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Session C23: Reprocessed Datasets and Climate Data Records
(conveners: J. Bates, B. Randel, S. Tegtmeier, R. Weaver)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Tuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Jacob Akinyemi   Rainfall analyses for irrigation planning and design in Southwestern Nigeria   T212A
Linden Ashcroft, David J Karoly, Joelle Gergis   A temperature record for southeastern Australia, 1840 to 1910   T180A
Patria Viva Banzon, Peng Ge, Hilawe Semunegus, Lei Shi, Xuepeng Zhao, John J. Bates   An Introduction to the FY2011 Climate Data Records   T181B
Srinivas Bettadpur, Minkang Cheng, John Ries, Byron Tapley   Extended Mass Flux Data Records From GRACE and Other Satellites   T193A
Leonid Bobylev, Elizaveta V Zabolotskikh, Olga G Aniskina   Arctic atmospheric water vapour and cloud liquid water climatologies generated from satellite passive microwave data using advanced algorithms   T182A
Greg Bodeker, Birgit Hassler, Paul Young, Robert W Portmann   A vertically resolved, global, gap-free ozone database for assessing or constraining global climate model simulations   T180B
Janice Bytheway, Thomas H Vonder Haar, John M Forsythe   Construction and Validation of the new NASA Water Vapor Project-MEaSUREs (NVAP-M) Global Water Vapor Dataset   T183A
Janice Bytheway, Thomas H Vonder Haar, John M Forsythe   The New NVAP-M (NASA Water Vapor Project ? MEaSUREs) Global Water Vapor Dataset   T225B
Kenneth Casey, Robert H Evans   Pathfinder, GHRSST, and the SST Essential Climate Variable Framework   T210A
Carol Clayson   NEWS Climatology Project: SeaFlux evaporation variability   T197B
Ilse Decoster, Nicolas Clerbaux, Edward Baudrez, Steven Dewitte, Alessandro Ipe, Stijn Nevens, Almudena Velazquez   Ageing Models for Meteosat First Generation visible band and the normalization to Meteosat-7   T181A
Jeong Yik Diong, Subramaniam Moten, Munirah Ariffin, Siva Shangari Govindan   Trends in Intensity and Frequency of Precipitation Extremes in Malaysia from 1951 to 2009   T227A
Wouter Dorigo, Peter van Oevelen, Wolfgang Wagner, Thomas Jackson, Richard de Jeu, Alan Robock   Towards a soil moisture climate data record in support of GCOS: where are we?   T226B
Eric Fetzer, Qing Yue, Alexandre Guillaume, Brian Kahn, Calvin Liang, Brian D Wilson, Bjorn Lambrigtsen, Evan Fishbein   A climate record of merged water vapor, temperature and cloud observations from the A-Train   T177B
Eric Fetzer, Thomas S Pagano, Hartmut Aumann, Joao Teixeira, Bjorn Lambrigtsen   The climate record from the NASA Atmospheric Infrared Sounder   T215A
David Gallaher, Garrett Campbell   Reprocessed datasets and climate: Creation of 1960?s Sea-Ice Extent CDRs /ESDRs from Historic Satellite Data   T213B
Guojun Gu, Robert F Adler   NEWS Climatology Project: Comparing the effects of ENSO and volcanic eruptions on the global hydrological cycle during 1979-2008   T197A
Guojun Gu, Robert F Adler   NEWS Climatology Project: Spatial patterns of interdecadal/long-term changes in global precipitation and oceanic columnar water vapor during 1979-2008   T198A
Sergey Gulev, Mojib Latif, Noel Keenlyside   Reconstruction of observationally-based 130-year (1880-2010) time series of surface turbulent fluxes in the North Atlantic: prospects for studying North Atlantic climate variability on decadal to centennial time scales   T213A
Dorothy Hall, Jason E Box, Lora S Koenig, Nicolo E DiGirolamo, Josefino C Comiso, Christopher A Shuman   Validation of a Climate-Data Record of the clear-sky surface temperature of the Greenland Ice Sheet   T229B
Kyle Hilburn, Chung-Lin Shie, Frank Wentz   The Impact of SSM/I Incidence Angle Variations on Climate Trends in the GSSTF Dataset   T225A
Ho Shu-peng   Independent Assessment of Microwave Temperature in the Lower Stratosphere from 2001 to 2010 using GPS RO Calibrated Microwave Temperature Climate Data Records   T194A
Rainer Hollmann, Bojan Bojkov, Martin Stengel   The ESA Cloud-CCI project   T224B
Kartvelishvili Liana, Lia Megrelidze, Nino Shavishvili   Peculiarities of the Distribution of Special Complex-Climatic Parameter in Georgia   T210B
John Kimball, Youngwook Kim, Kyle C McDonald, Joseph Glassy   Documenting recent northern hemisphere trends in annual freeze-thaw cycles over land using satellite passive microwave remote sensing   T192A
Kenneth Knapp, Lei Shi, Xuepeng Zhao, John J. Bates   An Introduction to the FY 2010 Fundamental Climate Data Records at National Climatic Data Center   T212B
James Kossin, Carl Schreck, III, Kenneth Knapp, Lei Shi   Continuing Development of Climate Information Records at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center   T183B
Claudia Lardizabal, Fernando Casanoves, Sergio Velasquez   Drought Identification and Prediction Methodologies in the Guacerique Watershed, Honduras   T192B
Tristan L'Ecuyer   NEWS Climatology Project: The State of the Energy Budget at Continental to Global Scales   T198B
Maarit Lockhoff, Frank Kaspar, Martin Stengel, Joerg Trentmann, Karl-Göran Karlsson, Abhay Devasthale, Jan Fokke Meirink, Aku Rihello   Climate monitoring from space: CM SAF's new time series of cloud properties and surface radiation derived from AVHRR observations   T182B
Craig Long, Jeannette Wild, Stacey Frith, Richard McPeters, Richard Stolarski   Constructing an ozone long term climate data set (1970-2010) from v8.6 SBUV/2 profiles   T231A
Richard McPeters, Richard Stolarski, Stacey Frith, Pawan K Bhartia   A 40 year global ozone data set   T177A
Carl Mears, Frank J Wentz   Development of comprehensive uncertainty estimates for satellite-derived climate data records   T184B
Walter Meier, Florence Fetterer, Ruth Duerr, Donna Scott, Matthew Savoie, Sean Mallory   A new sea ice climate data record for climate studies   T179A
Stijn Nevens, Nicolas Clerbaux, Almudena Velazquez, Edward Baudrez, Ilse Decoster, Steven Dewitte, Alessandro Ipe   The CM SAF Aerosol Dataset   T215B
Liliana Nunez   Mov365d and annual count of days climate change indices   T196A
Rachel Pinker, Xiaolei Niu, Yingtao Ma   Radiative fluxes at high latitudes: Implications for climate research   T211B
Jeffrey Privette, John J Bates, Edward Kearns   Processes for generating and sustaining scientifically defensible climate data records from satellites   T211A
Nick Rayner, John J Kennedy, Colin Morice, Alexander Ilin   Using ensembles to better understand historical climate variability and change   T229A
Yuyu Ren, Guoyu Ren   A remote-sensing method of selecting reference stations for evaluating urbanization effect on surface air temperature trends   T179B
Lucrezia Ricciardulli, Frank J Wentz   Towards a Climate Data Record of Ocean Vector Winds: The Newly Reprocessed QuikSCAT   T226A
Charles Robert, Christine Bingen, Filip Vanhellemont, Nina Mateshvili, Didier Fussen   Reprocessing of the GOMOS aerosol dataset : data retrieval and aerosol climatology   T214A
David Robinson, Gina Henderson, Mark R Anderson, Dorothy K Hall, Thomas L Mote, Chuck Fowler, James A Maslanik, Sheldon D Drobot   Development of snow cover climate data records over land and ice   T191B
Matthew Rodell, Tristan L'Ecuyer, Hiroko K Beaudoing, William S Olson   NEWS Climatology Project: The State of the Water Cycle at Continental to Global Scales   T208A
Mathew Sapiano, Wesley Berg, Christian Kummerow, Jennifer Horsman, Fuzhong Weng   A fundamental climate data record of intercalibrated brightness temperature data from SSM/I and SSMIS   T178A
David Schneider, Clara Deser, Dennis Shea   Introducing the Informed Guide to Climate Datasets, a new web-based community resource to facilitate the discussion and selection of appropriate datasets for Earth System Model Evaluation   T195A
William Schreiner, Ying-Hwa Kuo, Shu-Peng Ho, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Doug Hunt   Use of GNSS Radio Occultation Data for Climate Monitoring and Trend Detection   T228A
Marc Schroeder, Karsten Fennig, Axel Andersson   HOAPS v3.2 Thematic Climate Data Records released from CM SAF   T193B
Joerg Schulz, Alessio Lattanzio, Bertrand Theodore, Yves Govaerts   A long-term surface albedo dataset from Meteosat data   T178B
Joerg Schulz, Tim J Hewison, Bertrand Theodore   Inter-calibration of eteosat First Generation IR Measurements Using HIRS Data   T194B
Dmitry Sidorenko, Thomas Jung, Falk Richter, Sergey Danilov, Jens Schröter   Using Argo and dynamic topography to assess the quasi stationary circulation in the North Atlantic   T228B
Deborah Smith   The DISCOVER passive microwave data available for climate study   T224A
Steve Stegall   Wind field climatology and extremes in the Chukchi/Beaufort seas and Alaska North slope   T230B
Simone Tilmes, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Louisa K Emmons, Andrew Conley   Ozonesonde climatology for model evaluation of the troposphere and lower stratosphere   T209B
Jorge Vazquez-Aguirre, Phil D Jones   Data selection and regionalization for climate studies in Mexico   T184A
Ronald Weaver, H. K Ramapriyan, J L Privette   Long-term records characterizing Earth System Changes: ESDRs and CDRs   T195B
Frank Wentz, Carl Mears   The challenges of producing climate data records from satellite microwave radiometers   T214B
Xuchao Yang, Yiling Hou, Baode Chen   Observed surface warming induced by urbanization in East China   T209A
Xubin Zeng, Aihui Wang, Mark Decker   Development of global 0.5 degree hourly land surface air temperature data from 1948-2009 based on CRU in situ data as well as MERRA, ERA-40, ERA-Interim, and NCEP reanalysis data   T191A
Olga Zolina, Pavel Shabanov, Clemens Simmer   New high resolution gridded regional daily precipitation data set: first results from the STAMMEX project   T196B
Cheng-Zhi Zou   Upper-Air temperature climate data record from satellite soundings   T227B