WCRP Modeling Advisory Council Second Session

27 May 2013
Brasilia, BRAZIL


WCRP Update, M. Rixen
WDAC2 Report to WMAC2, A. Brown
WGCM Update, G. Meehl
WGSIP Update, A. Scaife
WGNE Update, A. Brown
CLIVAR Update, S. Marsland
Polar Climate Predictability Initiative, C. Bitz
GEWEX Modelling Activities, A. Boone
SPARC Update, J. Alexander
CORDEX Update, M. Deque
Progress in Earth System Modeling in Brazil, A.F. Silva Dias
CMIP Standards and Practices, M. Rixen
WMAC-2 Summary for JSC, WMAC Co-Chairs
WDAC-2 Summary for JSC