WCRP Multimedia Communication Intern

Gonzalo del Arco is joined the WCRP Secretariat as an intern in September 2022. He collaborates on communication tasks for WCRP, including the coordination and management of internal and external communication. He is working on the WCRP Open Science Conference, including with the Early & Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) events, and with the Lighthouse Activities, such as with Safe Landing Climates. His strengths include strategic planning, media relations, the application of graphic design, web design, and the implementation of digital and multimedia tools in the workplace.

Gonzalo studied Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (Spain). Afterward, he completed a Master in Multimedia and Transmedia Communication at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). He finally completed his studies in communication with a Master's Degree in Global Health at the University of Geneva. In his professional experience, he has covered a wide range of media applications and has also worked in television, press, radio, and digital media in different countries.

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