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  • Cryosphere and Climate

    The term “cryosphere” collectively describes elements of the Earth system containing water in its frozen state. It includes snow cover and solid precipitation, sea ice, lake and river ice, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, permafrost and seasonally frozen ground. Ice shelves and icebergs are included in these categories. Read More
  • Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate

    The atmosphere plays a key role in the energy balance of the Earth. Read More
  • Water, Energy and Climate

    Solar energy is the fundamental driver of the Earth’s climate system, while infrared emission is the system coolant. Net heating in equatorial regions and net cooling in polar regions drive both atmospheric and oceanic circulations. Read More
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics

    The chemistry and dynamics of the stratosphere and troposphere, and their wide ranging interactions, are increasingly being included in the global models used to project changes in climate. Read More
  • Climate Projections: Past, Present and Future

    The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) that was established by the World Climate Research Programme, through its Working Group on Coupled Modeling, as a standard experimental protocol for studying the output of coupled climate models Read More
  • Future Earth and WCRP Affirm Strong Partnership

    WCRP and will work together to contribute to addressing the most pressing planetary challenges Read More
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11th ICSHMO: Call for Papers 26.01.2015

11th ICSHMO Call for papers

The 11th International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography will take place this year (5-9 October 2015) in Santiago, Chile. This is a great opportunity to showcase WCRP ocean and atmosphere sciences specific to the Southern Hemisphere. Prof. James Renwick, WCRP JSC member, and Prof. Rene Garreaud, GEWEX SSG member, are the Chair of the Programme Committee and the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee respectively. For more information go to the conference webpage

Eleanor O’Rourke as New Director of the WCRP IPOC 26.01.2015

Eleanor O'Rourke

Eleanor O’Rourke has been hired as the Director of the new WCRP International Project Office for CORDEX (IPOC), kindly hosted by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) in Sweden. The WCRP JPS staff in Geneva is looking forward to further developing CORDEX with her and the SMHI team... read more

New Polar Challenge Launched 16.01.2015

polar challenge launched

Geneva/Tromsø (19 January 2015) The World Climate Research Program (WCRP) is launching a Polar Challenge to reward the first team able to send an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for a 2,000 kilometer mission under the sea-ice in the Arctic or Antarctic... read more

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Science Highlights

GEWEX and ESA Conference on Earth Observation for Water Cycle Science 20.01.2015

This topical conference jointly organized by ESA and GEWEX will take place on 20-23 October 2015 in Frascati, Italy. The main objectives are to review the latest contributions in water cycle science, to assess the uncertainties and consistency of observations, to identify current gaps in our knowledge and observations, and to consolidate a scientific roadmap for future priorities. Deadline for abstracts submission is 30th April 2015... read more

The Climate Symposium 2014 Outcomes 20.01.2015

Foto 1The Climate Symposium 2014 main findings and recommandations are now available on the symposium website. They are split into 3 themes: (1) Research and Process Understanding, (ii) Observations and (iii) Coordination and Integration of Observations... read more. A new video has also been produced with many interviews to international experts attending the symposium... watch the video

Highlights from the GDIS Workshop  19.12.2014

DSC06392A group of international experts convened in Pasadina, USA, to discuss the next steps in coordinating global and regional information on drought understanding, monitoring, forecasting and management. The International Global Information System (GDIS) Workshop: Next Steps was held from 11-13 December 2014 and featured a joint open session with representatives of the GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP)... read more

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WMO Global Framework for Climate Services

wmo framework large

Future Earth Research for Global Sustainability


IOC Framework for Ocean Observing