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Second International Conference on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction (S2S) and
Second International Conference on Seasonal to Decadal Prediction (S2D)


Guidelines for poster presentations

Each poster will be on display for an entire day, but poster presenters are only required to be at their poster for 1.5 hours starting at 14:45 on the day of their session. Posters should be put up starting at 08:00am and should be removed at the end of the day. Please be considerate of your fellow presenters by removing your poster at the end of your presentation day. Posters that are not removed in the evening will be recycled at 7:00am the following morning.

Each poster is assigned a number indicating its location. A map of the numbered poster panels and lists of poster assignments are provided at the registration desk and on the conference website. Staff will be available at registration and in the poster area to help presenters locate their poster space. Pushpins are provided to attach posters to the poster panels.

 Poster Creation Guidelines

Each presenter is provided with a 48 inches by 48 inches space. Your poster should be no larger than 48 inches horizontal (121.92 centimeters) by 48 inches vertical (121.92 centimeters). The presentation must cover the material as cited in the corresponding submitted abstract.

  • Place the title of your poster and the author’s names prominently at the top of the poster to allow viewers to identify your presentation.
  • Highlight the presenting author’s name, e-mail, and address information in case the viewer is interested in contacting you for more information.
  • Prepare all diagrams or charts neatly and legibly in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 6 feet (approximately 2 meters). Paragraph and figure caption text should be AT LEAST 24-point font and headers AT LEAST 36 point font.
  • Organize the poster so it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory.
  • Include the background of your research followed by results and conclusions. A successful poster presentation depends on how well you convey information to an interested audience.
  • Please DO NOT LAMINATE your poster unless you plan to re-use it. Only non-laminated posters can be recycled.

You are responsible for the printing of your own poster. A FedEx Office is located at 2795 Pearl Street and can print posters. Be aware that the cost can be over $100 USD depending on the type of paper used. If you upload your order to the FedEx website by the deadline date of September 10th, 2018, the poster can be delivered. In order to have your poster delivered to UCAR without issue, you must list the delivery date of September 14th to the UCAR 3090 Center Green Drive, Boulder CO 80301address within your order. If you submit an order after September 10th, you will not be guaranteed that the poster will be printed or delivered by the conference dates!

Poster Sessions
  Center Green
14.45 - 16.15
Foothills Lab
14.45 - 16.15
  Sessions Sessions
Monday 17 Sept. A1 B1
Tuesday 18 Sept. A2, A3 B2, B3
Wednesday 19 Sept. A4, A7, A8 B4, B5, B6
Thursday 20 Sept. A5, A6, C1, C2, C3  
List of poster presentations & abstract book for poster presentations