The CMIP Panel is a WGCM subcommittee charged with overseeing the evolving design of the CMIP experiments and with coordinating the various activities contributing to the science of CMIP.  It works with the scientific leaders of specialized model intercomparisons that contribute to CMIP, and it has traditionally been responsible for identifying experts to develop the forcing datasets needed for some of the experiments.   

The CMIP Panel works closely with the WGCM Infrastructure Panel (WIP), which coordinates infrastructure support for CMIP accross a broad contributor community during the project delivery phase, and is responsible for many of the technical specifications for model output.

CMIP panel members (as of November 2022)

Helene Hewitt (Chair) Met Office, UK; 2022-
Julie Arblaster Monash University, Australia; 2020-
Paul Durack PCMDI/LLNL, USA; 2020-
Gregory Flato CCCma, Canada; 2017-
Robert Pincus LDEO/ Columbia University, USA; 2020-
Cath Senior Met Office, UK; 2014-
Karl Taylor PCMDI/LLNL, USA; 2008-

Former members

George Boer CCCma, Canada; 1995-2001
Sandrine Bony IPSL, France; 2010-2016
Curt Covey PCMDI/LLNL, USA; 1995-2012
Veronika Eyring DLR, Germany; 2013-2022; Chair 2014-2020
Jean-Fran├žois Lamarque NCAR,USA; 2018-2022; Chair 2020-2022
Mojib Latif MPI-M, Germany; 1995-2012
Bryant McAvaney BoM, Australia; 2001-2008
Gerald Meehl NCAR, USA; 1995-2020; Chair 1995-2006
John Mitchell Met Office, UK; 2002-2012
Bjorn Stevens MPI-M, Germany; CMIP6; 2013-2018
Ronald Stouffer GFDL, USA; 1995-2020; Chair 2007-2013