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Session C3: Regional Integration of Climate Science, Information and Capacity Building with Regard to Climate Variability and Change in Africa
(conveners: J. Polcher, A.T. Gaye, R. Diab, M. Kadi)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wedneday 26
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Auwal F Abdussalam   Climate change and variability: The impacts on climate-sensitive diseases in the 2050s for North-West Nigeria  
Syed Ashraful Alam, Mike Starr   Climate change impacts on woodland biomass C density and water-use: a modelling study of the Sudanese gum belt region  
Ross C Blamey, Chris Reason   Mesoscale convective complexes over Southern Africa  
Joseph Boyard-Micheau   Predictability of rainfall descriptors in East Africa  
Bernard Bourles, Norbert Hounkonnou, Nicholas Hall, Valérie Quiniou Ramus , Yves Du Penhoat   Capacity building program in oceanography and applications in West Africa: goals, achievements and present status  
Nana Browne   Simulation of the fine scale features and their implications for climate change from a double nested regional climate model: the Southern African domain  
Selmin Burak   Water resources vulnerability in small islands developing states: A case in the Comoros Islands  
Wei Chu, Xiaogang Gao, Scott Sellars, Soroosh Sorooshian   Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Spatial Patterns of Precipitation in the Western United States  
Claire Davis, Emma Archer   Bridging the Gap: Experiences of engaging end users in climate change risk and vulnerability planning in southern Africa  
Roseanne D Diab, Tirusha Thambiran   Climate change co-benefits in South Africa  
Anthony N Ede   Assessment of the impact of climate change on structural failures in the Nigerian coastal areas  
Oyebola Adebola Elemide   Impact of climate change on agriculture in sub-Sahara Africa  
Oyebola Adebola Elemide   User Requirements for agrometeorogical services in sub-Sahara Africa  
James B Elsner, Shawn W Lewers, Jill C Malmstadt, Thomas H Jagger   Methods for estimating future wind losses locally: A case study at Eglin Air Force Base  
S.H.M. Fakhruddin, Mukand S. Babel   Decision support system for location specific early warning system  
Neil C Hart, Chris J Reason, Nicolas Fauchereau   Climate controls of tropical-extratropical cloud bands over southern Africa  
Peter A Johnston   Communicating climate information for agricultural applications and adaptation  
Mouhamed Ly, Amadou Gaye, Rémy Roca, Frederic Hourdin   Representation of the west african water cycle by the LMDZ GCM during the AMMA campaign  
Laura Mariotti, Filippo Giorgi   Regional climate simulations over Africa and India using the new Regional Climate Model RegCM4w  
Elsa Mohino, Serge Janicot, Hervé Douville, Laurent Li   Impact of the Indian part of the summer MJO on West Africa using nudged climate simulations  
Andrew P Morse   Going seamless for impacts: Experiences from the FP7 QWeCI project  
Ernesto Munoz , Wilbert Weijer, Ilana Wainer, Semyon Grodsky, Marlos Goes, Susan Bates   Recent insights on Tropical Atlantic oceanic variability from the CCSM4 coupled climate model  
Caswell T Munyai, Stefan Foord, Roderick Baxter   How fast can you climb a mountain? Climate change, ant assemblages and a centre of endemism  
David K Musembi, Daniel K Too, John K Mworia, Mary W Mwangi, Noah M Kerandi   Identifying Occurrences of High and Low Rainfall as a Guide to Farmers to Raise Agricultural Production in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya  
Carolina Neri, Victor Magana   Uses of the climate information in agriculture in Mexico  
Marcel Nkoma   Adaptation to climate change impacts in the agricultural sector in Cameroon: the case of people in the Sudano-Sahelian region.  
Amingo Omondi   Linkages between global sea surface temperatures and decadal rainfall variability over East Africa  
Sarah Emerald Osima, Bruce Hewitson, Martin Stendel   Climate variability and change along the great Ruaha sub river basin Tanzania  
Romain Roehrig, Fabrice Chauvin, Jean-Philippe Lafore   10-25-day intraseasonal variability of convection over the Sahel: a role of the Saharan Heat Low and midlatitudes  
Abdoulaye Sarr, Abdoulaye Dème, Ousmane NDiaye, Abou Ali, Jacques Andrè Dione, Arame Tall, Bamba Sylla   CORDEX AFRICA Sahel Group Work Poster 2: Gaps and weaknesses in current climate products and/or services and their effectiveness to meet end-users needs in communities across the West Africa Sahel  
Adam Schlosser, Ken Strzepek, Channing Arndt, Sherman Robinson, Xiang Gao   Water-Food-Climate: How can Africa adapt to climate risk?  
Anton Seimon   Climate change adaptation and wildlife conservation in Africa: a comparison of strategies being utilized by seven major environmental NGOs  
Mxolisi Shongwe   Cordex Africa analysis: Projected changes in summer rainfall characteristics over Southern Africa  
Benjamin Sultan   The ESCAPE project: an interdisciplinary exploration of past and future environmental changes in Africa  
Tirusha Thambiran   Integrating climate change concerns into local air quality management plans in South Africa  
Anne M Thompson, Nikolai V Balashov, Gert J Coetzee, Stuart J Piketh, Kristy Ross, J J Pienaar, Valerie Thouret   Tropospheric ozone over Southern Africa changing? A new look at evidence from profiles and surface data  
Chris D Thorncroft, Guy Caniaux, Hanh Nguyen, Jean-Luc Redelsperger   Interactions between the Atlantic cold tongue and the West African Monsoon  
Emma L Visman, Richard Ewbank , Dominic Kniveton   Promoting better use of climate information within humanitarian and development planning  
Caradee Y. Wright   Ambient solar UV radiation and seasonal trends in potential sunburn risk among schoolchildren  
Man-Li C Wu, Oreste Reale, Siegfried D Schubert, Max J Suarez, Chris D Thorncroft   The African Easterly Jet, Cyclogenesis, and Tropical Storms