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7 — 13 December 2019

The WCRP Climate Science Week took place as part of the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. This included a number of events where the WCRP Community came together to discuss the future of the Programme, including four town halls, a Union Session, and an Agency Lunch. More details are provided on the WCRP Climate Science Week webpages.

September — December 2019

Task teams on regional climate activities/information, data, and modeling were set up and put together reports for the JSC. These reports were sent to the WCRP JSC in advance of the WCRP Climate Science Week in San Francisco.

An updated version of the WCRP implementation slide presentation was produced: WCRP Implementation Plan: from Strategy to Action (October 2019) (PDF)

16 — 17 September 2019 - Community conference calls to discuss progress and next steps

Two conference calls were held where 48 leaders of the WCRP Community were briefed on progress since JSC-40 and next steps in the Implementation Plan process. A number of task teams will be set up to provide recommendations to the JSC on how to organize regional, modeling and data activities across the Programme. The terms of reference and membership of these task teams were discussed and refined. The recommendations of the task teams will feed into two community workshops that will be held early next year.

June 2019 - WCRP Strategic and Implementation Plans presentation slides produced

A set of MS Powerpoint presentation slides was produced for WCRP community members to use when discussing the WCRP Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan (latest version on the website).

WCRP Implementation Plan: from Strategy to Action (June 2019) (PDF)

6 — 10 May 2019 - 40th Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC-40)

Geneva, Switzerland

The implementation of the WCRP Strategic Plan was one of the main discussion points during the 40th Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. At the end of the Session, the community had agreed on the timeline and milestones for the development of the WCRP Implementation Plan and produced a conceptual framework. Report pending.

4 — 5 May 2019 - WCRP Implementation and Transition Meeting

Geneva, Switzerland

The  WCRP Implementation and Transition Meeting brought together the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee Chair, Co-chair, members of the WCRP community and the Joint Planning Staff to initiate discussions on the implementation of the WCRP Strategic Plan. The outcomes of the meeting fed into further discussion at the subsequent 40th Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Please see the WCRP Implementation and Transition Meeting webpages for details of the meeting, the list of participants and the final report (under Documents).