Joint Scientific Committee Thirty-Five Session

30 June-4 July 2014
Heidelberg, GERMANY



1.1 WCRP Director's Report (D. Carlson)
1.2 Opening Remarks (A. Busalacchi)
2.2 IOC and WCRP (A. Fischer)
2.3 The Global Framework for Climate Services (F. Lucio)
3.1 Grand Challenge: Sea-Level Rise and Regional Impacts (D. Stammer)
3.2 Grand Challenge: Changes in Water Availability (G. Stephens)
3.3 Grand Challenge: Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (G. Flato), PCPI (T. Shepherd)
3.4 Grand Challenge: Regional Climate Information (C. Goodess)
3.5 Grand Challenge: Climate Extremes (S. Seneviratne)
3.6 Grand Challenge: Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity (S. Bony)
4.1 CliC (G. Flato)
4.2 GEWEX (S. Seneviratne and G. Stephens)
4.3 SPARC (J. Alexander)
4.4 CLIVAR (D. Stammer)
5.1 WDAC-3 Report (O. Brown)
5.2 WCRP Working Group on Regional Climate and CORDEX (C. Goodess, F. Giorgi)
5.3 WGCM and CMIP6 (C. Senior)
5.4 WGSIP (F. Doblas-Reyes)
5.5 WGNE (J.-N. Thepaut)
5.6 WWRP + PPP + S2S + OSC (S. Jones)
5.7 WMAC-3 (C. Jakob)
6.1 GCOS (S. Briggs)
6.2 PROVIA (H. Kremer)
6.3 ICSU (S. Wilson)
6.4 Future Earth (F. Berkhout)
6.5 IGBP (S. Seitzinger)
6.6 WCRP-IPCC Workshop (G. Brasseur)
6.7.1 Africa Climate Conference-2013 (F. Semazzi)
6.7.2 LACC-2014 (C. Goodess)
6.8 Climate Symposium 2014 (R. Boscolo)
6.9 Capacity Development and ECS Network (R. Boscolo)
6.10 WMO and Geoengineering (D. Carlson)
7.1 Developing the Scientific Basis for Climate Services (L. Dumenil Gates)
7.2 Climate Change with an Iris-effect (T. Mauritsen, B. Stevens)