01. Atmospheric data assimilation schemes, analysis and initialization, data impact studies, observing system experiments

Author(s) Title Country Pages
Peter Bauer, Philippe Lopez, Emmanuel Moreau, Angela Benedetti, Adrian Tompkins and Marta Janiskovà Assimilation of precipitation information at ECMWF EC 1-01
Massimo Bonavita and Lucio Torrisi Variational Data Assimilation At The Italian Air Force Weather Service: A Progress Report Italy 1-03
Bernard Chapnik, Gerald Desroziers, F. Rabier and Olivier Talagrand Estimation of observation error statistics, using an optimality criterion France 1-05
Alexander Cress Assimilation of MODIS wind data in the global NWP System of the German Weather Service Germany 1-07
Alexander Cress Use of dropsonde data in the global data assimilation of the German Weather Service Germany 1-09
Antje Dethof Assimilation of ozone retrievals from the MIPAS instrument on board ENVISAT at ECMWF EC 1-11
Tadashi Fujita Revision of the Background Error Covariance in the Global 3D-Var Japan 1-13
Masahiro Kazumori, Hiromi Owada and Kozo Okamoto Improvements of ATOVS radiance-bias correction scheme at JMA Japan 1-15
Ekaterina Klimova Adaptive algorithm of the suboptimal Kalman filter Russia 1-17
Leiming Ma, Yihong Duan, Xudong Liang and Dongliang Wang Four-dimensional Variational Data Assimilation of TRMM Data in Tropical Cyclone Prediction China 1-19
A.P. McNally, P.D. Watts, J. Smith and R. Engelen The assimilation of AIRS radiance data at ECMWF EC 1-21
Hiroyuki Murakami and Takayuki Matsumura Introduction of Vertical Normal Mode Incremental Initialization for a Hight Resolution Global Model Japan 1-23
A.E.Pokhil, A.D.Naumov and M. Zaychenko The study of the influence of the tropical cyclones initialization on the forecast of trajectories using the ETA model Russia 1-25
Yoshiaki Sato, Yoshiaki Takeuchi and Toshiharu Tauchi Use of TMI and SSM/I Data In The JMA Operational Meso Analysis Japan 1-27
Hiromu Seko, Tadashi Tsuyuki and Takemasa Miyoshi Impacts of Radial Wind measured by Doppler radar and GPS-derived Water Vapor on Numerical Prediction of Precipitation Japan 1-29
Toshiki Shimbori and Ko Koizumi Operational Implementation of the JMA Regional Four-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation System Japan 1-31
Simona Stefanescu and Loik Berre Ensemble Dispersion Spectra and the Estimation of Error Statistics for a Limited Area Model Analysis Romania 1-33
Toshiharu Tauchi, Yoshiaki Takeuchi and Yoshiaki Sato Assimilation of SSM/I and TMI Total Column Precipitable Water Data into the JMA Global 3D-Var Assimilation System Japan 1-35
Dongliang Wang, Xudong Liang and Yihong Duan Impact of GMS-5 Cloud-drift Winds on the Track Prediction of Tropical Cyclones China 1-37

02. Data sets, diagnostic and dynamical investigations, statistical post-processing , multi-year reanalyses and associated studies

Author(s) Title Country
Timothy Cowan and Ian Simmonds Trends in weather parameters at Australian Antarctic bases Australia
Nikolay Ivanov and Victor Lagun Study of Statistical Structure of Surface Wind Speed Vector in Western Antarctica Russia
Georgy V. Mostovoy, Patrick J. Fitzpatrick and Yongzuo Li Quality of Quikscat Gridded Winds over the Bay of Bengal USA
Georgy V. Mostovoy and Patrick J. Fitzpatrick Comparison Of Quikscat Gridded Winds Over The Gulf Of Mexico USA
Anthony Rafter, Ian Simmonds and Andrew B. Watkins Southeast Pacific sea ice and ENSO co-variabilities Australia
Franz Rubel A New European Precipitation Dataset for NWP Model Verification and Data Assimilation Studies Austria
Ian Simmonds Kinetic energy fluxes into the Southern Ocean Australia
Bulusu Subrahmanyam and V.S.N Murty A New Technique for Estimation of Sea surface Salinity in the Tropical Indian Ocean from OLR USA
Alberto Troccoli and Per Kallberg Precipitation Correction in the ERA-40 Reanalysis EC
Richard Wardle, Ian Simmonds and Kevin Keay Quantifying relationships between rainfall and synoptic activity in the Australian region Australia

03. Computational studies including new techniques, the effect of varying model resolution, parallel processing

Author(s) Title Country
Kohei Aranami and Junichi Ishida Implementation of two dimensional decomposition for JMA non-hydrostatic model Japan
Luca Bonaventura and Erich Roeckner The ICON dynamical core project: modelling strategies and preliminary results Germany
Pierre Bénard Stablilization of two-time levels semi-implicit algorithms for the Euler system France
Jochen Förstner and Günther Doms Runge-Kutta Time Integration and High-Order Spatial Discretization - a New Dynamical Core for the LMK Germany
Alexander V. Frolov Spectral Analysis Of Real-Valued Functions On A Sphere: Visualization Of Spatial Spectra Russia
Keiichi Katayama, Hiromasa Yoshimura and Takayuki Matsumura Development of a 20 km mesh global NWP model on the Earth Simulator Japan
Lazar Lazic A Comparison of Super-Matsuno Scheme and Digital Filtering Initializations in the ETA Model Serbia
Ahmed Mahidjiba and Jean Côté Conservative Semi-Implicit Semi-Lagrangian Method (CSSL) for Transport in Climate and Chemical Models Canada
Steven Morey and James O'Brien Vertical resolution impacts on modeled Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Eddies USA
Valery Parkhomenko, Anatoly Shipilin and S. A. Zabelok AGCM parallel algorithm development for cluster computers Russia
Jürgen Steppeler, Zavisa Janjic, H. W. Bitzer, P. Prohl and Ulrich Schättler Tests of a Z-Coordinate Nonhydrostatic Model Including Physical Processes Germany
Vyacheslav I. Tsvetkov Fast Algorithm Of Harmonic Analysis Of Real-Valued Functions On A Sphere Russia
Tim Woollings and John Thuburn An Isentropic Model of the Atmosphere UK
Yosuke Yamazaki and Kazuo Saito Implementation of the Cylindrical Equidistant Projection for the Non-Hydrostatic Model of the Japan Meteorological Agency Japan

04. Parameterization of important atmospheric and surface processes, effects of different parameterizations

Author(s) Title Country
Maxim M. Arzhanov, Oleg A. Anisimov, P. F. Demchenko, A. V. Eliseev and Igor I. Mokhov Permafrost models intercomparison Russia
L. V. Berkovich, Yu. V. Tkacheva and V. A. Shnaydman Parameterization scheme for operational prediction of large-scale processes Russia
L. V. Berkovich The method of parameterization of convective cloudiness calculations Russia
Mark Bourassa A Sea Surface Stress Parameterization Dependent on Directional Sea State USA
Yves Delage, Stéphane Bélair, Carole Labadie and Émilie Mallet Comparison of surface models CLASS and ISBA over North America Canada
Akihiro Hashimoto , Masataka Murakami, Teruyuki Kato, Chiashi Muroi, Masanori Yoshizaki and Syugo Hayashi Improvement of Microphysical Parameterization in a Japan Meteorological Agency Nonhydrostatic Model with a High Resolution and Its Effect on Simulation Result. Japan
Hideaki Kawai Impact of a Parameterization for Subtropical Marine Stratocumulus Japan
Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Michael Fox-Rabinovitz and Dmitry V. Chalikov Fast and Accurate Approximation of the Long Wave Radiation Parameterization in a GCM Using Neural Networks: Evaluation of Computational Performance and Accuracy of Approximation in the NCAR Single Column Model USA
Yukihiro Kumagai Implementation of a non-local like PBL scheme in JMANHM Japan
Yukihiro Kumagai Improvement of the land surface processes in JMANHM Japan
Dmitrii Mironov and Bodo Ritter Testing the new ice model for the global NWP system GME of the German Weather Service Germany
Dmitrii Mironov ,Arkady Terzhevik, Frank Beyrich and Erdmann Heise A Lake Model for Use in Numerical Weather Prediction Systems Germany
Shiro Ohmori and Yoshinori Yamada Implementation of the Kain-Fritsch Convective Parameterization scheme in the JMA’s Non-hydrostatic Model Japan
E.V. Perekhodtseva Hydrodynamic And Statistical Model Of Operative Forecast To 36 H Ahead Of Dangerous Summer Wind Including Squalls And Tornadoes In The European Part Of Russia And In Europe Russia
V.A. Shnaydman Improved hydrodynamical scheme of the turbulence description USA
Laxmi Sushama, René Laprise, Daniel Caya, Marie Larocque and M. Slivitzky Variable-lag Channel Flow Routing Algorithm for climate models Canada
Mitsuru Ueno and Akihiko Murata Application of steering weight concept to Typhoon Saomai (2000) Japan
Xiaqiong Zhou, Johnny Chan and Chenxi Wang The Effect of Convective Parameterization On Tropical Cyclone Motion and Intensity China

05. Development of and studies with regional and smaller-scale atmospheric models, regional ensemble forecasting

Author(s) Title Country
Michael Baldauf Prognostic Precipitation in the Lokal Modell (LM) of the German Weather Service Germany
Günther Doms and Jochen Förstner Development of a NWP System for Very Short-Range Forecasts Germany
Jun Du Impact of Model Error and Imperfect Initial Condition Perturbations on Ensemble-based Probabilistic Forecasts: Unpredictable Spots USA
Hisaki Eito, Chiashi Muroi, Syugo Hayashi, Teruyuki Kato and Masanori Yoshizaki A High-Resolution Wide-Range Numerical Simulation of Cloud Bands Associated With The Japan Sea Polar-Air Mass Convergence Zone in Winter Using a Non-Hydrostatic Model on the Earth Simulator Japan
William Gallus and Isidora Jankov Simulations of warm season MCS rainfall using mixed physics in the Eta and WRF models USA
Thomas Haiden NWP research in Austria Austria
Dale Hess, Manuela Burgers, Piyaratne Dewundege and Michael Johnson The Australian Air Quality Forecasting System Australia
Stjepan Ivatek-Sahdan and Martina Tudor Use of high-resolution dynamical adaptation for the extreme wind estimate Croatia
Svetlana Jagovkina, Igor Karol, V. A. Zubov, Victor Lagun, Alexander Reshetnikov, Nina Paramonova, Viacheslav Privalov, Anatoly Poberovsky and Maria Makarova Application of 3D regional transport model for study of methane formation mechanisms over large industrial area (Saint Petersburg) Russia
Fanyou Kong and Kelvin Droegemeier Ensemble Forecasts of Tornadic Thunderstorms USA
Fedor Mesinger and Lazar Lazic Water Vapor Sources and Sinks, and Hydrometeor Loading in the ETA Model Serbia
A. Montani, D. Cesari, C. Marsigli, F. Nerozzi, T. Paccagnella and S. Tibaldi Operational implementation of regional ensemble forecasts Italy
Kazuo Saito Direct evaluation of the buoyancy and consideration of moisture diffusion in the continuity equation in the JMA Nonhydrostatic Model Japan
Ryota Sakai and Takuya Hosomi A change to the physical process of JMA Typhoon Model Japan
Bent H. Sass and Claus Petersen An atmospheric model prediction system for very short range forecasts Denmark

06. Developments in global forecast models, case studies, predictability investigations, ensemble, monthly and seasonal forecasting

Author(s) Title Country
Masayuki Hirai and Takuya Sakashita Verification of Quantitative Precipitation Forecast from Operational Numerical Weather Prediction Models over Japan (WGNE precipitation forecast intercomparison project) Japan
Greg Roff, Agathe Untch, John McCormack, Mark Iredell and Mike Keil WGNE NWP stratospheric prediction comparison Australia
Dong-Wook Shin, Steve Cocke, T. E. LaRow and J. J. O'Brien Seasonal Climate Signatures in the FSU Climate Model Coupled to the CLM2 USA
Frederic Vitart Monthly Forecasting at ECMWF EC

07. Global and regional climate models, sensitivity and impact experiments, response to external forcing

Author(s) Title Country
Soline Bielli and René Laprise Scale Decomposition of the Water Budget in a Regional Climate Model Canada
K. C. Chow and Johnny Chan Effect of Surface Heating over Indochina on the Summer Monsoon over South China China
Michel Deque, Florence Sevault and Samuel Somot Mediterranean convection and climate change France
Ralf Döscher and H.E. Markus Meier Baltic Sea Climate Scenarios for Sea Surface Temperature and Ice Sweden
Alexey V. Eliseev, Dmitry V. Khvorostyanov, I. I. Mokhov and E.V. Sigaeva Limit cycles of the delayed action oscillator model for ENSO Russia
Thierry Fichefet , Hugues Goosse, E. Driesschaert, C. Poncin and Frank Wolk Recent and ongoing climate modeling activities at UCL-ASTR Belgium
Michael Fox-Rabinovitz , Jean Côté, Michel Deque, Bernard Dugas and John McGregor International Stretched-Grid Model Intercomparison Project (SGMIP): Initial Results USA
Anjari Gupta, P.K. Thapliyal and P. K. Pal Simulation of impact of deforestation in African and north-east Indian region on Asian summer monsoon using CCM3 model India
Yanjun Jiao, Daniel Caya and René Laprise The surface climatology simulated by the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM) Canada
Teruyuki Kato , Kazuaki Yasunaga, Chiashi Muroi, Masanori Yoshizaki, Sachie Kanada, Akihiro Hashimoto, Yasutaka Wakazuki, Hisaki Eito, Syugo Hayashi and Hidetaka Sasaki Regional Climate Prediction by using a Japan Meteorological Agency Nonhydrostatic Model with a High Resolution. Part 1: Outline/Purpose of a High-Resolution Long-Term Prediction Japan
Shoji Kusunoki , Keiichi Matsumaru, Toshiyuki Nakaegawa, Isamu Yagai and Osamu Arakawa 51-year Simulation of the Period from 1951 to 2001 by the JMA AGCM Japan
Eun-Pa Lim and Ian Simmonds Changes in winter cyclone vertical structure with increasing CO2 Australia
Yiming Liu and Johnny Chan A Ten-year Climatology of the Summer Monsoon over South China from a Regional Climate Model China
Philippe Lucas-Picher, Daniel Caya and Sébastien Biner RCM’s internal variability as function of domain size Canada
R.S. Ajaya Mohan, S. Jagtap, T. E. LaRow, S. Cocke, J.J. O'Brien, Jim Jones and D.W. Shin Using Climate Models to generate Crop yield forecasts in Southeast USA USA
Igor Mokhov, Vyacheslav Bezverkhny and A. A. Karpenko Analysis of time lags between variations of temperature and greenhouse gases atmospheric content at Milankovitch periods from paleoreconstructions Russia
I.I. Mokhov, J.-L. Dufresne, H. Le Treut and V.A. Tikhonov Climate Extremes And Net Primary Producion In Eastern Europe: Changes In XIX-XXI Centuries From Model Simulations Russia
I. I. Mokhov and V. Ch. Khon Atmospheric Centers of Action in Northern Hemisphere from Observations and Simulations: Interannual Variability and Long-Term Tendencies of Change Russia
Hans von Storch and Frauke Feser Spectral nudging in regional climate modelling: Does it induce additional gravity waves? Germany
Richard Wardle Using Anticyclonicity to Determine the position of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies: Implications for the LGM Australia
Katja Woth Dynamical downscaling of North Sea storm surges driven by RCM simulations Germany
Kazuaki Yasunaga , Teruyuki Kato, Yasutaka Wakazuki, Hidetaka Sasaki, Chiashi Muroi, Kazuo Kurihara, Yasuo Sato, Masanori Yoshizaki, Sachie Kanada and Akihiro Hashimoto Regional Climate Prediction using a Japan Meteorological Agency Nonhydrostatic Model with a High Resolution.Part 2: Performances of the Model with the Spectral Boundary Coupling Method Japan

08. Development of and advances in ocean modelling and data assimilation, sea-ice modelling, wave modelling

Author(s) Title Country
Sergey Danilov, Gennady Kivman and Jens Schröter An eddy-permitting finite-element model for the North Atlantic Germany
A. A. Deo, D. W. Ganer and P.S. Salkevar Numerical investigation of ocean mixed layer in response to moving cyclone : Sensitivity to model resolution India
Thierry Fichefet , Hugues Goosse, V. Dulière, R. Timmermann and Martin Vacoppenolle Recent and ongoing sea ice modeling activities at UCL-ASTR Belgium
D. W. Ganer, A. A. Deo and P.S. Salkevar Characteristics of Tropical Indian Ocean during IOD Events India
Lidia Gaslikova Wave simulations for Heligoland Germany
Erik Kvaleberg, Steven L. Morey and James O'Brien The Influence of Coriolis on Instability Wavelengths USA
H.E.Markus Meier and Frank Kauker Response of a two-layer estuary to freshwater inflow and wind: a case study of the Baltic Sea Sweden
Yurii Resnyansky and Alexander Zelenko Observed and Simulated Variability of Ocean Currents on Seasonal and Intra-Monthly Scales Russia
Shinya Shimokawa and Hisashi Ozawa Thermodynamics of the oceanic general circulation Japan
Arthur Vidard, David Anderson, Magdalena Balmaseda, Tim Stockdale, Alberto Troccoli, Keith Haines, Xiaobing Zhou and Ivan Astin Ocean Data Assimilation at ECMWF EC
Peng Yu, Steven Morey and James J. O'Brien Development of a reduced space adjoint data assimilation technique for numerical simulation of oceanic circulation USA

09. Development of and studies with coupled ocean-atmosphere models

Author(s) Title Country
Dmitry Dukhovskoy, Mark Johnson and Andrey Proshutinsky Decadal Variability in the Arctic Ocean - Greenland-Iceland-Norwegian Seas Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Climate System USA
Minwei Qian, Daniel Caya, François Saucier and René Laprise Study of Air-Sea Interaction over Hudson Bay and its Effect on Regional Climate of Québec by using the MRCC coupled with MRO Canada
Akiyoshi Wada Effects of atmospheric physical processes to the intensity of typhoons and their ocean responses Japan
Akiyoshi Wada A role of surface boundary processes in a typhoon-ocean coupled model Japan
Klaus Wyser, Ralf Döscher, H. E. Markus Meier and Colin Jones Development of a coupled regional climate model for the Arctic Sweden
Goro Yamanaka, Yoshinobu Nikaidou, Masayoshi Ishii and Yoshiteru Kitamura Upgrade of JMA El Nino Forecast Model (JMA-CGCM02) Japan