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Session C26: Interactions and Prediction at the Interface of Weather and Climate: Leveraging Multi-Platform/Multi-Sensor Observations, High-Resolution Models and Seamless Predictionss
(conveners: D. Waliser, S. Woolnough, C. Saulo, F. Molteni)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wednesday 26 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Deepthi Achuthavarier   Impact of horizontal resolution on the tropical intraseasonal variability: Results from project Athena   W90B
Heather Archambault, Lance F Bosart, Daniel Keyser   Recurving tropical cyclone-jet stream interactions over the Western North Pacific and their influence on the midlatitude circulation   W171B
Christophe Cassou   Interaction between the Madden-Julian oscillation and the North Atlantic Oscillation at intra-seasonal timescale   W95B
Charlotte DeMott, Cristiana Stan, David A Randall, James L Kinter III   Simulated meridional propagation in the Asian monsoon: Relationship to physical mechanisms and convectively coupled Equatorial waves   W87B
Gregory Elsaesser, Christian Kummerow   Unorganized and Organized Convection Regimes and Their Evolution on 1-2 Day Time Scales as viewed from Observations and a Multi-Scale Modeling Framework (MMF)   W172B
Lorena Ferreira, Juan J Ruiz, Yanina Garcia Skabar   Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecast from a short-range and high resolution model over a region of Argentina   W89B
Joshua Fu, Wanqiu Wang, June-Yi Lee, Pang-Chi Hsu   Intraseasonal Forecasts of Monsoon and Tropical Cyclones   W96B
Yoo-Geun Ham, Siegfried Schubert, Yehui Chang   Optimal Initial Perturbations for Ensemble Prediction of Madden-Julian Oscillation during Boreal Winter Season using GEOS-5 Coupled Model   W96A
Thomas Hamill, Jeffrey S Whitaker   Use of reforecasts for calibrating subseasonal prediction   W88A
Christopher Holloway, Steve Woolnough, Grenville Lister   Cloud-system-resolving large-domain simulations of tropical convection and the MJO   W95A
Huang-Hsiung Hsu   Multiscale Interaction in the Western North Pacific: Do Tropical Cyclones Contribute to Climate Variability?   W173A
Masaru Inatsu   A Scale Interaction Study on East Asian Cyclogenesis Using a General Circulation Model Coupled with an Interactively Nested Regional Model   W166B
Xianan Jiang, Ming Zhao, Duane Waliser   Modulation of TC Activity by the Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillation over the Eastern Pacific in a High Resolution GCM   W167A
Charles Jones, Leila M Carvalho   Variability and predictability of extreme precipitation in the United States   W89A
Daehyun Kim, Adam H Sobel, In-Sik Kang   A Mechanism Denial Study on the Madden-Julian Oscillation   W91A
Kyu-Myong Kim, William K-M Lau, Wei-Kuo Tao, Jainn J Shi, Toshihisa Matsui, Mian Chin, Qian Tan, Huisheng Bian   High-resolution modeling of the predictability of convective systems, and influences by absorbing aerosols over northern India and the Himalayas foothills during boreal summer   W171A
Nicholas Klingaman, Steven Woolnough   Using a case-study approach to improve the Madden-Julian oscillation in the Hadley Centre model   W91B
Hai Lin, Gilbert Brunet   Contribution of the MJO to sub-seasonal prediction in Northern Hemisphere extratropics during winter   W92B
Andreas Prein, Heimo Truhetz, Andreas Gobiet   Added Value and Errors Ranges: Results from the Convection-Resolving Climate Simulations Intercomparison Project LocMIP   W168A
William Putman, Max Suarez   High resolution global climate modeling with GEOS-5: intense precipitation, convection and tropical cyclones on seasonal time-scales   W174A
Franklin Robertson, Holly S Ramey, Jason B Roberts   Intraseasonal Variations in Tropical Energy Balance: Relevance to Climate Sensitivity?   W172A
Rémy Roca   The Megha-Tropiques Mission: overview of the french science plan   W166A
William Rossow   Implications of the Role of Storms in the Global Energy and Water Cycle   W88B
Ju-Mee Ryoo, Duane E Waliser, Eric J Fetzer, Tapio Schneider, Darryn W Waugh, Yohai Kaspi, George N Kiladis, Jinwon Kim, Bjorn Lambrigtsen   Impact of Potential Vorticity intrusion on the precipitation over the west coast of North America during the YOTC winter of 2008-2010   W94A
Masaki Satoh, Tomoe Nasuno, Hiroyuki Yamada, Tempei Hashino   Global 3.5km-mesh NICAM experiment: cloud evaluation using J-simulator and TCgenesis analysis of Fengshen (2008) comparing PALAU field experiment   W169A
Kyong-Hwan Seo, Jin-Ho Choi   Simulation of Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves   W167B
Thorwald Stein, Robin J Hogan, Julien DelanoÎ, Douglas J Parker, Grenville Lister   Evaluation of the West African monsoon vertical cloud structure in high-resolution models using CloudSat and CALIPSO   W90A
Chris Thorncroft, Jeff Cerrato, Matthew Janiga, Mike Ventrice   Variability of African Easterly Waves   W170B
Augustin Vintzileos, Jon Gottschalck   Real time monitoring and forecast support for DYNAMO at CPC: A paradigm for effective Operations to Research Interaction   W168B
Frederic Vitart   Impact of the Extratropics on the MJO forecast skill scores   W92A
Duane Waliser, Mitch Moncrieff   Year of tropical convection (YOTC): Motivation, Synoptic Review, Status and Plans   W93A
Bryan Weare   Madden-Julian Oscillation in a Climate Model with a Well-resolved Stratosphere   W94B
Matthew Wheeler, Duane E Waliser   The YOTC MJO Task Force: Summary of activities and accomplishments   W93B
Steven Woolnough, Christopher Holloway, Guiying Yang, Grenville Lister   Self Aggregatation of Convection in Large-domain simulations of convection   W170A
Shuting Yang   How important is the model resolution for reducing biases in mean and variability in climate model?   W169B