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Session C4: Meeting the Needs for Integrated Climate Science, Information and Capacity Building with Regard to Climate Variability and Change in Europe
(conveners: V. Pope, C. Goodess, M. Beniston, P. Lionello)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thursday 27 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Javier Acero, Agusin Garcia, Maria C Gallego   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Peaks-over-threshold study of trends in extreme rainfall over the Iberian peninsula  
Ane Garcia Alejandro Cearreta, Eudardo Leorri   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Response of coastal environments of current sea-level rise scenario  
Maria del Carmen Alvarez-Castro, David Gallego Puyol, Pedro Ribera Rodriguez, Cristina Pena-Ortiz   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability "Meteorological Database Over The Mediterranean Sea Through Old Royal Navy Logbooks"  
Christof Appenzeller, Isabelle Bey, Thomas Bosshard, Thierry Corti, Mischa Croci-Maspoli, Andreas Fischer, Erich Fischer, Juerg Fuhrer, Sven Kotlarski, Reto Knutti, Anne Kress, Christoph Kull, Mark Liniger, Andreas Lustenberger, Christoph Schaer, Simon Scherrer, Andreas Weigel   Swiss Climate Change Scenarios: The CH2011 initiative  
Daniel Argüeso, Jose Manuel Hidalgo-Munoz, Sonia Raquel Gamiz-Fortis, MarÌa Jesus Esteban-Parra, Yolanda Castro-Diez   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Evaluation of WRF ability to reproduce mean and extreme precipitation over Spain.  
Judit Bartholy, Rita Pongracz, Brigitta Hollosi, Orsolya Torek   Projected changes in wet and dry conditions for Eastern/Central Europe using regional climate model simulations  
Martin Beniston   Impacts of climatic change on water in the alpine part of the Rhone River catchment, Switzerland  
Karine Béranger, Cindy Lebeaupin Brossier, Marie-Noîlle Houssais, Philippe Drobinski, Michel Crépon, Jonathan Beuvier, Romain Bourdall_-Badie, Yann Drillet, Nicolas Ferry, Florent Lyard   HyMeX - Impact of the wind maximum spatial distribution on the deep convection in the North-Western Mediterranean  
Karine Béranger, Cindy Lebeaupin Brossier, Philippe Drobinski   HyMeX - Intense weather events and air-sea interactions in the regional WRF-NEMO coupled simulation (MORCE plateform) over the Mediterranean  
Karine Béranger, Cindy Lebeaupin Brossier, Philippe Drobinski, Sophie Bastin, Sylvain Mailler, et al.   HyMeX - The regional coupled system WRF-NEMO over the Mediterranean (MORCE plateform): impacts of mesoscale coupled processes on the water budget estimation  
Ileana Bladé , Isabel Cacho, Y. Castro-Diez, D. Gomis, P. Gonzalez-Sampériz, G. Miguez-Macho, F. F. Perez, B. Rodriguez-Fonseca, C. Rodriguez-Puebla, E. Sanchez, G. Sotillo, B. Valero-Garcas, M. Vargas-Y?_ez, Y. Luna, M. Brunet (CLIVAR-SPAIN committee)   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Climate in Spain pas, present and future  
Constanta Boroneant, Joan Ramon Coll, Norel Rimbu, Manola Brunet   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Seasonal drought variability over the Iberian Peninsula and its relationship to global sea surface temperature and large scale atmospheric circulation  
Mercè Castellà Sànchez, Brunet India Manloa   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: The unprecedented character of the 2003 summer heat wave over the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula  
Jens Christensen, Fredrik Boberg   New confidence in regional temperature projections despite model deficiencies  
Jens Christensen, Jens C Refsgaard, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Erik Jeppesen, Kirsten Halsnês, John R Porter, et al.   Centre for Regional Change in the Earth System (CRES)  
Philippe J Drobinski, Véronique Ducrocq, Piero Lionello, John T Allen, Pinhas Alpert, Emmanouil Anagnostou, Karine Béranger, Isabelle Braud, Noureddine Boubrahmi, André Chanzy, Silvio Davolio, Guy Delrieu, Andreas D_rnbrack, Claude Estournel, Jordi Font, Jim Freer, Miro Gacic, Silvio Gualdi, Vanda Grubisic, Holger Hoff, Victor Homar Santaner, Simon Josey, Christoph Kottmeier, Kostas Lagouvardos, Maria Carmen Llasat, Wolfgang Ludwig, Céline Lutoff, Annarita Mariotti, Alberto Montanari, Emin Ozsoy, Branka Ivancan Picek, Catherine Prigent, Evelyne Richard, Romualdo Romero, Richard Rotunno, Isabelle Ruin, Paolo Ruti, David Sauri, Samuel Somot, Isabelle Taupier-Letage, René Therrien, Joachim Tintore, Remko Uijlenhoet, Heini Wernli   HyMeX - HyMeX: The WCRP perspective, links with GEWEX, MED-CLIVAR and MED-CORDEX  
Philippe J Drobinski, Alesandro Anav, Cindy Lebeaupin-Brossier, Guillaume Samson, Marc Stefanon, Sophie Bastin, Malika Baklouti, Karine Béranger, Jonathan Beuvier, Romain Bourdall_-Badief, Laure Coquart, Fabio D'Andrea, Nathalie de Noblet, Frédéric Diaz, Jean-Claude Dutay, Christian Ethe, Marie-Alice Foujols, Dmitry Khvorostiyanov, Gurvan Madec, Eric Maisonnave, Martial Mancip, Sébastien Masson, Laurent Menut, Julien Palmieri, Jan Polcher, Sophie Valcke, Nicolas Viovy   HyMeX - Model of the Regional Coupled Earth system (MORCE): application to process and climate studies in the Mediterranean region  
Clotilde Dubois, Samuel Somot, Florence Sevault, Michel Déqué   HyMeX - Evaluation of the heat and water fluxes over the Mediterranean using observed estimates and regional climate models.  
Maria Jesus Esteban-Parra , Sonia R Gamiz-Fortis, Jose M Hidalgo-Munoz, Daniel Arg¸eso, Maria Hernandez-Martinez, Yolanda Castro-Diez   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Statistical downscaling for winter MiÒo river flow and its potential use to obtain regional climate change projections  
Emmanouil Flaounas, Philippe Drobinski, Mathieu Vrac, Sophie Bastin, Karine Béranger, Marco Borga, et al.   HyMeX - Evaluation of dynamical and statistical methods for downscaling of extreme precipitation and surface temperature in the Mediterranean region in the frame of HyMeX and MED-CORDEX  
Fabio Fontana, Nando Foppa, Gabriela Seiz, David Lugrin, Marion Meier, Frank Paul, Rolf Philipona   Satellite-based climate products for alpine studies within GCOS Switzerland  
Didac Fortuny, Bladé Ileana   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Comparing recent precipitation trends in the Mediterranean in models and observations  
Emma Gaitan Fernandez, Jaime J Ribalaygua Batalla, Carmen C Aullé, Javier M° M Garcia-Lopez, Javier J Portoles, Luis L Torres, Robert R Moncho   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Application of a statistical downscaling method in phytoclimatic studies for the Spanish National Parks  
Emma Gaitan Fernandez, Javier M° M Garcia-Lopez, Carmen C Aullé, Luis L Torres, Javier J Portoles   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Influence of climate change in the regions inhabited by the brown bear in Spain  
Marjana Gajic-Capka, Ksenija Cindric   HyMeX - Eastern Adriatic trend and variability analysis in precipitation extremes  
Sonia Gamiz-Fortis, Jose M Hidalgo-Munoz, Daniel Arg¸eso, MarÌa J Esteban-Parra, Yolanda Castro-DÌez   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Streamflow variability and predictability in the Ebro river basin  
Elena Garcia-Bustamante, Gonzalez-Rouco Fidel, Navarro Jorge, Xoplaki Elena, Jimenez Pedro, Montavez Pedro   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability Relationship between North Atlantic atmospheric circulation and surface wind and wind power in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula: uncertainty and long term downscaled variability  
Damià Gomis , Michael N Tsimplis, Marta Marcos, Luciana Fenoglio-Marc, Begona Pérez, Fabio Raicich, Ivica Vilibic, Guy Wöppelmann, Sebastià Monserrat, Gabriel Jordà   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability. Sea Level Rise and its Forcing.  
José Gonzalez-Hidalgo Carlos, Martin de Luis, Petr Stepanek, Michele Brunetti, Nicola Cortesi   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: MOPREDAS (MOnthly PREcipitation DAtaset of Spain) a new tool for subregional analyses of precipitation in Southern Mediterranean areas.  
Clare Goodess , Agnew Maureen, Hemming Debbie, Giannakopoulo Christos   Integrated assessment in the Mediterranean: the CIRCE case studies  
Klaus Görgen , Jules Beersma, Hendrik Buiteveld, Gerhard Brahmer, Maria Carambia, Otto de Keizer, et al.   A joint assessment of regional climate change impacts on discharge in the Rhine River basin as input to scientific policy advice  
Célia Gouveia , Ricardo M. Trigo, Santiago Begueria, Sergio M Vicente-Serrano   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability - Drought Impacts on Vegetation Dynamics in the Mediterranean Region  
Andreas Haensler, Susanne Pfeifer, Daniela Jacob   From regional climate models to climate change impact assessment: data support and demand  
Barbara Hennemuth, the CSC-team   Climate services for the German society with focus on adaptation  
Jose Manuel Hidalgo Munoz, Daniel Argüeso, Sonia Raquel Gamiz Fortis, Maria Jesus Esteban Parra, Yolanda Castro Diez   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: An analysis of extreme precipitation events over the southern Iberian Peninsula. Trends and atmospheric mechanisms associated.  
Isabel Iglesias, M°de las Nieves Lorenzo, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Juan José Taboada, Moncho Gomez-Gesteira  

CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Changes in the ENSO signal and their impact on the Southwestern Europe spring rainfall

Pedro Jimenez-Guerrero, Juan P Montavez, Juan J Gomez-Navarro, Sonia Jerez, Raquel Lorente-Plazas   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Establishing an aerosol climatology for the Mediterranean basin  
Gabriel Jorda, Marta Marcos, Gomis Damià, Alvarez-Fanjul Enrique, Pérez Begona, Somot Samuel   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Atmospheric contribution to Mediterranean sea level variability under different climate change scenarios  
Gabriel Jorda, Gomis Damia, Avarez-Fanjul Enrique, Marcos, Marta et al.   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: The VANIMEDAT-2 project: Generation of oceanographic scenarios for the 21st century for the Mediterranean Sea and the NE sector of the Atlantic Ocean  
Kirsti Jyljä, Pauli Jokinen, Kimmo Ruosteenoja   Observed and projected future shifts of climatic zones in Europe  
Norbert Kalthoff, Christoph Kottmeier, Ulrich Corsmeier   HyMex - Mediterranean High Impact Weather on the Convective and Synoptic Scale - Real-world Measurements and COSMO Model Simulations  
Albert Klein Tank   Combining European climate data records and regional reanalyses  
Franz Kuglitsch, Andrea Toreti, Elena Xoplaki, Paul M Della-Marta, Christos S Zerefos, J¸rg Luterbacher   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability - Temperature Data Homogenization and its Impact on Heatwave Changes in the Eastern Mediterranean  
Jan Kysely, Eva Plavcova   Declining impacts of hot spells on mortality in the Czech Republic, 1986-2009: adaptation to climate change?  
Piero Lionello, Annalisa Tanzarella   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability. A project for coordinating and promoting the study of Mediterranean Climate  
Piero Lionello, Claudia Pizzigalli, Letizia Congedi, Ahmed Hassan Fahmi, Ghada Al-Naber, Muhammad Shatanawi, Zohra Lili Chabaane, Mohamed W. H. Al Ashkar, Mohamed M. A. Wahab, Haifa G. B. Mailod   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability. Analysis of precipitation along the North African and Middle East shore boundary of the Mediterranean Region.  
Piero Lionello, Letizia Congedi, M. Collins, D. Hemming   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability. Flood risk maps on the link between the precipitation data and the flood events in the Mediterranean region.  
Piero Lionello, Marco Reale, Katrin Nissen, Uwe Ulbrich   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability. Intercomparison between cyclone climatologies in the Mediterranean region (MR) produced by two cyclone tracking algorithms.  
Maria Carmen Llasat, Jessica Amaro, Montserrat Aran, Laurent Boissier, Brice Boudevillain, Jean-Dominique Creutin, Céline Lutoff, Montserrat Llasat-Botija, Olga Petrucci , Joan Rossell_, Isabelle Ruin, David Saur_, Freddy Vinet, Philippe Drobinski   HyMeX - Contribution on Social Impact  
Maria Carmen Llasat, Montserrat Llasat-Botija, Piero Lionello   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability - Plinius 11 Conference on Mediterranean Storms  
Jorge Lopez-Parages, Rodriguez-Fonseca Belén   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Multidecadal Modulation of the interannual rainfall variability over the Euro-Mediterranean region  
Jorge Lopez-Parages, Belén Rodriguez-Fonseca   HyMeX program: Multidecadal Modulation of the ENSO influence on the interannual Euro-Mediterranean rainfall  
Teresa Losada, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Fred Kucharski   MedCLIVAR: Tropical Influence on the Summer Mediterranean Climate  
Michela Maione   ACCENT-Plus: linking science and policy needs in atmospheric composition change  
Viacheslav Manukalo   Development of climate-related services in Ukraine in the context of climate change  
Maria-Dolors Martinez, Carina Serra, August Burgueoo, Xavier Lana   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Time Trends of Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperatures in Catalonia (NE Spain) for the period 1975-2004  
Maria-Dolors Martinez, Xavier Lana, August Burgueno, Carina Serra   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Spatial and temporal daily rainfall regime in Catalonia (NE Spain) derived from four precipitation indices, years 1950-2000  
Maria-Dolors Martinez, Carina Serra, August Burgueno, Xavier Lana   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Trends in dry spells across Catalonia (NE Spain) during the second half of the 20th century  
Marta Marton Martin del Rey, Irene Polo, Belén RodrÌguez de Fonseca, Fred Kucharski   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: The role of the Euro-Atlantic region in the Atlantic-Pacific connection and its impacts  
Suzana P Alcinova Monevska   Climate change research in Republic of Macedonia in the XXI century  
Hiba Omrani, Philippe Drobinski, Cindy Lebeaupin Brossier, Sophie Bastin, Thomas Dubos, Karine Béranger   HyMeX-Analysis of the simulated Mediterranean sea water budget variability as a fuction of the horizontal resolution in the Hymex/Med-CORDEX framework  
Christian Page, Celine Deandreis, Philippe Dandin, Lemond Julien, Plieger Maarten, Wim J Som de Cerff, et al.   Initiatives toward Climate Services in France and in the European Community  
Rita Pongracz, Bartholy Judit, Bartha Eniko   Analysis of projected changes in heat wave frequency for Eastern/Central Europe on the basis of regional climate model simulations  
Rafael Poza, Sigro Javier, Brunet Manola   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Spatial and temporal comparative of temperature observations (SDATS) against ERA-40, NCEP/NCAR and NOAA-CIRES 20th Century reanalysis, and GCM series in the Iberian Peninsula along nineteen and twenty century  
Jian-Hua Qian, Andrew W Robertson, Vincent Moron   Interantions among ENSO, the monsoon and diurnal cycle and rainfall variability in the Maritime Continent of Southeast Asia  
Mariana Ribas-Ribas, Gomez-Parra Abelardo, Forja Jesus  

CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Air-sea CO2 fluxes in the north-eastern shelf of the Gulf of C·diz (southwest Iberian Peninsula)


Mirjana Ruml, Mirjam Vujadinovic, Vladimir Djurdjevic, Ana
Vukovic, Zorica Rankovic-Vasic, Zoran Atanackovic, Branislava Sivcev, Nevena Petrovic,
Nebojsa Markovic, Milan Dacic

  A climate change impact assessment on a small scale: Serbian vienyard regions  
Paolo Michele Ruti, CLIMRUN WPs Leaders team   Climate Local Information in the Mediterranean region: Responding to User Needs - CLIMRUN  
Paolo Michele Ruti, MedCORDEX team   HyMeX and the Med-CORDEX experiment: new coupled regional projections and tailored impact analysis.  
Jon Sàenz, Ibarra-Berastegi Gabriel, Ezcurra Agustin, Diaz de Argandona Javier   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions Seasonal cycle at the surface of the Iberian Peninsula as represented by a mesoscale meteorological Reanalysis (IPRA) using WRFDA  
Enrique Sanchez, Pedro Galan, Clemente Gallardo, Miguel Angel Gaertner, Cesar Tejeda, Rodolfo Bermejo, Manuel de Castro   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Coupled and uncoupled ERA-Interim regional climate simulations over the Mediterranean basin: A contribution from UCLM-UPM group to HyMeX project  
Enrique Sanchez, Marta DomÌnguez, Raquel Romera, Lluis Fita-Borrell, Jesus Fernandez, Pedro Jimenez-Guerrero, William David Cabos, Giovanni Liguori, Miguel Angel Gaertner   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions: Present and future climate simulations over Spain and surrounding areas through regional climate models in the frame of ESCENA project  
Katrin Schroeder, Gasparini Gian Pietro, Bryden Harry, Sparnocchia Stefania, Borghini Mireno   MedCLIVAR Mediterranean Climate Variability: Thermohaline variability in the western Mediterranean Sea  
Gabriela Seiz, Nando Foppa, Fabio Fontana, Jörg Klausen, Rolf Philipona   National Climate Observing System of Switzerland (GCOS Switzerland)  
David M Sexton, Glen Harris   The importance of time scale for communicating projections of future climate  
Samuel Somot, Florence Sevault, Clotilde Dubois, Michel Déqué   HyMeX and Med-CORDEX projects: Regional Climate System Modelling of the Mediterranean region at CNRM, a multi-component approach to study climate variability  
Samuel Somot, Florence Sevault, Michel Déqué, Marine Herrmann, Clotilde Dubois, Roland Aznar, Elena Padorno, Enrique Alvarez-Fanjul, Gabriel Jordà, Marta Marcos, Damià Gomis   MedCLIVAR, Regional ocean climate change scenarios for the Mediterranean Sea: assessing the uncertainties along the 21st century  
Marc Stéfanon, Cindy Lebeaupin Brossier, Drobinski Philippe, Sophie Bastin, Karine Béranger, Fabio D'Andrea   HyMeX - Representation of heat waves and drought in MED-CORDEX-ERA Interim simulations at IPSL using WRF and MORCE models  
Marc Stéfanon, Philippe Drobinski, Fabio D'Andrea, Nathalie De Noblet, Nicolas Viovy, Martial Mancip, Jan Polcher   HyMeX - Vegetation/atmosphere coupled processes in heat waves and droughts as simulated with the MORCE numerical plateform  
Andrea Toreti, Elena Xoplaki, Isabelle Smith, Philippe Naveau, Juerg Luterbacher   MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability Extreme precipitation in the Mediterranean: statistical characterization and associated large-scale atmospheric circulation  
Yves Tourre, Jean-Pierre Lacaux   Public Health issues in a Changing Climate : The Rift Valley Fever case  
Else van den Besselaar, Klein Tank Albert, van der Schrier Gerard, van Engelen Aryan   The European Climate Assessment & Dataset (ECA&D)  
Aryan van Engelen   The role of the European National Meteorological Services in the playing field of Climate (Change) Services  
Hans von Storch, Meinke   Regional climate services: A case study  
Ralf Weisse, Hans von Storch   Regional meteo-marine reanalyses and climate change projections: Results for Northern Europe and potentials for coastal, offshore and terrestrial applications  
Martin Wild, Arturo Sanchez-Lorenzo   Trends of surface solar radiation in a mountain region of Central Europe since the late 19th century  
Rainer Zahn, GATEWAYS Project members   CLIVAR-SPAIN contributions - The Agulhas Current off South Africa as a Pacemaker of North Atlantic and Southwest Mediterranean Climate