Workshop for Early Career Scientists

Workshop on
Regional Climate Issues
in Developing Countries
19-22 October 2011, Boulder CO USA


The Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) invites early career scientists (post-graduates and researchers who received their Ph.D. in 2005 or later) to attend a 3-day workshop in connection with the WCRP Open Science Conference in October 2011. The theme of the workshop is to examine the diversity of regional climate issues with a focus on developing countries, with topics including but not limited to: droughts, floods, heat waves, severe storms, sea level rise, water supplies, agricultural yields, the survival of native species, pollution and human health... see agenda.

We will select up to 40 participants who will explore how observations, modeling, analysis and process research can be used to address regional climate issues, to understand which developing regions are most at risk, and determine how regional climate projections can be improved. The primary goal of this workshop is to exchange ideas and establish collaborations for future work between early career scientists from across the world and those from developing countries.

The workshop will take part in October 19-22, 2011, prior to the Denver WCRP OSC, at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado (near Denver). The workshop will include scientific discussions, poster sessions, social activities and tours of NCAR and a nearby scientific facility. Early career scientists with backgrounds in regional climate, air and water quality and climate impacts (including societal impacts) are invited to submit an application by April 15, 2011. Your research should be on issues in developing countries or related issues that are transferable to developing countries.

The NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly, sponsored by the Advanced Study Program will be able to provide funding for lodging, per-diem and local transportation (no airline flights) for participants who require support, with a priority given to participants from developing countries. Applicants are asked to submit their CV, an abstract describing their research, and state a preference as to whether they would like to present a scientific talk or a poster. In addition to financial support from the WCRP you can apply for travel support from NCAR for this workshop.

This meeting is sponsored by the Advanced Study Program and organized by the Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) Steering Committee, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Contact: