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Brasseur, GuyChair, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA, and Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Germany.JSC, climate services, atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric dynamics, atmosphere, meteorology, climatology, climate change and variability, stratospheric ozone depletion, air pollution.
Lynch, AmandaVice-chair, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Brown University, USA.JSC, climate modeling, indigenous environmental knowledge, climate policy, climate change and variability, meteorology, atmosphere, climate science, climatology, Anthropocene, governance.
Cazenave, AnnyOfficer, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales (LEGOS), France.JSC, geophysics, geodesy, oceanography, hydrology, space, gravity, satellite altimetry, sea level change, ice sheet mass balance, climate change and variability.
Mata, Mauricio M.Officer, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG), Brazil. JSC, oceanography, climate, remote sensing, climate change and variability.
Visbeck, MartinOfficer, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel, Germany.JSC, oceanography, climate change and variability.
Belcher, Stephen WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Met Office Hadley Centre, UK.JSC, atmosphere, ocean turbulence, boundary layer meteorology, urban meteorology, climate change and variability.
Christensen, Jens HesselbjergWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Danish Meteorological Institute, Denmark.JSC, hydrology, glaciology, climate models, climate prediction, Arctic climate change, climate extremes, climate change and variability.
Cleugh, HelenWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia.JSC, climate change and variability, climate policy, land surface, atmosphere, meteorology, climatology, hydrology, water use, carbon cycle.
Güingla, Rodney MartínezWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Centro Internacional para la Investigación del Fenómeno de El Niño (CIIFEN), Ecuador.JSC, global and regional models and applications, ENSO, El Niño Southern Oscillation, climate user interface development, oceanography, regional climate, climate risk management, information and data management, climate applications, adaptation.
Kang, In-SikWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Seoul National University, Republic of Korea. JSC, seasonal prediction and monsoons, climate modelling, natural variability of climate system, climate change and variability, El Niño Southern Oscillation, ENSO, Madden–Julian oscillation, MJO, climate prediction
Kattsov, VladimirWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory, Russia. JSC, high latitude climate, climate modeling. climate change and variability, polar and global climatic processes.
Kimoto, MasahideWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Grand Challenge on Near-term Climate Prediction, University of Tokyo, Japan. JSC, climate prediction, climate change and variability, numerical simulations, observational data analysis, anomalous weather, atmospheric blocking, weather regimes, monsoon, El Niño Southern Oscillation, ENSO, decadal climate variability, climate modelling.
Liao, HongWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.JSC, atmospheric chemistry, air quality, climate change, global and regional modeling of air pollutants.
Nobre, Carlos WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Brazil.JSC, biogeochemistry, ecosystems, tropical meteorology, climate modeling, global environmental change, biosphere-atmosphere interactions.
Peter, ThomasWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland. JSC, atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, ozone, tropospheric chemistry and dynamics, atmosphere.
Renwick, JamesWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.JSC, climate variability, climate change, weather and climate prediction.
Sorooshian, Soroosh WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. University of California, Irvine, USA. JSC, hydrometeorology, water resource systems, climate studies, remote sensing, hydrologic cycle, arid and semi-arid zones, surface hydrology, urban flooding.
Yanda, PiusWCRP Joint Scientific Committee. University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.JSC, climate adaptation policy.
Lee, BoramWCRP Joint Planning Staff, Senior Scientific Officer.JPS, WCRP Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland.
Rixen, MichelWCRP Joint Planning Staff. Senior Scientific Officer and Officer in Charge of WCRP.JPS, WCRP Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland.
Sparrow, MichaelWCRP Joint Planning Staff, Senior Scientific Officer.JPS, WCRP Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland.
Hall, IsabelWCRP Joint Planning Staff, Administration Assistant.JPS, WCRP Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland.
Michaut, CatherineWCRP Joint Planning Staff, Web Support.JPS, WCRP Support Unit, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, Paris, France.
Potter, JosefaWCRP Joint Planning Staff, Administration Assistant.JPS, WCRP Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland.
Tuma, MatthiasWCRP Joint Planning Staff, Junior Professional Officer (JPO).JPS, WCRP Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland.
van der Wel, NarelleWCRP Joint Planning Staff, Consultant.JPS, Communication, WCRP Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan, WCRP Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland.