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Session C33: Understanding Climate Feedbacks
(conveners: B. Sanderson, D. Randall)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wednesday 26 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Natalia Andronova   Temporal and spatial scales of the climate forcing and feedbacks  


Kathryn R Clark, David Mechem   Interactive precipitation feedbacks in a single-column model   W249A
Robert Colman, Bryant McAvaney, Lawson Hanson   Understanding global climate feedbacks: how do they vary with timescale?   W265B
Dietmar Dommenget, Janine Floeter   Conceptual understanding of climate change with a globally resolved energy balance model   W236A
Nicole Feldl, Gerard H Roe   Regional predictability and the linearity of climate feedbacks   W253A
Dargan Frierson, Yen-Ting Hwang, Sarah M Kang   Tropical Precipitation Shifts in the 20th and 21st Century: The Role of Interhemispheric Gradients in Forcings and Feedbacks   W265A
Stefan Hagemann, Andreas Haensler   Impact on soil moisture memory using a new 5 layer hydrology scheme   W248A
Ambarish Karmalkar, Mathias Vuille, Rene Garreaud, Mark New   Changing Climate in the Andes: Temperature and Hydrological Responses   W233A
Terence Kubar, Duane E Waliser, Jui-Lin Li, Xianan Jiang   On the Annual Cycle and Variability of Oceanic Low-Topped Clouds and the Large-Scale Circulation Using Aqua MODIS and ECMWF Reanalysis   W250B
Damianos Mantsis, Amy C Clement, Tony J Broccoli, Michael P Erb   Climate feedbacks in response to changes in obliquity   W233B
Jochem Marotzke   A Simple-Model Toolbox for Understanding Global Warming   W232A
Daniel Murphy   Understanding radiative forcing from what isn't in an energy balance equation   W234A
Alexander Radkevich, Thomas P Charlock, Fred G Rose   Cryosphere Surface Albedo Derivation with MODIS Narrowband to CERES Broadband Conversion   W237A
Remata S Reddy, Francis Tuluri, Vijay Shankar, Harene Natarajan, Wilber Walters, Quinton L Williams   An empirical model for studies in global change   W232B
Stephen Saleeby, Susan C van den Heever, Cynthia H Twohy   Impacts of Saharan Dust on the Microphysical Processes in Tropical Convection   W248B
Adam Schlosser, Eri Saikawa, Xiang Gao, Matt Rigby, Ron Prinn   Soil N2O emissions - past, present and future   W253B
Karen Shell   Using the Radiative Kernel Technique to Evaluate Physical Climate Feedbacks in CMIP5 Models   W234B
Artem Sherstiukov   Impact of modern climate changes on soil condition and stability of structures in the permafrost zone of Russia   W239A
Hideo Shiogama, Masahiro Watanabe, Tomoo Ogura, Masakazu Yoshimori, Tokuta Yokohata, James D Annan, Julia C Hargreaves, Manabu Abe, Seita Emori, Toru Nozawa, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Masahide Kimoto   Physics Parameter Ensemble of MIROC5 AOGCM   W252A
Gert-Jan Steeneveld, A.A.M. Holtslag, R.T. McNider, R.A. Pielke Sr.   Impact of wind speed on nighttime temperature increase due to higher atmospheric carbon dioxide   W239B
Mateusz (Matt) Strzelecki   High Arctic coastal zone under climate change - recent advances from Svalbard.   W238B
Ivan Sudakov, Sergey A Vakulenko   Mathematical Modelling Positive Carbon-Climate Feedback: Permafrost Methane Emission Case   W249B
Jerry Tjiputra, Odd H Otter   Volcanic forcing feedback on future global climate and carbon cycle   W251B
Isabelle Tobin, Bony Sandrine, Roca Remy   Observational evidence for systematic relationship between convective aggregation and large-scale atmospheric state and climate implications   W250A
Jiahua Zhang, Fengmei Yao   Spectra reflectance characteristics of different snow and snow-covered land surface objects and mixed spectrum fitting   W264A
Tingjun Zhang, Lin Liu, Kevin Schaefer, John Wahr   Estimating Active Layer Thickness from Remotely Sensed Surface Deformation   W238A