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Session C29: Quantifying and Characterizing Uncertainty in Numerical Climate Predictions and Projections
(conveners: T. Hamill, D. Sexton, R. Knutti, J. Kinter)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wednesday 26 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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James Annan, Julia C Hargreaves   Ensemble performance, model independence and observational constraints   W149A
Blazquez Josefina, Mario N Nunez   Quantification of uncertainties of global climate models over southern South America   W147A
Michal Branicki, Boris Gershgorin, Andrew J Majda   On filtering skill for turbulent signals using a suite of Nonlinear and Linear Extended Kalman Filters   W145A
Caio Coelho   Empirical-dynamical precipitation seasonal forecasts for South America   W153B
Curt Covey, Scott Brandon, Peer-Timo Bremer, David Domyancic, Xabier Garaizar, Gardar Johannesson, et al.   Quantifying the Uncertainty of Climate Predictions   W147B
Laurel DeHaan , Masao Kanamitsu   A New Metric to Quantify the Added Value of Regional Models  


William Gustafson, Yun Qian, Jerome D Fast   The impact of neglected sub-grid processes on aerosols and their direct radiative forcing for a representative GCM grid spacing   W143B
Ed Hawkins, Manoj Joshi, Rowan Sutton   When will temperatures reach policy relevant thresholds?   W144B
Detelina Ivanova, Peter Gleckler, Ken Sperber   Heat budget analysis of the Tropical Pacific Ocean - comparing two approaches for use in climate model evaluation   W148B
Kristien King   Optimal Combination of Statistical and Dynamical Downscaling Products for Climate Change Impact Studies   W146A
Peter Knippertz, Tomek Trzeciak, Jennifer Owen   A Seamless Approach to Assessing Model Uncertainties in Climate Projections of Severe European Windstorms   W151A
Derek Lemoine   Developing probability distributions for climate feedbacks using models' output   W153A
Xin-Zhong Liang, Min Xu, Wei Gao   Evaluation of the Coupled CWRF-Crop Modeling System   W149B
Erwan Monier, Jeff R Scott, Andrei P Sokolov, Adam C Schlosser   The MIT IGSM-CAM framework: global and regional climate change research under uncertainty in emissions and climate parameters   W143A
Lindsey Nolan, William Collins   The Effects of Cloud-Scale Physics Uncertainty on Climate Prediction   W142A
Derek Posselt   On the use of data assimilation methods to quantify uncertainty in model physics parameterizations   W145B
Andreas Prein, Andreas Gobiet, Heimo Truhetz   Analysis of Uncertainty in Large Scale Climate Change Projections over Europe   W150A
Florian Rauser, Peter Korn   A Posteriori Goal Ensembles   W156B
Jeffery Scott, Andrei P Sokolov, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Chris E Forest   Probabilistic Forecast for 21st Century Climate Based on an Ensemble of Simulations using a Business-As-Usual Scenario   W146B
Andrew Slater, David M Lawrence   Comparison and Diagnosis of Modeled Permafrost Extent for the Present and Future   W152B
Andrei Sokolov, Erwan Monier   Changing climate sensitivity through cloud adjustment.   W152A
Neil Swart, John C Fyfe   Global climate model wind bias impacts ocean carbon storage and uptake   W148A
Robin Tokmakian, Peter Challenor   Upper ocean heat content uncertainty in the CCSM3's ocean using a large ensemble   W144A
Antje Weisheimer, Tim Palmer, Francisco J Doblas-Reyes   Assessment of representations of model uncertainty in monthly and seasonal forecast ensembles   W150B