Programme Officer

Matthias Tuma is a Programme Officer with the WCRP Joint Planning Staff (JPS), which he joined in May 2015. He is working on several aspects of data across WCRP activities, including data processing, analysis, accessibility and interoperability. Matthias is the JPS liaison for the Grand Challenge on Near-Term Climate Prediction as well as for the three task teams of the WCRP Data Advisory Council (WDAC), namely the Task Team on Observations for Model Intercomparisons (Obs4MIPs); the Task Team for Intercomparison of ReAnalyses (TIRA); and the SurFlux Task Team. He is providing support to the WCRP-FPA2 Polar Challenge, to WCRP communications and outreach activities as well as to Early Career Scientist (ECS) relations.

Matthias completed his PhD project in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology on machine learning methods for classification of passive-acoustic geophysical data collected by the verification network for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. He holds a Diploma (M.Sc.) in Physics from the Ruhr-University Bochum and a Diploma for Graduates in International Relations from the University of London International Programmes.

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