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Session C42: Air Quality and Effects of Aerosols and Pollution
(conveners: J. Staehelin, P. Rasch, K. Law, C. Venkataraman, K. Yutaka, T. Zhu)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thursday 27 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Gufranullah Beig, S.K. Sahu, G. Carmichael, S.N. Spak, S. Reka, S. Kulkarni, S.D. Ghude, K. Ali, Liisa Jalkanen   An integrated modeling and monitoring approach to forecast the air quality for a Mega City in Asia for Commonwealth Games-2010   TH238A
Larry Di Girolamo, Sagnik Dey   A decade of change in aerosol properties over the Indian Subcontinent   Th236A
Gregory Frost, Claire Granier, Sabine Darras, Stefan Falke, Alex Guenther, Johannes W Kaiser, Terry Keating, et al.   International Cooperation on Emissions to Address Science and Policy Needs   Th252A
Rebecca Garland, Mamopeli Matoaane, Mogesh Naidoo, Tirusha Thambiran, Francois Engelbrecht, Willem L Landman, Caradee Y Wright, Emma Archer   Ties Between Air Quality and Climate Change in South Africa and their Impact on Human Health   Th265A
Claire Granier, Idir Bouarar, Kathy S Law, Martin Schultz, Olaf Stein, Johannes Flemming, Antje Inness   Modelling the chemical composition of the troposphere over the Arctic region using global model simulations within the MACC project   Th253A
Claire Granier; Idir Bouarar; Augustin Colette; Ariela D'Angiola; Hugo Denier van der Gon; Gregory Frost; Michael Gauss; Angelika Heil; Oivind Hodnebrog; Greet Janssens-Maenhout ; Jean-Francois Lamarque; Kathy Law; Cathy Liousse; Aude Mieville; Paul Monks; Martin Schultz; Olaf Stein; Frode Stordal; Erika von Schneidemesser ; Stacy Walters   Changes in surface emissions and in the chemical composition of the troposphere over the past decades   Th238B
Tomas Halenka, Peter Huszar, Michal Belda   Air-Quality and Climate Interaction in RegCM/CAMx couple - Urban Effects in High Resolution   Th237B
Dawei Hu   Hygroscopicity and evaporation of ammonium chloride and ammonium nitrate: relative humidity and size effects on the growth factor   Th248B
Pedro Jimenez-Guerrero, Sonia Jerez, Juan J Gomez-Navarro, Raquel Lorente-Plazas, Juan P Montavez   A physics ensemble of air quality-climate change projections over southwestern Europe for the 21st century   Th237A
Staehelin Johannes, Suter Ivo, Hueglin Christoph   Surface ozone changes in Switzerland and relation to emission changes and climatic factors   Th264A
Dimitris Kaskaoutis, Waseem G Medhi, Rajesh G Kumar, Ramesh P Singh, Ritesh G Gautam, R K Jenamani   NO2 Variations over India (2005-2010) using OMI - AURA data   Th253B
Gwendoline Lacressonniere   European Air Quality and Climate Change: a numerical modeling study   Th239B
Huikyo Lee, Donald J Wuebbles, Seth Olsen   Potential impacts of aircraft emissions on the air quality near the ground: Importance of heterogeneous chemistry and nitrate radicals   Th254A
Xin-Zhong Liang, Jinhong Zhu   Impact of the Bermuda High on regional climate and air quality over the United States   Th249B
Junfeng Liu, Songmiao Fan, Larry W Horowitz, Hiram Levy II   Evaluation of Factors Controlling Long-Range Transport of Black Carbon to the Arctic   Th248A
Yazhou Liu, Jianping Li, Chen Sun   Impact of Different emission Scenarios on global warming and global warming pre captia   Th249A
Matus Martini, Dale J Allen, Kenneth E Pickering, Georgiy L Stenchikov, Russell R Dickerson   Radiative effects of ozone enhancements from anthropogenic and lightning-NO emissions   Th263A
Megan Melamed, Kathy Law, Paul S Monks, Terry Keating, Denise L Mauzerall, Nadine Unger   Tackling the Air Pollution and Climate Change Challenge: A Science-Policy Dialogue   Th264B
Laely Nurhidayah  

Transboundary Haze Pollution in ASEAN Region: Assessment on the Adequacy of Regional Framework and National Legal Framework in Indonesia

Shubha Pandey, Johannes Staehelin, Stephan Henne, Uwe Weers, Martin Steinbacher, Thomas Peter   Long range transport of Peroxy acetyl nitrate (PAN) at Jungfraujoch from different source regions   Th252B
Saroj Sahu, G Beig  

Emission Inventory of Ozone precursors (NOx and CO) for air quality forecasting during Commonwealth Games 2010 in Mega City Delhi

Tammy Thompson, Noelle E Selin, Sebastian Rausch, Rebecca Saari   Quantifying Air Pollution and Health Co-Benefits from Climate Policy   Th254B
Maria Val Martin, Colette L Heald   Impacts of future climate change on the air quality over US National Parks   Th250A
Yang Yang, Hong Liao   Impacts of reductions in emissions of multipollutants in China on air quality and climate over 2005-2030   Th250B
Paul Young, Louisa K Emmons, Jean-FranÁois Lamarque, James M Roberts, Christine Wiedinmyer, Patrick Veres, John J Orlando   A global model study of isocyanic acid (HNCO): Early results   Th236B