The 2010 Blue Book, by list of authors

01. Atmospheric data assimilation schemes, analysis and initialization, data impact studies, observing system experiments


L. Berre, G. Desroziers, L. Raynaud

Upgrade to 4D-Var of the operational ensemble variational assimilation at Météo-France

R. Danielson, L. Fillion, H. Ritchie Assimilation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) wind information in Environment Canada's high-resolution 3D-Var analysis system
T. Egawa Assimilation of SSMIS Imager Channels in the JMA's Global 4D-Var Data Assimilation System
N. Fourrié, V. Guidard, F. Rabier Impact of hyperspectral infrared sounders in Numerical Weather Prediction models of Meteo-France
T. Ishibashi Optimization of Error Covariance Matrices and Estimation of Observation Data Impact in the JMA Global 4D-Var System
Y. Ishikawa Data Assimilation of GPS Precipitable Water Vapor into the JMA Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction Model Japan

F. Karbou, F. Rabier, E. Gérard, J.-P. Lafore, J.-L. Redelsperger, O. Bock

The Use of Microwave Surface Sensitive Observations over Land and over Sea-Ice at Météo-France France
M. Kazumori, H. Onoda Impacts of Surface Pressure Observations in the Antarctica on JMA's Global Data Assimilation and Forecasting Japan
M. Kazumori Initial Results of a Direct Radiance Assimilation Experiment in the JMA Mesoscale 4D-Var data assimilation system Japan
Y. Kosaka, A. Okagaki Recent Modifications of Tropical Cyclone Bogus Data in the JMA Global Data Assimilation System Japan
T. Kuroda, K. Saito, M. Kunii, H. Seko Mesoscale LETKF Data Assimilation on Cyclone Nargis Japan
H. Murata Status of ATOVS Radiance Data Utilization in the JMA Global Data Assimilation System Japan
H. Onoda Resumption of Indian Radiosonde Temperature Data Usage in the JMA Data Assimilation System Japan
E. Ozawa, Y. Sato Assimilation of Metop-A and GRACE-A GPS-RO data for JMA's GSM Japan
F. Rabier, A. Bouchard, V. Guidard Developments in the context of the Concordiasi project over Antarctica France
H. Sako Assimilation of Aircraft Temperature Data in the JMA Global 4D-Var Data Assimilation System Japan
H. Seko, M. Kunii, T. Kawabata, T. Miyoshi Ensemble experiments of local heavy rainfall that occurred in Osaka, Japan, 5 September 2008 Japan 1-35
H. Seko, T. Tsuda, N. Yoshida, Y.-H. Kuo Data Assimilation of Side-looking Radio Occultation by Observing System Simulation Experiment Japan 1-37
M. Takahashi Operational use of Metop-A/ASCAT Winds in the JMA Global Data Assimilation System Japan 1-39
B. Wang, J. Liu, B. Lu An Economical Approach to Four-dimensional Variational Data Assimilation China 1-41
E. Wattrelot Assimilation of radar reflectivity in the AROME model France 1-43
K. Yoshimoto Improvement of Conventional Observation Data Usage in the JMA Mesoscale 4D-VAR Data Assimilation System Japan 1-45

02. Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical post-processing , multi-year reanalyses and associated studies

Author(s) Title Country
L.C. Ashcroft, I. Simmonds, A.B. Pezza Indian Ocean influences on Cold Events over southern Australia Australia
E.S. Glebova, A.E. Pokhil Atlantic hurricanes and European weather Russia
S. Shimokawa, H. Ozawa On analysis of typhoon activities from a thermodynamic viewpoint Japan
I. Simmonds, K. Keay Fall Arctic synoptic changes and sea ice reductions Australia
I. Simmonds, R. Badlan Recent southern Semiannual Oscillation fluctuations in ERA-Interim Australia
I. Simmonds, E.-P. Lim Effect of temporal covariances on the apparent mean Eady growth rate Australia

03. Computational studies including new techniques, the effect of varying model resolution, parallel processing

Author(s) Title Country
D.Y. Alferov, G.S. Rivin Numerical experiments with finite difference schemes using data of regional atmospheric model COSMO-RU Russia
M. Déqué A big brother multi-pole experiment with stretched grid GCMs France 3-05
V. Shashkin, M. Tolstykh Semi-Lagrangian mass-conservative advection scheme on the sphere on the reduced grid Russia
T. Shimokawabe, T. Aoki, J. Ishida, C. Muroi GPU Acceleration of the Meso-scale Atmospheric Model “ASUCA” Japan

04. Parameterization of important atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different parameterizations

Author(s) Title Country
J.-F. Geleyn, M. Vanandruel, I. Bašták, D. Degrauwe, F. Váña An alternative method for handling the interactions between turbulence and phase changes France
L. Gerard Improvement of convection parameterization in high resolution limit Belgium
T. Kato, Y. Yamada, M. Nakano Improvement of Kain-Fritsch Convection Parameterization Scheme To Suppress its False Predictions of Rainfall Areas along Coastal Lines Japan
V. Krasnopolsky, M. Fox-Rabinovitz, P. Rasch, Y. Kogan, A. Belochitski, P. Blossey Development of stochastic/ensemble neural network convection parameterizations for climate models using CRM simulated data USA
M. Narita Modification to the mixing rate of a convective cloud in the Kain-Fritsch scheme Japan
V. Shnaydman

Improved numerical solution of three-dimensional turbulence closure equations

M. Ujiie, D. Miura

Development of Land-surface Processes in the JMA Nonhydrostatic Model

Japan 4-15
A. Yurova, M. Tolstykh

Introduction of mire parameterization into numerical weather prediction model SL-AV

Russia 4-17

05. Development of and studies with regional and smaller-scale atmospheric models, regional ensemble, monthly and seasonal forecasting

Author(s) Title Country
L. Auger, E. Bazile, L. Berre, P. Brousseau, Y. Bouteloup, F. Bouttier, F. Bouyssel, L. Descamps, G. Desroziers, N. Fourrié, E. Gérard, V. Guidard, A. Joly, F. Karbou, C. Labadie, C. Loo, V. Masson, P. Moll, C. Payan, J.-M. Piriou, F. Rabier, L. Raynaud, O. Rivière, Y. Seity, E. Sevault, F. Taillefer, E. Wattrelot, K. Yessad The 2010 upgrades of the Météo-France NWP system France
J. Du, B. Zhou, G. DiMego Fog Prediction from a Multimodel Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction System USA
S. Hayashi Statistical verification of short range forecasts by NHM and WRF-ARW over Southeast Asia and Japan areas Japan
Y. Ikuta, Y. Honda Fuzzy Verification of Hydrometeors in a High-resolution Model Using a Radar Simulator Japan
J. Ishida, C. Muroi, K. Kawano, Y. Kitamura Development of a New Nonhydrostatic Model ASUCA at JMA Japan
T. Ishimizu, M. Ujiie Experimental operation of a high-resolution local forecast model at JMA Japan
A. Murata Precipitation Efficiency in Numerically Simulated Heavy Rainfall Associated with Typhoons Man-Yi (2007) and Fitow (2007) Japan
K. Ono, Y. Honda, M. Kunii Development of a Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction System Using a Singular Vector Method Japan
H. Seko, S. Hayashi,  K. Saito Generation mechanisms of convections by gravity waves Japan

06. Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability investigations, ensemble, monthly and seasonal forecasting

Author(s) Title Country
H. Douville Relative influence of the tropical troposphere and extratropical stratosphere on Northern Hemisphere winter climate variability France

07. Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing

Author(s) Title Country
S.N. Denisov, M.M. Arzhanov, A.V. Eliseev, I.I. Mokhov Methane emissions from Western Siberian wetlands: sensitivity to climate change from multi-model estimations Russia
A.V. Malyshkin, I.I. Mokhov

Qualitative Analysis of Ice Sheets Mass Balance Variations Under Global Climate Change


08. Development of and advances in ocean modelling and data assimilation, sea-ice modelling, wave modelling

Author(s) Title Country

09. Development of and studies with coupled ocean-atmosphere models

Country Pages
K. Dehara, H. Mori, M. Hirai N. Adachi Verification of the new JMA's EPS for Long Range Forecasting based on SVS-LRF Japan

M. Hirai, I. Ishikawa, A. Shimpo, H. Sato, T. Soga, H. Mori, N. Adachi, Y. Fujii, S. Matsumoto,T. Yasuda

Replacement of the JMA's EPS for Long Range Forecasting in February 2010 Japan
H. Ritchie, C. Beaudoin, J.-M. Bélanger, S. Desjardins, M. Faucher, R. Lalbeharry, S. Peel, P. Pellerin, R. Rattan, F. Roy, G. Smith Recent Developments in MRD coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice Modelling Canada 9-07
A. Wada, Y. Kawai, N. Usui

Impacts of diurnally-varying sea-surface temperature on the predictions of Typhoon Hai-Tang in 2005. Part I. Intensity prediction

Japan 9-09
A. Wada, Y. Kawai, N. Usui

Impacts of diurnally-varying sea-surface temperatureon the predictions of Typhoon Hai-Tang in 2005. Part II. The impact on the thermodynamics field around Hai-Tang's center

Japan 9-11
A. Wada, N. Usui

The influence of the variation of oceanic precondition on the prediction of Typhoon Hai-Tang in 2005

Japan 9-13
A. Wada, N. Kohno, Y. Kawai Formulation of the effect of breaking surface waves on entrainment and its impact on Typhoon Hai-Tang in 2005 Japan 9-15