22 June 2022

Update on WCRP OSC program planning
The WCRP OSC Scientific Organising Committee (SOC) was established in late 2021 and has met several times since then. Ten subgroups have been formed to progress key aspects of planning the Open Science Conference, such as building a dialogue between the global North and global South and involving Early to Mid-Career researchers (EMCRs).  In April, a call went out to the wider WCRP community, partners, co-sponsors, and funders for suggestions of themes and topics to be covered by the Open Science Conference.  The Programme and Hybrid subgroups are now working together to develop a skeleton programme with plenary and parallel sessions, that will incorporate as many as possible of these themes and topics, for consideration by the full SOC at its next meeting in early July. A separate group is considering how best to incorporate virtual and live poster sessions into the OSC programme.  Shortly after the next SOC meeting the programme outline will be posted on the Open Science Conference website. It is anticipated that abstract submission and registration will open early in December. The launch of a dedicated Open Science Conference website is planned for August.