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Session C37: Ocean Circulation and Ventilation
(conveners: B. Sloyan, S. Garzoli, S. Griffies, B. Johns)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thursday 27 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Lesley Allison, Ed Hawkins, Tim J Woollings   Mechanisms and impacts of decadal-scale fluctuation events in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in unforced climate model simulations   TH77B
Dhruv Balwada, Nicolas Wienders, Kevin Speer, Breck Owens   Preliminary results on lateral mixing from the DIMES Experiment   TH86A
Donata Banyte, Toste Tanhua, Martin Visbeck, Tim Fischer, Marcus Dengler, Douglas W. R. Wallace, Peter Brandt, Gerd Krahmann, Johannes Karstensen   Vertical Diffusivity at the Upper Boundary of the North Tropical Atlantic Oxygen Minimum Zone   TH74B
Catherine Beswick   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation - CLIVAR Repeat Hydrography Program   TH79A
John Bullister, William M Smethie, Mark J Warner, Rana A Fine, Rolf E Sonnerup, David Ho   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation: Dissolved Chlorofluorocarbons as Time Dependent Tracers of Ventilation Processes in the Southern Ocean   TH81A
James Carton, Gennady A Chepurin, Sirpa Hakkinen   Subseasonal Variability of Atlantic Water in the Nordic Seas   TH88A
Ivana Cerovecki, Lynne D Talley, Matthew R Mazloff   Subantarctic Mode Water formation and transformation in an eddy-permitting Southern Ocean State Estimate   TH84B
Ruth Curry, Kurt Polzin   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Dynamics of Abyssal Mixing and Interior Transports Experiment (DynAMITE)   TH66B
Ruth Curry, John Toole, Beatriz Pena-Molino, Terrence Joyce, William Smethie, Michael McCartney   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Transport and Water Mass Variability at Line W (39∞N, 70∞W) 2004-2010   TH72A
Gokhan Danabasoglu, Steve G Yeager, Young-Oh Kwon, James Hurrell, Adam Phillips, Joseph J Tribbia   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Its variability in the Community Climate System Model version 4   TH68A
Keith Dixon, T L Delworth, A J Rosati, W Anderson, A Adcroft, V Balaji, R Benson, S M Griffies, H-C Lee, R C Pacanowski, G A Vecchi, A T Wittenberg, F Zeng, R Zhang   Ocean circulation features of the GFDL CM2.6 and CM2.5 high-resolution global coupled climate models   TH85B
Kathleen Donohue, Charlie Flagg, Tom Rossby, Jessica Worst   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Monitoring ocean mass and heat transport with ADCPs on commercial vessels   TH69A
Marc d'Orgeville , Willem P Sijp, Matthew H England, Katrin J Meissner   On the control of glacial-interglacial atmospheric CO2 variations by the Southern Hemisphere westerlies   TH85A
Aurélie Duchez, Joël Hirschi, Stuart A Cunningham, Christopher P Atkinson, Harry L Bryden   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: a new index to investigate the interannual variability in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation comparing RAPID observations and numerical simulations   TH64B
Rana Fine, Synte Peacock, Mat Maltrud, Frank Bryan   Times scales for connecting the interior oceans to the atmosphere   TH88B
Eleanor Frajka-Williams , Harry Bryden, Chris Meinen, Stuart Cunningham, Torsten Kanzow, Joel Hirschi, William Johns   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Compensation at the western boundary between the Gulf Stream and Interior Transport   TH65A
Eleanor Frajka-Williams, Stuart Cunningham, Harry Bryden, William Johns, Molly Baringer, Joel Hirschi, Chris Meinen, Darren Rayner   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Towards a decade-long time series of observations at RAPID-MOCHA 26N   TH71B
Yasushi Fukamachi, Kay I Ohshima, Daisuke Simizu, Takeshi Tamura, Yujiro Kitade, Shigeru Aoki, Shuki Ushio, Gen Hashida, Masaaki Wakatsuchi   Mooring measurement of Antarctic Bottom Water export from the Cape Darnley Polynya and sea-ice thickness within this polynya   TH78B
Geoffrey Gebbie   A Combined Census of Waters by Surface Origin and Ventilation Age   TH73B
Sarah Gille, Breck Owens, Joseph LaCasce, Kevin Speer, Nicolas Wienders, Peter Lazarevich, Raffaele Ferrari, Emily Shuckburgh, Alexa Griesel, Uriel Zajaczkovski   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation: Evaluating Mixing and Stirring in the Southern Ocean with Lagrangian Floats   TH81B
Corinne Hartin, Rana A Fine, Igor Kamenkovich, Bernadette M Sloyan   Comparison of SAMW and AAIW Formation Rates in the South Pacific between NCAR-CCSM4 and Hydrographic Observations   TH75B
Will Hobbs, Joshua K Willis   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: monitoring heat transport from sea and space   TH68B
William Johns, Lisa Beal, Molly Baringer, Harry Bryden, Stuart Cunningham, Torsten Kanzow, Joel Hirschi, Jochem Marotzke, Christopher Meinen, Ruth Curry   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: New estimates of Atlantic Ocean Heat Transport at 26.5∞N from the RAPID-MOCHA Array   TH69B
Gregory Johnson, Sarah G Purkey   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation: Warming of Global Abyssal and Deep Southern Ocean Waters Between the 1990s and 2000s   TH83A
Kathryn Kelly, LuAnne Thompson, John Lyman   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Estimates of Heat Transport Convergence and Ocean Mass Anomalies   TH67A
Matthias Lankhorst, Uwe Send, Torsten Kanzow   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: 10 years of continuous observations by the MOVE array   TH64A
James Ledwell, James B Girton, Michael M Meredith, Marie-Jose Messias, Alberto Naveira Garabato, Jean-Baptiste Sallee, David A Smeed, Louis St Laurent, John M Toole, Andrew J Watson   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation: Diapycnal and Isopycnal Mixing Experiment in the Southern Ocean (DIMES)   TH80B
Yuanlong Li, Fan Wang   Spreading and Conversion of the North Pacific Tropical Water in the Philippine Sea   TH87B
Wieslaw Maslowski, Timothy McGeehan   Impact of shelf-basin Interaction on deep convection in the Western Labrador Sea   TH76B
Daniela Matei, Johanna Baehr, Johann Jungclaus, Helmuth Haak, Wolfgang M¸ller, Jochem Marotzke   Interannual predictions of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26.5°N   TH77A
Matthew Mazloff   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation: The Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE) resource   TH82B
Christopher Meinen, Silvia L Garzoli, Renellys C Perez , Alberto Piola   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Deep Western Boundary Current transport variability in the South Atlantic - Preliminary results from a pilot array at 34.5°S   TH65B
Christopher Meinen, William E Johns , Silvia L Garzoli, Erik van Sebille , Darren Rayner , Torsten Kanzow , Molly O Baringer , Lisa M Beal   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Variability of the Deep Western Boundary Current at 26.5degN during 2004-2009   TH72B
Stephen Rintoul, Serguei Sokolov, Jean-Baptiste Sallee, Esmee van Wijk   Southern Ocean circulation and change: Two decades of sustained observations south of Australia   TH84A
Fabian Schloesser, Ryo Furue, Julian P McCreary, Axel Timmermann   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: dynamical processes in idealized solutions forced by surface buoyancy flux and winds   TH66A
Bernadette Sloyan, Susan E Wijffels, Bronte Tilbrook, Katsuro Katsumata, Akihiko Murata, Alison Macdonald   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Climate: property and circulation changes in the Southwest Pacific Basin   TH83B
Sabrina Speich   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation : Clivar goddhope and IPY bonus-goodhope: Ocean dynamics, biogeochemistry and air-sea interactions in the Southern ocean South of Africa   TH79B
Toshio Suga, Aiko Iwasaki, Katsuya Toyama   Annual subduction/obduction rate of the North Pacific and its interannual variation   TH75A
Zoltan Szuts, Christopher Meinen, Molly O Baringer   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Salinity and water mass transports in the Florida Straits   TH70B
Lynne Talley, James Holte, Bernadette Sloyan, Teresa Chereskin, Rana Fine, Corinne Hartin, Andrew Dickson, Brendan Carter   Southern Ocean Hydrography and Circulation: Antarctic Intermediate Water and Subantarctic Mode Water formation in the southeast Pacific   TH80A
Katsuya Toyama, Toshio Suga   Roles of mode waters in formation and maintenance of central water in the North Pacific   TH86B
Erik van Sebille, William E Johns, Molly O Baringer, Christopher S Meinen, Lisa M Beal, Femke de Jong, Hendrik van Aken   Atlantic meridional overturning circulation: Propagation pathways of classical Labrador Sea Water from its source region to 26N   TH70A
Jin-Song von Storch, Carsten Eden   An estimate of Lorenz energy cycle for the world ocean based on the 1/10 degree STORM simulation   TH74A
Jiayan Yang, Lawrence J Pratt   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Wind-driven variability of the Nordic Seas Overflow   TH73A
Laure Zanna   Singular Vectors of North Atlantic Ocean and Implications for Variability and Predictability   TH87A
Rainer Zantopp, Jürgen Fischer, Nuno Nunes, Martin Visbeck, Torsten Kanzow   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Sustained Observations of the Labrador Sea Outflow at 53°N   TH71A
Dongxiao Zhang, Rym Msadek, Michael J McPhaden, Tom Delworth   Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Its Multidecadal Variability in the Tropical Atlantic   TH67B