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Session C34: Global Model Evaluation and Projections: CMIP5 and Other Model Intercomparisons
(conveners: J. Meehl, D. Waugh, J. Fasullo, K. Williams)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wednesday 26 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Thomas Ackerman, Benjamin Hillman, Jennifer Kay, Roger Marchand   Evaluation of Cloud Properties in the NCAR CAM4 and CAM5 Using the CFMIP Observation Simulator Package   W210B
H Annamalai, Prasanth Pillai, Andrew G Turner   A recipe for ENSO-monsoon diagnostics in CMIP5 models   W212B
James Annan, Julia C Hargreaves   Ensemble analysis and utilisation: principles and practice   W229B
Noel Baker, Huei-Ping Huang   An alternative method for model weighting applied to climate projection   W214A
Robert Black, Brent A McDaniel   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: The Stratospheric Seasonal Cycle in CMIP5 Models   W176A
Ileana Bladé, Brant L Liebmann, Didac Fortuny, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Connections Between the Summer NAO and Drying in the Mediterranean Region   W181B
Thomas Bracegirdle, David B Stephenson   More precise projections of regional climate change using ensemble change factor regression: Arctic and Antarctic surface warming over the 21st Century from the CMIP3 multi-model ensemble   W244A
Antonietta Capotondi   ENSO Diversity in the NCAR-CCSM4 Climate Model   W230A
Jennifer Catto, Christian Jakob, Gareth Berry   Precipitation in atmospheric fronts in observations and a climate model   W246B
Ching-Yee Chang, John C Chiang, Michael Wehner   Sulfate aerosol control of Tropical Atlantic climate over the 20th century   W176B
Andrew Charlton-Perez , Lorenzo M Polvani   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: How well do the CMIP5 models simulate stratospheric major mid-winter warmings   W186A
Hua Chen, Edwin K Schneider   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Mechanisms of the Internally Generated Decadal-to-Multidecadal Variability in the Atlantic   W183B
Wei Cheng, Dongxiao Zhang   Assessing Atlantic Overturning Circulation (AMOC) in CMIP5 models   W175A
Ioana Colfescu, Edwin K. Schneider   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Attribution of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability to External Forcing, Internal Variability and Weather Noise   W181A
Gokhan Danabasoglu, Matthew Hecht, Susan C Bates   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Ocean Model Working Group   W198B
Paolo Davini, Chiara Cagnazzo, Pier Giuseppe Fogli, Silvio Gualdi, Enrico Scoccimarro, Elisa Manzini, Antonio Navarra   Atmospheric Blocking in the Northern Hemisphere in the CMCC CMIP5 simulations   W225A
Clara Deser, Ben Kirtman   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Climate Variability Working Group   W197B
Pedro DiNezio, Amy Clement, Gabriel Vecchi, Brian Soden   Mechanisms and Detection of Changes in the Walker Circulation in Response to Global Warming   W243A
Paul Durack, Susan E Wijffels   Fifty Years of Water Cycle Change expressed in Ocean Salinity   W231A
Veronika Eyring, Pierre Friedlingstein, Reto Knutti and Coauthors   Uncertainties in Climate Projections: The Case for a Process-Oriented Evaluation of Earth System Models   W260A
Solange Fermepin, Sandrine Bony, Jean-Yves Grandpeix, Laurent Fairhead   Evaluation in a weather-forecast mode of convective parameterization developments aiming at improving the quality of climate simulations at high-resolution   W209B
Christopher Folland, A A Scaife, D Fereday, J R Knight, F Kucharski, J Kinter, E K Jin, S Bronnimann, A M Fischer, S Grainger, I S Kang, et al.   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: selected twentieth century climate events   W191A
Christopher Folland, J R Knight, H W Linderholm, D Fereday, S Ineson, J W Hurrell   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: The Summer North Atlantic Oscillation   W192A
Jason Furtado, Judah Cohen, Amy Butler, Emily Riddle, Arun Kumar   Evaluating the Impacts of Eurasian Snow Cover Variability on Wintertime Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling in the CMIP5 Models   W211B
Peter Gleckler, Beth Ebert, Veronika Eyring, Pierre Friedlingstein, Helene Hewitt , Robert Pincus , Karl Taylor   A WCRP Panel Tasked to Identify and Promote Performance Metrics for Climate Models   W213B
Nube Gonzalez-Reviriego , Concepcion Rodriguez-Puebla, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca   Northern Hemisphere Teleconnection indices simulated with CMIP3 in winter   W244B
Volker Grewe, Sandra Stähle, Andrew Gettleman, Torsten Hothorn   A statistical framework for grading approaches   W213A
David Gutzler   Hydroclimatic Variability and Change in Southwestern North America   W241A
Marika Holland, Elizabeth Hunke   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Polar Climate Working Group   W208B
Jonathan Jiang, Hui Su, Vincent Perun, Chengxing Zhai   Assessing Progress in Global Cloud Simulations from IPCC AR4 to AR5 using "A-Train" Observations   W224A
Chuan Li Jiang, Sarah T Gille, Janet Sprintall, Colm Sweeney   Intercomparison of the Southern Ocean Sea Water pCO2 in IPCC AR5 Coupled Carbon/Climate Models   W242B
David Karoly, Frank Drost, Karl Braganza   Communicating Global Climate Change using Simple Indices: An Update   W227A
Colin Kelley, Mingfang Ting, Yochanan Kushnir, Richard Seager   Mechanisms of 20th Century Mediterranean Drying: The role of external forcing versus natural variability   W243B
John Kennedy, Nick Rayner, Michael Saunby, Holly Titchner   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century. The development of the new Hadley Centre Sea Ice and Sea-surface temperature data set, HadISST2   W192B
Arezoo Khodayari, Donald Wuebbles, Seth Olsen, Jan Fuglestvedt, Terje Berntsen, Marianne Lund, Ian Waitz, Philip Wolfe, Piers Forster   Analyses of the capabilities of carbon cycle and energy model of simple Earth system models for analyzing aviation effects on climate   W215A
Jeffrey Kiehl, Christine A Shields, David Williamson   Dependence of the CCSM4 Simulated Hydrological Cycle to Horizontal Resolution   W229A
Kinter James   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Revolutionizing Climate Modeling - Impacts of High Spatial Resolution   W184B
Fred Kucharski , Jim Kinter, Chris Folland   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Skill of simulating Indian monsoon rainfall on interannual to decadal timescales and role of east-west heating contrast   W191B
Janina Körper, Ines Höschel, Jason A Lowe, Chris D Hewitt, David Salas-Melia, Erich Roeckner, Heike Huebener, Jean-Francois Royer, Jean-Luis Dufresne, Anne Pardaens, Marco A Giorgetta, Michael G Sanderson, Odd-Helge Ottera, Jerry Tjiputra, Sebastien Denvil, Ulrich Cubasch   The Effect of Aggressive Mitigation on Sea Level Rise and Sea Ice Changes   W256B
Jong-Seong Kug, Yoo-Geun Ham   How well do climate models simulate two-types of El Nino?   W240A
Sanjiv Kumar, Venkatesh Merwade, Dev Niyogi, Paul Dirmeyer   Evaluation of hydroclimatic variables from IPCC-AR5 climate models using observation, reanalysis, and land data assimilation system   W177B
Emerson LaJoie, Timothy DelSole   Identification of Outliers in Multi-Model Climate Simulations   W241B
William Large, Julie M Caron   On the diurnal cycle of the upper ocean and impacts on precipitation in CESM   W245B
David Lawrence, Zong-Liang Yang   The Community Earth System Model: Activities of the Land Model Working Group   W195A
Robert Lee, Kevin I Hodges   A Comparison of Extratropical Cyclones in CMIP5 Models   W212A
Tong Lee, Michelle M Gierach   How well do CMIP coupled models represent ocean surface wind?   W240B
Jui-Lin Li, Duane E Waliser, W-T Chen   Evaluation of CMIP Simulations of Ice and Liquid Water Content/Path   W211A
Shuanglin Li, Minghong Zhang, Jian Lu, Renguang Wu   Comparison of the Northwestern Pacific Summer Climate Simulated by Five AGCMs   W228A
Hans Linderholm, Tinghai Ou, Jee-Hoon Jeong, Chris K Folland, Daoyi Gong, Hongbin Liu, Yu Liu, Deliang Chen   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Interannual Teleconnections between the Summer North Atlantic Oscillation and the summer East Asian Monsoon  


Keith Lindsay, Gordon Bonan, James Randerson, Scott Doney, Natalie Mahowald, J. Keith Moore, Peter Thornton   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Biogeochemistry Working Group   W196A
William Lipscomb, Stephen F Price, Jesse V Johnson, Miren VizcaÌno Trueba   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Land Ice Working Group   W198A
Elinor Martin, Courtney Schumacher   The Relationship Between Caribbean Precipitation, Sea Surface Temperature, and Large-Scale Vertical Motion in IPCC AR4 Models   W258B
Wilhelm May, Traute Crueger, Cathy Hohenegger, Thorsten Mauritsen, Marco Giorgetta, Bjorn Stevens   Evaluating the characteristics of tropical precipitation in the new MPI global climate modelling system   W230B
Gerald Meehl, Warren Washington, Julie Arblaster, Aixue Hu, Haiyan Teng, Claudia Tebaldi, Warren Strand, James White   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Climate Change Working Group   W197A
Michael Mills, Hanli Liu, Lorenzo Polvani, Daniel Marsh   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Whole Atmosphere Working Group   W209A
Timothy Myers, Joel R Norris   Evaluation of subtropical stratocumulus simulation in CMIP5 models   W178B
Kingtse C Mo, Lindsey Long, Jae Schemm   Characteristics of drought over the United States simulated in the CMIP3 experiment   W226B
Daniel Moita, Bruno Ferrero, Bonventi Tiago, Ilana Wainer   Comparative analysis between CCSM4.0 and CCSM3.0 representativeness in relation to SODA reanalysis   W227B
Richard Neale, Cecile E Hannay, Minghua Zhang, Mark A Taylor   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Atmosphere Model Working Group   W195B
Bette Otto-Bliesner, Fortunat Joos, Jeffrey T Kiehl   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Paleoclimate Working Group   W208A
Anita Rapp   Evaluation of Cloud Forcing Response in the Southeastern Pacific Marine Subsidence Region   W210A
Li Ren, Phillip Arkin, Tom Smith, John Janowiak   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Evaluation of Simulations of 20th Century Precipitation   W182A
Walter Robinson, Kenneth Kunkel   Warming holes: Can climate models represent the variability and sources of regional temperature trends in the Continental United States?   W262A
Maria Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Irene Polo, Teresa Losada, Elsa Mohino, Marta Martin del Rey   The relation between the Atlantic and Pacific NiÒos in CMIP simulations. A multidecadal modulation   W258A
Joellen Russell, Paul J Goodman   The Southern Ocean in the AR4 and AR5: Heat, Carbon and the ACC   W259A
Ramiro Saurral, Inès Camilloni, Tèrcio Ambrizzi   Systematic underestimation of precipitation over southeastern South America in the WCRP-CMIP3 multi-model dataset simulations: an evaluation of possible causes   W255B
Edwin Schneider, Hua Chen, Ioana Colfescu   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: Are SST Forced AGCM Simulations Misleading?   W193A
Jeffery Scott, Andrei P Sokolov, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, C. Adam Schlosser   Examination of Climate Response to Historical and Projected Forcings Over Years 850-4000 for EMIC-AR5 Intercomparison Study   W180B
Yolande Serra, Kerrie Geil   Evaluation of the CLLJ, MJO, and easterly waves within the intra-Americas sea region for select AR5 models   W178A
Yolande Serra, Kerrie Geil   Evaluation of spatial & temporal precipitation patterns in select AR5 global climate models and reanalyses over the intra-Americas sea and North American monsoon regions   W179A
SangHye Shin, Il-Ung Chung   Changes of Köppen Climatic Regions and Desertification during the 20th Century   W225B
Anne Smith, Daniel R Marsh, Michael Mills, Douglas Kinnison, Natalia Calvo   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Comparison of Climate Simulations with High Top and Low Top Versions of CESM/WACCM   W185A
Amy Solomon   Predictability of Atmospheric Teleconnections in Initialized Decadal Forecasts   W247A
Daithi Stone, Peter Stott, Nikos Christidis, Chris Folland, James Kinter   C20C - Climate of the 20th Century: A multi-model effort to detect and attribute trends in weather risk   W193B
Ying Sun, Yihui Ding, Aiguo Dai  

Changing links between South Asian summer monsoon circulation and tropospheric land-sea thermal contrasts under a warming scenario

Kate Sutherland, Bruce C Hewitson, Chris D Jack   Use of multiple lines of evidence to bridge the science-society gap by improving communication and tailored products.   W260B
Gunilla Svensson   Representation of the diurnal cycle of near-surface parameters in CESM and EC-Earth   W263A
Gunilla Svensson, Johannes Karlsson   Simulations of Arctic clouds and their influence on the winter climate   W263B
Kaoru Tachiiri, Julia C Hargreaves, James D Annan, Michio Kawamiya   Parametric uncertainty in allowable carbon emission for RCP4.5 concentration scenario   W246A
Simone Tilmes, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Arlene Fiore, Peter G Hess   The Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and CMIP5 Simulations. Activities of the Chemistry-Climate Working Group   W196B
Mingfang Ting, Cuihua Li   Atlantic Multi-Decadal Variability and its Climate Impacts in CMIP3 and CMIP5 Models   W175B
Thomas Toniazzo, Elisabeth J Good, Steven J Woolnough   Coupled errors of the UKMO GCMs and of other CMIP5 GCMs in the tropical Atlantic sector   W228B
Matthew Toohey, Kirstin Krueger, Claudia Timmreck, Hans F Graf, Marco A Giorgetta, Stefanie Gleixner, Alexey Y Karpechko, Doreen Metzner, Hauke Schmidt, Georgiy L Stenchikov, Davide Zanchettin   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: the influence of volcanic eruptions   W186B
Benoit Vanniere, Eric Guilyardi, Gurvan Madec, Francisco Doblas-Reyes, Steve Woolnough   Using seasonal hindcasts to understand the origin of the Pacific cold tongue bias in CGCMs and its impact on ENSO   W261A
Carolina Vera, Clementine Junquas, Laurent Li, Herve Le Treut   Changes in precipitation variability over South America from both CMIP3 and CMIP5 Models   W194B
Yury Vikhliaev, Max Suarez, Andrea Molod, Bin Zhao, Siegfried Schubert   Evaluation of the Short-term Climate Variability in GEOS-5 AOGCM Simulations   W179B
Duane Waliser, Yi Chao, Jui-Llin (Frank) Li, Hongchun Zhang   Assessment of CMIP climate models in simulating sea surface salinity   W224B
Lei Wang, Paul J Kushner   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: Controls by the Zonal Mean Circulation on the Stationary Wave Response to Climate Change   W185B
Lei Wang, Darryn Waugh   Southern Hemisphere High Latitude Temperature Trend Simulated by CCMVal-2 Models   W255A
Laura Wilcox, Andrew J Charlton-Perez, Lesley Gray   Variability in the lower stratosphere and its impact on Southern Hemisphere climate change   W261B
Keith Williams, David Williamson, Stephen Klein, Christian Jakob, Catherine Senior   Transpose-AMIP II - Project description and initial results   W259B
Chunxue Yang, Benjamin Giese   Change of Tropical Ocean Circulation in SODA and CMIP5   W194A
Lei Yin, Rong Fu   Evaluation of decadal variability and changes of rainy season rainfall over the Amazon simulated by CMIP5   W177A
Jussi Ylhäsi, Räisänen Jouni   Global analysis of simulated 21st century changes in daily temperature variability   W231B
Tokuta Yokohata, James D Annan, Julia C Hargreaves, Charles S Jackson, Michael Tobis, Mark J Webb, Mathew Collins   Reliability of multi-model and single-model ensembles   W247B
Giuseppe Zappa, Len Shaffrey, Kevin Hodges   An assessment of the Atlantic and Mediterranean cyclones simulated by CMIP5 models   W254B
Giuseppe Zappa, Len Shaffrey, Kevin Hodges   The impact of increased greenhouse forcing on the cyclones of the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions in CMIP5 models   W257B
Natalia Zazulie, Matilde Rusticucci   Annual cycle characteristics and changes: Intercomparison between observations and GCMS in southeastern SouthAmerica   W215B
Yuanling Zhang, Xianyao Chen   Inter-comparison of Ocean Heat Content Variability From Climate Models Simulation   W242A
Tianjun Zhou   The CLIVAR C20C Project: Which components of the Asian-Australian Monsoon circulation variations are forced and reproducible?   W256A