don E Harrison   Subseasonal Variability and El Nino waveguide warming; observed effects of the MJO and Westerly Wind Events.   Th61B
Laura Ciasto, Matthew H England   Sensitivity of the Extratropical Southern Hemisphere Climate to Changing ENSO Conditions   Th61A
Gilbert Compo, Prashant D Sardeshmukh   Removing ENSO-related variations from the climate record   Th27B
Clara Deser   Uncertainty in Climate Change Projections: The Role of Internal Variability   Th63B
Qinghua Ding, Eric Steig, David battisti, Marcel Kuttel   Winter warming in West Antarctica caused by central tropical Pacific warming   Th40B
Qinghua Ding, Eric Steig, David Battisti, John M Wallace   Influence of the tropics on the Southern Annular Mode   Th48A
Buwen Dong, Rowan Sutton, Jonathan Gregory   Understanding land-sea warming contrast in response to increasing greenhouse gases: Equilibrium response   Th63A
Ming Feng   The reversal of the multi-decadal trends of the tropical Pacific trade winds, and the Indonesian Throughflow and Leeuwin Current transports   Th41B
Christopher Fletcher, Paul J Kushner   The role of linear interference in the Annular Mode response to tropical SST forcing   Th41A
Edwin Gerber, Thomas Reichler   The Impact of Climate Change on the Spatial and Temporal Structure of the Annular Modes   Th60B
Dimitrios Giannakis, Andrew J Majda   Low-Frequency and Intermittent Variability of the North Pacific Basin Revealed through Machine Learning   Th52B
David Gochis, Ernesto H Berbery, Carlos E Ereno   Progress in American Monsoon Research: An Overview of the CLIVAR Variability of the American Monsoon Systems (VAMOS) Panel and Emerging Priorities in American Monsoon Research   Th28B
Alice Grimm, Leandro Yorinori   Progress in American monsoon research: Intraseasonal oscillation in the South American monsoon produced by surface-atmosphere interaction?   Th32B

Trevor Hall, Andrea Sealy, Tannecia Stephenson, Michael Taylor

  Progress in American Monsoon Research: Future climate for the Caribbean from a super-high resolution atmospheric global climate model   Th32A
Peter Haynes, Fenwick Cooper   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: use of the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem as a quantifier of tropospheric response.   Th49A
Peter Hitchcock, Theodore G Shepherd   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: The Polar-night Jet Oscillation   Th38B
Dorothea Ivanova, David L Mitchell   Progress in American monsoon research: Factors relating Gulf of California sea surface temperatures to rainfall based on MM5 and WRF model simulations and satellite observations   Th31B
Hyemi Kim   Prediction and predictability of decadal variability   Th53A
Laura Landrum, Bette L Otto-Bliesner, Andrew Conley, Peter Lawrence, Nan Rosenbloom, Haiyan Teng   Last millennium climate and its variability in CCSM4   Th47B
Michelle L'Heureux , Dan Collins, Zeng-Zhen Hu, Arun Kumar   Linear Trends in the Sea Surface Temperature of the Tropical Pacific Ocean and Implications for the El Nino- Southern Oscillation   Th57A
Calvin Liang   Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling: The interannual variability of tropical temperature, water vapor, and clouds as seen from the A-Train   Th38A
Margarida Liberato, Isabel F. Trigo, Ricardo M. Trigo   Storm-tracks interannual variability and large-scale climate modes   Th42A
Young-Kwon Lim, Siegfried D Schubert   Progress in American monsoon research: Study on extremes over the Americas: the relative influence of ENSO and the Arctic Oscillation on winter temperature extremes in the southeast US   Th33B
Hailong Liu, Sang-Ki Lee, Chunzai Wang, David Enfield, Sang-Ik Shin   Progress in American monsoon research: The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and Its Climate Impacts in IPCC-AR4 Models   Th55A
Yuwei Liu, John Chiang   The 1960s climate shift: climate impact of North Atlantic cooling over Eurasia and North Africa Monsoons   Th60A
Gudrun Magnusdottir, Yi-Hui Wang, Yaming Yu, Hal Stern   Decadal variability of the spatial structure of the NAO - a 2D NAO index for sea-ice feedback   Th59A
Elisa Manzini, Chiara Cagnazzo, Pier Giuseppe Fogli, Marco Giorgetta, Lorenzo Tomassini   Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling: Low frequency variability   Th36A
Vasubandhu Misra   Progress in American Monsoon Research: The Rendition of the Atlantic Warm Pool in the Reanalyses   Th55B
Tomomichi Ogata   Interdecadal ENSO and IOD modulation simulated by GFDL-CM2.1   Th26B
Lorenzo Polvani, Shuguang Wang, Ed Gerber   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Abrupt Circulation responses to climate change-like forcings in a relatively simple, whole-atmosphere GCM   Th34A
Sulagna Ray   ENSO variability using SODA:1871-2008   Th25B
Thomas Reichler, Junsu Kim, John Austin   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Evidence for Stratospheric Impacts on Ocean Circulation   Th35A
Resmi e.a, Mohanakumar K, Appu K S   Interannual Variability of Mid-Stratospheric Temperature Anomaly over Northern High Latitudes   Th50B
Angela Rowe, Steven A Rutledge, Timothy J Lang   Progress in American Monsoon Research: Investigation of Microphysical Processes Occurring in Convection during NAME   Th33A
Nana Schoen, Uwe Ulbrich, Peter Nevir, Maik Thomas, Gregor C Leckebusch   NAO index values estimated from Earth orientation parameters   Th59B
Graham Simpkins, Laura M Ciasto, David W Thompson, Matthew H England   Observed Relationships Between Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration and Large-Scale Climate Variability   Th42B
Karen Smith, Paul J Kushner   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: The role of linear interference in troposphere-stratosphere interactions   Th39A
Seok-Woo Son, Hyeong-Seog Kim, Hai Lin   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: The impact of QBO on the tropical convection and cyclone tracks in the Northern Hemisphere warm season   Th37B
Scott Springer, Gary Lagerloef   An oceanic heat budget for the Pacific Decadal Oscillation derived from satellite observations   Th52A
Paul Staten, Thomas Reichler, Jian Lu   Structure and mechanisms of tropospheric circulation change in a warming climate   Th54A
Cheng Sun, Jianping Li   Analysis of anomalously low surface air temperature in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter of 2009/2010   Th58A
Neil Tandon, Lorenzo M Polvani, Sean M Davis   The Response of the Tropospheric Circulation to Water Vapor-Like Forcings in the Stratosphere   Th50A
Michael Taylor, Rochelle Walters, Tannecia S Stephenson   Examining Drought in Jamaica and the Caribbean using the Standardized Precipitation Index   Th43B
Michael Taylor, Natalie McLean, Tannecia S Stephenson   Examining future Caribbean climate extremes from the Echam-Driven precis regional model   Th44A
Michael Taylor, Abel Centella, John Charlery, Israel Borrajero, Arnoldo Benzanilla, Jayaka D Campbell, Tannecia S Stephenson   The PRECIS-Caribbean project   Th44B

Renata Tedeschi, Alice M Grimm, Iracema F Cavalcanti


  Progress in American monsoon research: Central and East ENSO influences on South America precipitation and extreme events during austral summer   Th29A
Haiyan Teng, Grant Branstator   A Zonal Wavenumber-3 Pattern of the North Winter Circulation: Linking Interannual Variability and Trend   Th51B
David Thompson, Amy H Butler   Towards understanding the atmospheric circulation response to anthropogenic forcing   Th47A
Baijun Tian, Duane Waliser, Ralph Kahn   Modulation of Atlantic Aerosols by the Madden-Julian Oscillation   Th57B
Hailan Wang, Siegfried Schubert, Junye Chen, Philip Arkin   Multi-decadal Variations of ENSO Teleconnection over the U.S. During Winter   Th27A
Darryn Waugh, Thando Ndarana, Lorenzo Polvani, Gus Correa, Ed Gerber   Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling: Connection between Antarctic Ozone Depletion and tropospheric Rossby wave breaking   Th34B
Andrew Wittenberg   Assessing ENSO Risks for the Coming Decades   Th25A
Qiuxia Wu   ENSO-Related interannual variability of temperature and salinity in the upper tropical Pacific Ocean during 2005-2006   Th26A
Sang-Wook Yeh   Changes in El Nino response to an increase of warm pool SST   Th56A
Jin-Yi Yu   Understanding and Modeling the Emerging Central-Pacific El Nino   Th62B
Wei Yu, Weiqing Han   Influence of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Intraseasonal Waves on Surface Wind and Convection of Tropical Atlantic Ocean   Th56B