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Session C31: Improving the Representation of Energy and Water Cycles in Atmospheric Models
(conveners: A. Rinke, B. van den Hurk, C. Jimenez, J. Santanello)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wednesday 26 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Gianpaolo Balsamo   Modelling the global water cycle with the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System: Recent progress and outstanding issues   W139B
Max Berkelhammer, David C Noone, Camille Risi, John Worden, Kei Yoshimura, Naoyuki Kurita, Robert Field, Daehyun Kim   A comparison of isotope-derived moisture budgets for the Madden-Julian Oscillation between satellites and GCMs   W140B
Huiwen Chuang, Xianglei Huang, Hui Su, Jonathan H Jiang   Interannual variations of ice water content over the tropical Pacific basin: satellite observations, reanalysis, and GCM comparisons   W135A
Patricia de Rosnay, Gianpaolo Balsamo   Snow analysis for numerical weather prediction at ECMWF   W131A
Michael Ek, C. M. J. Jacobs, O. Tuinenburg, J. A. Santanello, Jr.   Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo): Local land-atmosphere coupling metrics   W139A
Craig Ferguson, Eric F Wood   Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo): A global inter-comparison of modeled and observed land-atmosphere coupling   W136A
Chantuu Gandush   Asessment of precipiation recycling in the Amazon Basin using by bylk recycling models   W141B
Françoise Guichard, Christopher M Taylor, Amanda Gounou, Phil P Harris, Fleur Couvreux, Richard J Ellis, Martin De Kauwe   Impact of surface heterogeneities on daytime convective initiation in the Sahel and modelling issues   W134B
Cor Jacobs, Obbe A Tuinenburg, Michael Ek, Jan A Elbers, Ronald W Hutjes, Pavel Kabat, Joe A Santanello   Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo): hotspots of land-surface - precipitation feedback from reanalysis fields   W138B
Peter Knippertz, Andreas H Fink, Robert Schuster, Jˆrg Trentmann, Charles Yorke   Continental Stratus over Summertime West Africa: Observations and Representation in Weather and Climate Models   W133A
Vasubandhu Misra, Peter Pantina   A comparative study of the Indian summer monsoon hydroclimate and its variations in three reanalyses   W140A
Matt Newman, George Kiladis   The timescale dependence of the atmospheric moisture budget   W131B
Ana Nunes, Peter van Oevelen   A Regional Climate Model's Surface Water and Energy Budgets: The Role of Precipitation Assimilation   W141A
Baris Onol   Detection of Multi-Decadal Variability of Snow Water Equivalent by Using Regional Climate Simulation over Anatolian Peninsula   W133B
Lazaros Oreopoulos, Dongmin Lee   Precipitation Characteristics of ISCCP Cloud Regimes for Improving GCM Water Cycles   W132A
Rolf Reichle, Jean-Francois Mahfouf   Project for the Intercomparison of Land Data Assimilation Systems   W132B
Romain Roehrig, Sandrine Bony   On the relationship between cloud vertical structure and the large-scale tropical circulation: observational analysis and evaluation of climate models   W135B
Jacola Roman, Robert O Knuteson, Steven A Ackerman, Henry E Revercomb, David C Tobin   Validation of Regional Global Climate Model (GCM) Water Vapor Bias and Trends Using Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) Observations from a Network of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Receivers in the U.S. Great Plains and Midwest   W130A
Joshua Roundy, Craig R Ferguson, Eric F Wood   Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo): Forecast precipitation skill for different land-atmosphere coupling regimes in the Southeast United States   W138A
Irina Rudeva, Sergey Gulev, Ian Simmonds   Which cyclones transport North Atlantic heat and moisture to Europe?: Insights from the analysis of cyclone composites   W130B
Joseph Santanello, Christa D Peters-Lidard, Sujay V Kumar, Xiquan Dong, Aaron D Kennedy   Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo): Diagnosing the Nature of Land-Atmosphere Coupling During the 2006-7 Dry/Wet Extremes in the U. S. Southern Great Plains   W137B
Obbe Tuinenburg, Cor Jacobs, Ronald Hutjes, Pavel Kabat, Joe Santanello, Mike Ek   Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo): Acquiring Indicators of Land-Atmosphere Coupling from Reanalysis Datasets   W136B
Martin Wild   The global energy balance from a surface perspective   W142B
Pat Yeh, Taikan Oki, Sujan Koirala, Shinjiro Kanae   Estimation of Terrestrial Water Storage from Global Hydrological Modeling, GRACE and Land-atmosphere Water Balance Analysis   W134A
Jun Yin, John Albertson   Local Land-Atmosphere Coupling (LoCo): Analysis of Soil Moisture Feedbacks on Convective Rainfall Frequency   W137A