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Session C28: Improving Climate Models, Including their Components and Parameterizations
(conveners: C. Bretherton, S. Legg, E. Manzini)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wednesday 26 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Akintayo Adedoyin, Adelaide Kurusa   Towards undestanding climate variability over tropical Africa: A study of some lower tropospheric processes   W47B
Robert Adler, Guojun Gu   Inter-annual and Inter-decadal Variations and Trends in Global and Regional Precipitation and Their Relation to Temperature and Water Vapor Changes   W45B
Joan Alexander, Marvin Geller, Adam Scaife, Julio Bacmeister, Manfred Ern, Albert Herttzog, Peter Love, Elisa Manzini, Peter Preusse, Kaoru Sato, Robert Vincent, Corwin Wright, Stephen Eckermann, Takeshi Horinouchi   New Constraints on Gravity Wave Momentum Fluxes for Climate Model Applications   W34A
Simon Alexander, Andrew Klekociuk, Michael Pitts, Adrian McDonald, Andolsa Arevalo-Torres   The effect of orographic waves on Antarctic Polar Stratospheric Cloud (PSC) occurrence and composition   W41A
Donifan Barahona   A New Description of Heterogeneous Freezing Within the NASA GEOS-5 model   W50A
James Benedict   Assessment of Tropical Intraseasonal Variability in Versions 2 and 3 of the GFDL Atmosphere Model   W53A
Massimo Bollasina, Yi Ming   Precipitation Bias over the Western Indian Ocean in an Atmospheric GCM: Role of the Meridional SST Gradient   W36A
Matthias Brakebusch, Cora Randall, Douglas Kinnison, Simone Tilmes, Michelle Santee   Evaluation of Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model simulations of winter 2004-2005 Arctic ozone  


Emily Riddle, Amy Butler, Jason C Furtado, Arun Kumar, Judah Cohen   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: The Eurasian snow - Arctic Oscillation connection in the operational NCEP Climate Forecast System   W32A
Chiara Cagnazzo, Elisa Manzini, Pier Giuseppe Fogli, Marcello Vichi   Role of stratospheric ozone changes in the global carbon uptake, as simulated by the CMCC-Carbon Earth System Model   W38B
Natalia Calvo, Daniel R Marsh, Rolando R Garcia, Michael Mills, Douglass Kinnison, Anne K Smith   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Future trends related to Ozone Recovery in the Southern Hemisphere in WACCM4 simulations   W29B
Wei-Ting Chen, Jui-Lin F Li, Duane Waliser, Terrence Kubar, Eric Fetzer, Brian Kahn, Paul von Allmen, Seungwon Lee, Lei Pan, J. David Neelin   The Structure and Environment of Tropical Deep Convective Clouds From A CloudSat-Centric A-Train and ECMWF Analysis Data Set   W47A
Maria Custodio, Rosmeri P da Rocha   Interannual and Intraseasonal variability of extreme dry and wet events over South America as simulated by coupled and uncoupled high-resolution global models during Austral Summer.   W66B
Peter Duben, Peter Korn, Vadym Aizinger   New climate models: A discontinuous/continuous low order finite element shallow water model on the sphere with grid refinement capability   W25A
Katherine Evans, Richard Archibald, Daniel McKenna   Building a high resolution global atmosphere climate simulation capability   W53B
Eleftheria Exarchou   Impact of bottom roughness on tidal mixing   W44A
Yevgeniy Frenkel, Andrew Majda, Boualem Khouider   Using the stochastic multicloud model to improve tropical convective parameterization: A paradigm example   W48B
Kristina Fröhlich, Guenther Zaengl, Maria P Ripodas, Martin Koehler, Almut Gassmann, Daniel Reinert, Thorsten Reinhardt, Hui Wan, Marco Giorgetta   New climate models: The ICON Non-hydrostatic model and Results of Aqua-Planet experiments.   W27B
Chaim Garfinkel, Darryn Waugh, Tiffany Shaw, Dennis Hartmann   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: The Influence of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on the Arctic Polar Vortex and Troposphere in Perpetual Winter WACCM Runs   W32B
Edwin Gerber, Thomas Reichler   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Characterizing intraseasonal variability with the annular modes   W29A
John Gille, Svetlana Karol, Douglas Kinnison, Rolando Garcia, Bruno Nardi, Valery Yudin   Control of UTLS Ozone by the Seasonal Variation of Equivalent Length: Present and Future Climate   W55B
Marco Giorgetta, Günther Zängl, Kristina Fröhlich, Almut Gassmann, Peter Korn, Leonidas Linardakis, Stephan J Lorenz, Ralf Müler, Daniel Reinert, Maria-Pilar Ripodas, Hui Wan, Luca Bonaventura, Marco Restelli, Thomas Heinze   New climate models: The ICON modelling system   W25B
Marco Giorgetta, Hui Wan, Almut Gassmann, Gunther Zängl, Daniel Reinert, Kristina Fröhlich, Leonidas Linardakis, Maria-Pilar Ripodas   New climate models: Role of effective numerical diffusion on the ITCZ formation in ICON models   W27A
Anthony Hirst, Ian G Watterson, Harun A Rashid, Daohua BI, Lawrie Rikus, James Risbey, Arnold Sullivan, Kamal Puri   Evaluation of the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) for climate simulation with a focus on the Australian region   W59B
Albert Holtslag, Fred C Bosveld, Sukanta Basu, Gunilla Svensson   Achievements of the GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study (GABLS)   W51A
Radan Huth, Radmila Brozkova, Ales Farda, Tomas Halenka   ALARO-Climate: regional climate model with a very high resolution being developed in the Czech Republic   W51B
Xianan Jiang, Prince Xavier, Duane Waliser, Jon Petch, Steve Woolnough, MJO Task Force   Characterizing the Vertical Diabatic Heating Profile of the MJO - A Joint MJO Task Force and GEWEX GCSS Model Experimentation and Intercomparison Project   W54B
Meibing Jin   Assessing ocean mixing under heterogeneous sea ice cover in climate models   W52B
Joon-Hee Jung, Akio Arakawa   Coupling the GCM and CRM components in the quasi 3-D MMF   W56B
Thomas Jung, Sergey Danilov, Jens Schroeter, Dmitry Sidorenko, Ralf Timmermann, Qiang Wang, Wolfgang Hiller   New climate models: Some applications of the finite element sea ice-ocean model FESOM   W26A
Thomas Jung, Jens Schroeter, Sergey Danilov, Kerstin Fieg, Wolfgang Hiller, Dmitry Sidorenko, Sven Harig   New climate models: Towards a coupled climate model with a finite-element sea ice-ocean representation   W61B
Johann Jungclaus, Davide Zanchettin   Inter- to multidecadal variability in a hierarchy of MPI-ESM model set-ups   W45A
Brian Kahn, Joao Teixeira, Andrew Gettelman, Tristan L'Ecuyer, Robert Wood   Scale-dependent temperature, water vapor and cloud PDFs from satellite observations and climate models   W39A
Silvio Kalisch, Peter Preusse, Manfred Ern, Stephen D. Eckermann, Martin Riese   Interaction between gravity waves and planetary waves simulated using WKB method   W66A
Takafumi Kanehama   Impact of a non-orographic gravity wave drag parameterization on the middle atmosphere in the Global Spectral Model of Japan Meteorological Agency   W43B
Alexey Karpechko   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: Sensitivity of future circulation changes in the NH to SST anomalies: comparison of low-top and high-top model simulations   W31A
Junsu Kim, Thomas Reichler, Edwin Gerber, John Austin   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: Stability of the annular mode time scale and role of the stratosphere   W31B
Nobumasa Komori, Bunmei Taguchi, Akira Kuwano-Yoshida, Masami Nonaka, Koutarou Takaya, Wataru Ohfuchi, Hisashi Nakamura   Coupling coefficients around the mid-latitude SST fronts in a coupled atmosphere--ocean and a stand-alone atmospheric GCMs   W56A
Celal Konor   Design of a dynamical core based on the nonhydrostatic unified system of equations   W57A
Peter Korn, Stephan Lorenz, Ralf Müller   A mimetic discretization of the ocean primitive equations   W49B
Ajay Kumar, Vinay Kumar Palla, Gopa Dutta   Frequency dependence of gravity wave energy and momentum flux estimates in the lower atmosphere using Gadanki MST radar observations   W60B
Jui-Lin Li, Richard Forbes, Duane Waliser, Tristan L'Ecuyer, A. Molod, J-D Chern, W-T Chen, M. Suarez   Radiative impacts of precipitating hydrometeors on atmosphere circulation features in weather and climate models   W37A
Mingkui Li, Zhao Xu, Ping Chang   The Role of Angola-Benguela Current System in Coastal Temperature Bias in Southeast Atlantic   W46A
Yanping Li, Richard E Carbone   Rainfall over the Tropical Western Pacific in Relation to SST and Mesoscale Gradients Thereof   W37B
Xin-Zhong Liang, Feng Zhang, Shenjian Su   Development and Evaluation of the Cloud-Aerosol-Radiation Ensemble Modeling System   W57B
Gill Martin, Richard C Levine, Andrew G Turner, Nicholas P Klingaman, Wilfran Moufouma-Okia, Stephanie Bush, Martin Willett   Progress in simulating the Asian summer monsoon and its variability   W36B
François Massonnet, Thierry Fichefet, Hugues Goosse, Pierre Mathiot, Christof Kˆnig Beatty, Martin Vancoppenolle   On the influence of model physics on simulations of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice   W35B
Andrea Molod   Constraints on the Width of GCM Total Water PDF from Observations and High Resolution Models   W55A
Lawrence Mudryk, Paul J Kushner   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: A Method to Diagnose Sources of Annular Mode Timescales   W28B
Akira Noda, Yohei Yamada, Chihiro Kodama, Masaki Satoh   Changes of cloud statistics due to greenhouse warming in global nonhydrostatic simulations with explicit cloud processes   W54A
Eric Nussbaumer, Rachel Pinker   Estimating Downwelling Surface Longwave Radiation on a Global Scale   W58B
Lazaros Oreopoulos, Dongmin Lee, Max J Suarez   Allowing for Horizontally Heterogeneous Clouds and Generalized Overlap in an Atmospheric GCM   W52A
Boutheina Oueslati, Gilles Bellon   Dynamics and feedbacks controlling the intertropical convergence zone location and sensitivity to cumulus parameterization   W58A
Maitrayee Pathak   The internalization of Climate change as an externality by design of a proactive carbon policy framework with analysis of potential adverse impact of government legislations on remediation and adaptation   W42A
Judith Perlwitz, Tiffany Shaw, Nili Harnik, Luke Oman, Steven Pawson   Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling: Impact of interactive chemistry on wave coupling between the troposphere and stratosphere   W30A
David Raymond   Lessons About Cumulus Parameterization from Tropical Cyclogenesis Studies   W62B
Markus Rex, Petra E Huck, Stefanie Kremser, Greg E Bodeker, Michelle L Santee, Peter Bernath   SWIFT: An Extremely Fast Semi-empirical Module for Including Polar Ozone Loss in Climate Model Systems   W40A

Catherine Rio, Frederic Hourdin, Jean-Yves Grandpeix, Sandrine Bony, Nicolas Rochetin, Arnaud Jam, Ionela Musat, Abderrahmane Idelkadi, Marie-Pierre Lefebvre, Laurent Fairhead, Romain Roehrig, Frederique Cheruy, Jean-Louis Dufresne

  The new physical components of the LMDZ general circulation model: Improvement of the representation of boundary layer turbulence, convection and clouds and impact on climate variability.   W42B
Nicolas Rochetin, Jean-Yves Grandpeix   A new parametrization of coupling between boundary layer and deep convection   W50B
Adam Scaife   Improved Atlantic Blocking in a Climate Model   W44B
Guillermo Scheffler, Manuel Pulido   Global and Local Approaches for Gravity Wave Drag Parameter Estimation   W61A

Tiffany Shaw, Judith Perlwitz

  Stratosphere Troposphere Coupling: Extratropical wave coupling and the impact of model configuration   W28A


Isla Simpson, Theodore G Shepherd, Michael Sigmond   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: Dynamics of the lower stratospheric circulation response to ENSO   W39B
Hui Su, Jonathan H Jiang   Tropical Clouds and Circulation Changes During Recent El Ninos   W48A
Lantao Sun, Gang Chen, Walter A Robinson   Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: The Role of Stratospheric Vortex Breakdown in Southern Hemisphere Climate Trends   W33A
Patrick Taylor, Jason Cole   Representation of marine boundary layer cloud diurnal cycle in the CanAM4   W38A
Hirofumi Tomita   A climate model toward the exa-scale computing   W49A

Andrew Turner, Manoj Joshi, Edward S Robertson, Steven J Woolnough

  The effect of Arabian Sea optical properties on SST biases and the South Asian summer monsoon in a coupled GCM   W40B


Hui Wan, Marco A Giorgetta, Daniel Reinert, Almut Gassmann, Guenther Zaengl, Leonidas Linardakis, Kristina Froehlich, Maria-Pilar Ripodas, Marco Restelli, Luca Bonaventura

  New climate models: The ICON hydrostatic atmospheric model on triangular grids   W26B
Barbara Winter, Michel S Bourqui   The impact of surface temperature variability on the climate change response in the NH polar vortex   W41B
Shigeo Yoden, Shunsuke Noguchi, Masakazu Taguchi, Hitoshi Mukougawa, Toshihiko Hirooka   Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: Predictability variation associated with stratospheric sudden warming events   W30B
Yongqiang Yu, Hailong Liu   Numerical Simulation of Western Boundary Current and its Impact on the Marginal Seas in the Northwestern Pacific by a 1/10 Degree Eddy-Resolving OGCM   W34B
Isabel Zubiaurre  

Stratospheric impact of two types of El Nino events in WACCM3.5 simulations