The Joint Scientific Committee of WCRP, at its extraordinary JSC 2011 meeting in October 2011 in Boulder, Colorado U.S.A., confirmed the establishment of a WCRP Modelling Advisory Council (WMAC) to strengthen the coordination and synergies between the various modelling efforts across the program.

The Mission of WMAC is to coordinate high-level aspects of modelling across WCRP, ensuring cooperation with main WCRP partners such as World Weather Research Programme (WWRP), and acting as a single entry point for all WCRP modelling activities.

The establishment of WMAC resulted from consideration of evaluations and findings from numerous groups and events including the OceanObs’09 Conference; the Framework for Ocean Observing; the ICSU Visioning Process and the Belmont Forum and the subsequent creation of Future Earth; the World Climate Conference-3 and the subsequent establishment of the Global Framework for Climate Services; and the recent WCRP Open Science Conference focusing on “Climate Research in Service to Society”, and calling for ‘actionable science’ and closer connection with decision makers.