Intern in Climate Science

Sari Rombach has an academic background in Geography (B.Sc.) and is pursuing the international joint M.Sc. Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security at United Nations University (UNU-EHS) and University of Bonn, Germany. She focuses on the interdisciplinary issue of risk assessment of climate-related hazards. During her stay at Maynooth University, Ireland, Sari continued to enhance her knowledge in climate science and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For her bachelor’s thesis, in which she conducted a GIS-based risk analysis of an extreme heavy precipitation event in Bonn, she was awarded twice.

Sari has gained first professional experience in risk assessment and climate change adaptation through internships in German governmental and international research institutions. Prior to joining the WCRP Secretariat, she worked at the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance in Bonn on German Federal Risk Analyses and their communication to the political sphere.

She joined the WCRP Secretariat in January 2023 to dive deeper into the climate science perspective through WCRP’s multifaceted projects and to support its activities regarding climate risks.

In her free time, Sari enjoys playing volleyball, surfing and engaging in the German Workers’ Samaritan Federation to gain hands-on technical and medical practice in emergency management.

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