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Session C27: Regional Climate Downscaling and the CORDEX Program
(conveners: F. Giorgi, C. Jones)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Wednesday 26 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Cécile Agosta   21st century Antarctic surface mass balance downscaling from global circulation models   W97A
Raymond Arritt   Influence of convective parameterization and resolution in CORDEX Central America simulations   W163B
Nauman Khurshid Awan, Andreas Gobiet   Evaluation of WRF performance in West Asian region   W108B
Sandro Calmanti, Alessandro Dell'Aquila, Joanna Syroka, Grigory Nikulin, Colin Jones   Africa-CORDEX and drought risk assessment on food security   W98B
John Cassano, Matthew Higgins   CORDEX Arctic simulations with WRF   W103A
Christopher Castro   Creating dynamically downscaled seasonal climate forecast and climate change projection information for the North American Monsoon region suitable for decision making purposes   W104A
Alexandre Costa, Francisco das Chagas Vasconcelos Jr., Domingo C Sales, Adilson W Gandu, Emerson M da Silva, Luiz M Araujo Jr   CORDEX ERA-Interim Simulations over the Tropical Americas: Sensitivities to Convective Schemes and Nudging   W103B

Alexandre Costa, Domingo C Sales, Francisco das Chagas Vasconcelos Jr., Emerson M da Silva

  Downscaling of HadGEM2 CMIP5 runs over CORDEX "Central America" domain using RAMS   W105B
Hélène Côté, Ramon de Elia   Sense and Sensitivity: improving regional climate simulation analysis with uncertainty-based diagnostics   W158A
Koji Dairaku   Assessment of dynamical downscaling in Japan   W99B
Rosmeri da Rocha, Santiago V Cuadra, Michelle S Reboita   Evaluation of RegCM4 simulation nested in the ERA-Interim reanalysis: climatology and interannual variability over CORDEX-South America domain   W107B
Fernando De Sales , Yongkang Xue   Dynamic downscaling of CFS winter seasonal simulations over the United States using the ETA/SSIB-3 model   W106A
Mohammad Ebtehaj, EfI Foufoula-Georgiou   Preserving Extremes in GCM Downscaling, Multi-sensor Observation Merging, and Data Assimilation   W161B
Xingang Fan, Gary Russell, Liang Chen, Zhaofei Fan   A High-Resolution Downscaled Regional Climate from NASA GISS AO Model for the Southeastern United States   W97B
Matthew Fulakeza, Leonard Druyan,   Regional climate downscaling over Africa: comparisons between two reanalyses   W159A
Emiola Gbobaniyi, Babatunde J Abiodun   CORDEX AFRICA GROUP: Evaluation of the CORDEX RCMs over West Africa, preliminary results   W102A
Filippo Giorgi   Development of the regional climate model version RegCM4 and tests over multiple CORDEX domains   W105A
Andreas Gobiet, Daniela Jacob   The EURO-CORDEX Initiative: Status and Future Plans   W154B
Purevjav Gomboluudev   High Resolution Projection of Climate Change and Climate Extremes (Drought/Zud) in Mongolia under the Increasing Green House Gas   W164A
William Gutowski, Justin Glisan   Extreme Daily 2-m Temperature and Precipitation in the CORDEX Arctic Domain using Pan-Arctic WRF   W165A
Tomas Halenka   Convective Parameterization Tests in Simulations by RegCM - Comparison to CLWRF   W101B
Ha Ho, Burkhardt Rockel, Hartmut Kapitza, Beate Geyer, Elke Meyer, Sophie Valcke   An Ocean-Atmosphere Coupled Regional Model for climate simulation over Baltic Sea and North Sea Regions   W99A
Anning Huang   Effects of the Physical Process Ensemble Technique on Simulation of the Summer Precipitation over China   W106B
Jiming Jin, Shih-Yu Wang, Robert R Gillies   Improved Dynamical Downscaling of Climate Projections for the Western United States   W163A
Colin Jones, Andrew Morse, Sandro Calmanti, Filippo Giorgi, Bruce Hewitson, Richard Jones, Grigory Nikulin   Linking Regional Climate Simulations with Impact Modeling over Africa: Examples from Human Health and Food Security   W162A
Michael Kent   Implications of Climate Change for Water Resources and Agriculture in Southern Africa   W164B
Jinwon Kim, Duane E Waliser, Peter Lean, Chris Mattmann, Cameron Goodale, Andrew Hart, Paul Zimdars, Bruce Hewitson, C. Lennard, A. Favre, Colin Jones, G. Nikulin   Evaluation of the multiple-model CORDEX-Africa hindcast experiment using the RCMES   W108A
Xin-Zhong Liang, Julian Wang   Development of CWRF for Regional Weather and Climate Predictions: An application for North American CORDEX   W104B
Linda Mearns  
From NARCCAP to North American CORDEX (NAC): Combining RCM Ensembles
Priscilla Mooney, Frank J Mulligan, Rowan Fealy   Assessment of WRF parameterizations for regional climate simulations over the CORDEX European domain   W100A
Philip Mote, Ahmed Salahuddin, Myles Allen, Richard Jones   Superensemble of regional climate model scenarios   W157B
Lucy Mtilatila, Chris Lennard, Mxolisi Shongwe, Francois Engelbrechtd   Classification of Major Circulation Features Influencing Southern African Climate and their likely response to Global Warming   W100B
Grigory Nikulin, Colin Jones, the CORDEX-Africa Team   Simulated precipitation in an ensemble of 10 RCMs over Africa   W158B
Goran Pejanovic, Vladimir Djurdjevic, Mirjam Vujadinovic, Ana
Vukovic, Marija Djordjevic and Milan Dacic

Regional seasonal forecasting with dynamical dowscnaling approach

Alex Ruane, Jonathan M Winter, Cynthia Rosenzweig   RCM ensemble climate scenario generation and results from the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP)   W160A
Cameron J Rye, The weatherathome team: Suzanne Rosier, Neil Massey, Myles Allen, Tolu Aina, Niel Bowerman, Bruce Hewitson, Jara Imbers, Richard Jones, Philip Mote, Cameron Rye, Daithi Stone, Milo Thurston, Simon Wilson, Hiro Yamazaki - Large Ensemble Regional Climate Modelling using Volunteer Computing   W155B
Enrique Sanchez, Silvina Solman, Hugo Berbery, Patrick Samuelsson, Armelle Reca-Remedio, Sin-Chan Chou, Rosmeri Porfirio da Rocha, Laurent Li, Roberto Garcia-Ochoa, Jose Marengo, Natalia Pessacg, Claudio Menendez   Present climate (1989-2008) evaluation of an ensemble of RCMs driven by ERAinterim reanalysis over the South American CORDEX domain   W161A
Abdoulaye Sarr, Abou Ali, Arame Tall, Jacques André NDione, Abdoulaye Démé, Ousmane NDiaye, Bamba Sylla   CORDEX AFRICA Sahel Working Group - Overview of Climate Change Information Needs for Food Security in the Sahel   W102B
Zewdu Segele, Peter J Lamb, Lance M Leslie   Ensemble-based Empirical Predictions of Ethiopian Monthly-to-Seasonal Monsoon Rainfall   W107A
Samuel Somot, Paolo Ruti, the MedCORDEX team -   The Med-CORDEX initiative: towards fully coupled Regional Climate System Models to study the Mediterranean climate variability, change and impact   W155A
Gert-Jan Steeneveld, A.F. Moene, O.K. Hartogensis, L.F. Tolk, W. Peters, A.A.M. Holtslag   Confronting the WRF and RAMS mesoscale models with innovative boundary-layer observations in the Netherlands   W101A
Kossivi Tete, René Laprise   The Canadian regional climate model, version 5 (CRCM5): Sensitivity to the domain location in the West Africa (Cordex domain: WA-S and WA-N)   W154A
Chihhua Tsou, JianNan Lin   Simulation of Monsoon Circulation and Tropical Storms Activities in the WRF 30-km Regional Climate Model   W157A
Yasutaka Wakazuki, Masayuki Hara, Miki Fujita, Xieyao Ma, Fujio Kimura   Regional climate change projection project with the development of incremental dynamical downscaling method   W160B
Duane Waliser, Peter Lean, Jinwon Kim, Cameron Goodale, Andrew Hart, Chris Mattman, Paul Zimdars   A Regional Climate Model Evaluation System based on Satellite and other Observations for Application to CMIP-IPCC/AR Downscaling   W98A
Guiling Wang, Rui Mei   Preliminary results from RegCM4-CLM4 over the CORDEX-Africa domain   W162B