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Session C41: Attribution of Changing Climate Conditions to Inform Adaptation and Mitigation
(conveners: D. Stone, M. Hoerling, J. Perlwitz, N. Christidis)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thursday 27 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Armineh Barkhordarian   Consistency of observed mean sea level pressure trends with climate change projections over the Mediterranean area   Th124B
Marie-Estelle Demory, Pier Luigi Vidale, Reinhard Schiemann   The role of resolution in characterising the water cycle under current climate and idealised climate change conditions   Th139A
Chris Funk, James Verdin   Understanding and Adapting to More Frequent Droughts in Eastern Africa   Th140A
Laura Harrison, Joel Michaelsen, Chris Funk, Elena Tarnavsky, Michael Marshall, Molly Brown  
Projected Temperature Impacts to Evaporative Demand in the African Sahel and India
Zeng-Zhen Hu, Arun Kumar, Bhaskar Jha, Bohua Huang   An Analysis of Forced and Internal Variability under Increasing CO2 in CCSM3   Th122B
Flavio Justino   Greenhouse gases induced wildfire risk in Brazil and Africa   Th126A
Doug Kluck   Devils Lake, ND Adaptation Response & Climate Attribution: The Devils in the details   Th125A
Thomas Knutson, Fanrong Zeng   Multi-Model Assessment of Regional Surface Temperature Trends (1900-2010)   Th126B
Henry Loescher   NEON: Climate and Climate-related ecological impacts   Th136A
Sharon Manalac   Effect of Climate Change to Rice Production: Central Luzon, Philippines   Th125B
Altanbagana Myagmarsuren, Chuluun Tohtokh   Adaptation Knowledge and Vulnerability of Mongolian Social-Ecological Systems to Climate Changes   Th122A
Daisy Ortega   2009-2010 El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Events in the Philippines: Impacts, forecasts, and risk management   Th121A
Pardeep Pall, Tolu Aina, Daithi A Stone, Peter A Stott, Toru Nozawa, Arno G Hilberts, Dag Lohmann, Myles R Allen   Anthropogenic greenhouse gas contribution to flood risk in England and Wales in autumn 2000   Th123A
Judith Perlwitz, Randall M Dole, Martin Hoerling, Jon Eischeid, Thomas J Galarneau Jr., Philip Pegion, Tao Zhang, Xiaowei Quan, Taiyi Xu, Don Murray   Was there a basis for anticipating the 2010 Russian heat wave?   Th140B
Michael Puma   Regional climate impacts of irrigation and urbanization and their relevance for climate-resilient development   Th137A
Mohammad Rahimi, Manuchehr Farajzadeh   Risk Modelling of Late Spring Frost Damage on Fruit Trees in Iran, Case study; Apple tree, Mashhad Plain   Th138A
Daithi Stone, Mark Tadross, Chris Lennard   The weather risk attribution forecast for October 2011   Th139B
Daithi Stone, Nikos Christidis, Jara Imbers, Judith Perlwitz, Cameron Rye, Mark Tadross, Michael Wehner, Peter Stott   A pilot international weather event attribution experiment   Th121B
Piotr Wolski, Daithi Stone, Mark Tadross, Bruce Hewitson   Attribution and predictability of high floods in the Okavango Delta, Botswana   Th123B
Jiahua Zhang, Fengmei Yao   The dyanmic of urban thermodynamic climate over Beijing region with multi-temporal scales   Th138B
Haiyan Zhao, Ge Gao   Risk assessment of drought using crop model   Th137B