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CMIP Phase 6 (CMIP6)

Overview CMIP6 Design and Organization

The CMIP6 design and organization was finalized at the WGCM 18th Session that was held 8-10 October 2014 in Grainau/Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany).

A brief summary can be found in the following overview presentation (CMIP6FinalDesign_WGCMMeeting_150116_Sent.pdf) and below. The final CMIP6 Design, possibly with small modifications to the here presented figures and wording, will be published in a GMD Special Issue together with a description of the CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs and the forcing datasets. This Special Issue will open  30 April 2015.
The DECK which will serve as an entry card for CMIP will consist of the following four simulations: (a) AMIP simulation (~1979-2014); (b) Pre-industrial control simulation; (c) 1%/yr CO2 increase, and (d) Abrupt 4xCO2 run. In addition, the CMIP6 Historical Simulation has been added which will serve as the entry card for CMIP6 and as a benchmark for CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs. The historical simulation (1850-2014) will use the specific forcings consistent with CMIP6 which will be finalized on the timescales laid out in slide 10. The CMIP6 Historical Simulation has been introduced in addition to the DECK to better separate CMIP from a specific Phase of CMIP (see slide 4 for illustration and slide 5 for the main criteria for DECK and Historical Phase X). Both DECK and the CMIP6 Historical Simulation should be run for each model configuration used in the subsequent CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs. Future climate change scenarios will be run as part of ScenarioMIP with a Tier 1 that includes three different scenarios, spanning different possible futures.
The criteria for MIP endorsement have been streamlined and agreed at the WGCM 18th session. They now comprise a single set covering MIPs and their experiments. A timeline towards MIP endorsement and beyond has been agreed. Input to the data request will be coordinated by the WGCM Infrastructure Panel.


CMIP6 Data Request

The CMIP6 Data Request is coordinated by the WGCM Infrastructure Panel



Applications for CMIP6 Endorsed MIPs



CMIP5 survey
  • CMIP5 Survey - sent out to representatives of the climate community end of June 2013
  • Synthesis of CMIP5 Survey (August 2013) (Presentation by Veronika Eyring and Ron Stouffer at the Workshop ‘Next Generation Climate Change Experiments Needed to Advance Knowledge and for Assessment of CMIP6’, 5 August 2013, Aspen, CO, USA)
  • Synthesis of CMIP5 Survey (October 2013) (Presentation by Veronika Eyring and Ron Stouffer at the WGCM 17th Session, 1-3 October 2013, Victoria, Canada)
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