Position Papers

These community position papers are intended to address current and future research and intellectual challenges that must be tackled by WCRP, and in so doing engage the next generation of scientists who will lead the WCRP over the years and decades ahead.

These position papers will be a part of the permanent record of the meeting, published after the OSC as peer-reviewed articles in a book. We thus strongly encourage conference participants to read these papers and come to the OSC prepared to discuss them at open sessions and/or directly with the authors.

More than 20 position papers have been commissioned. They will be posted as they are received.

Assessing the Reliability of Climate Models, CMIP5

Authors: Bart van den Hurk, Pascale Braconnot, Veronika Eyrin and Peter Gleckler


Attribution of Weather and Climate-Related Extreme Events

Authors: Peter A. Stott, Myles Allen, Nikolaos Christidis, Randall Dole,  Martin Hoerling, Chris Huntingford, Pardeep Pall, Judith Perlwitz, Daithi Stone


Challenges of a Sustained Climate Observing System

Authors: Kevin E. Trenberth, Alan Belward, Otis Brown, Edward Haberman, Thomas R. Karl, Steve Running, Barbara Ryan, Michael Tanner, and Bruce Wielicki


Building Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in less Developed Countries

Authors: Maria Carmen Lemos, Arun Agrawa,l Owen Johns, Hallie Eakin, Don Nelson and Nate Engle


Understanding and Predicting Climate Variability and Change at Regional Scales

Authors: C. Vera, B. N. Goswami, W. Gutowski, H. Hendon, B. Hewitson, C. Jones, P. Lionello, J. A. Marengo, R. Mechoso, C. Reason, C. D. Thorncroft


Atmospheric Composition Irreversible Climate Change and Mitigation Policy

Authors: S. Solomon, R. Pierrehumbert, D. Matthews, and J. S. Daniel


Carbon Dioxide and Climate: Perspectives on a Scientific Assessment

Authors: Sandrine Bony, Bjorn Stevens, Isaac Held, John Mitchell, JeanLouis Dufresne, Kerry Emanuel, Pierre Friedlingstein, Stephen Griffies and Catherine Senior


Prediction from Weeks to Decades

Authors: Ben Kirtman, David Anderson, Gilbert Brunet, In-Sik Kang, Adam Scaife and Doug Smith


Climate Processes: Clouds, Aerosols and Dynamics

Authors: S. Sherwood, M. J. Alexander, A. Brown, N. McFarlane, E. Gerber and G. Feingold


Climate and Public Health - The MERIT initiative: a climate and health partnership to inform public health decision makers

Authors: M. C. Thomson, E. Firth, M. Jancloes, A. Mihretie, M. Onoda, S. Nickovic,, E. Bertherat and S. Hugonnet


Improving Understanding of the Global Hydrological Cycle

Authors: P.H. Gleick, H. Cooley, J. Famiglietti, D. Lettenmaier, T. Oki, C. Vorosmarty, E. Wood


On the Reprocessing and Reanalysis of Observations for Climate

Authors: M. Bosilovich, J. Kennedy, D. Dee, and A. O'Neill


Changes in Variability Associated with Climate Change

Authors: K. Rosenlof, L. Terray, C. Deser, D. Karoly, A. Clement and H. Goosse


Advances in Understanding the Radiative Forcing of Climate and the Interactions between Chemistry and Climate

Authors: T. Shepherd, V. Ramaswamy, T. Nakajima and D. Hauglustaine


Challenges in Estimating and Understanding Recent Changes in the Frequency and Intensity of Extreme Climate and Weather Events

Authors: F.W. Zwiers, L.V. Alexander, G.C. Hegerl, T.R. Knutson, P. Naveau, N. Nicholls, C. Schar, S.I. Seneviratne, and X. Zhang


Land Cover and Land Use Changes and their Impacts on Hydroclimate, Ecosystem and Society

Authors: T. Oki, E.M. Blyth and E.H. Berbery


Aerosol cloud-mediated radiative forcing: highly uncertain and opposite effects from shallow and deep clouds

Authors: Daniel Rosenfeld, Robert Wood, Leo Donner, Steven Sherwood