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  • Cryosphere and Climate

    The term “cryosphere” collectively describes elements of the Earth system containing water in its frozen state. It includes snow cover and solid precipitation, sea ice, lake and river ice, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, permafrost and seasonally frozen ground. Ice shelves and icebergs are included in these categories. Read More
  • Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate

    The atmosphere plays a key role in the energy balance of the Earth. Read More
  • Water, Energy and Climate

    Solar energy is the fundamental driver of the Earth’s climate system, while infrared emission is the system coolant. Net heating in equatorial regions and net cooling in polar regions drive both atmospheric and oceanic circulations. Read More
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics

    The chemistry and dynamics of the stratosphere and troposphere, and their wide ranging interactions, are increasingly being included in the global models used to project changes in climate. Read More
  • Climate Projections: Past, Present and Future

    The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) that was established by the World Climate Research Programme, through its Working Group on Coupled Modeling, as a standard experimental protocol for studying the output of coupled climate models Read More
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CLIVAR SSG Member awarded EGU Medal 07.05.2014

stephen griffiesStephen Griffies, currently member of CLIVAR SSG and former chair of WGOMD, has been awarded the 2014 EGU Fridtjof Nansen Medal for his outstanding contribution and leadership in ocean general circulation model development and critical insights in the physical nature and parametrization of ocean processes... read more

David Carlson Appointed Director of WCRP Joint Planning Staff 02.05.2014

Carlson small

WCRP Sponsors are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David Carlson as Director of the Joint Planning Staff. Dr. Carlson devoted the majority of his career in coordinating international science. He was the Director of the International Project Office for TOGA in the 90' and of the International Polar Year more recently. The JPS is looking forward to working with him starting from June 2014.... read more

Valery Detemmerman Retires After 27 years at WCRP 30.04.2014

valery actdir

After many years of dedication and hard work for WCRP Valery Detemmerman took her retirement on 30th April 2014. She joined the WCRP Joint Planning Staff as TOGA science officer, she then provided support to WOCE, CLIVAR and GEWEX. Since November 2013 Valery has been acting director for WCRP.  WCRP Sponsors, JPS and the WCRP networks greatly appreciate Valery's contribution made over the years and join in wishing her all the best for this new phase of her life.

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Science Highlights

Outcomes from the WCRP VAMOS/CORDEX Workshop 07.05.2014


The final report and all the presentations of the WCRP VAMOS/CORDEX workshop on Latin-America and the Caribbean are now available here. The workshop was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on 7-9 April 2014 and hosted by the Oficina Nacional de Meteorologia (ONAMET). To download the report... click here

Questionnaire on Satellite-Derived Land Data Products 30.04.2014


As part of a project QA4ECV (Quality Assurance for multi-decadal ECVs) and the UK National Physical Laboratory is conducting a survey concerning the state of and need for quality assurance in satellite-derived land data products. The survey is targeting the users of these products to gauge what products are being utilized, the quality indicators supplied with the products, how the quality information is used, and if needed quality information is not available, what the user would like to see provided. For more information click here

GASS-YoTC Multi-Model Experiment Output Available 30.04.2014

The model output of the joint research activity by the WCRP-WWRP/THORPEX MJO Task Force and the Year of Tropical Convection (YoTC) and the GEWEX Atmosphere System Study (GASS) is now available for models-based, physical-process studies of a wide range of weather and climate phenomena... read more

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WMO Global Framework for Climate Services

wmo framework large

Future Earth Research for Global Sustainability


IOC Framework for Ocean Observing